What if the BP Gusher in the Gulf is Unstoppable? by Dennis Kucinich


by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Jun 17, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement on the Floor of the House of Representatives about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:

“What if the BP gusher in the Gulf is unstoppable?

“This is the challenging question that is making its way through various blogs. What if millions of barrels of oil continue to flow uncontrolled from the hole in the seabed?

“We should be preparing now for a worst case scenario. We should be mobilizing our nation now and developing new comprehensive plans for sustainable, alternative energy, for environmental protection, for public health, for preservation of species, for security, for rebuilding our economy and repairing commerce.

“We should be challenging our fellow citizens and ourselves to take part in charting a new course for our nation towards creating an America that has unlimited energy because it has unlimited vision, unclouded by greed or partisan advantage.”

See the video here. [see below]


What if the BP Gusher in the Gulf is Unstoppable?


June 17, 2010 — Kucinich Addresses the Floor regarding the BP oil spill


Updated June 18, 2010

Kucinich Discusses making BP pay with Neil Cavuto

DJKucinich — June 18, 2010


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17 thoughts on “What if the BP Gusher in the Gulf is Unstoppable? by Dennis Kucinich

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  6. I agree with Dennis Kucinich that the gusher may be unstoppable and that the U.S. needs to shift into a higher level of consciousness, but is it already too late?

    This is the worst environmental crisis the world has ever faced. Instead of using our collective wits and resources to address it, instead the U.S. is ramping up a war in Afghanistan, which will further destabilize the planet.

    We face dire peril; when will we pull in the fangs and stop the showdown in Afghanistan? Right at the moment when we need to pull together, the environmental crisis is being marginalized as rampant corporate greed pushes us even further into crisis.

    U.S. militarism is apparently as unstoppable as the gusher in the Gulf. Both are causing death, devastation, and destruction, apparently without end. What does it take for us to collectively wake up and see that we really don’t want to go this way?

    Maybe nothing can really be done about the oil flowing into the ocean from the Gulf of Mexico where the Deepwater Horizon blew up, which means we are facing the collapse of ecosystems that are going to wreak havoc with the planet’s ability to survive.

    Instead of evacuating everyone who lives on or near the Gulf of Mexico, people are placing an unwarranted faith in the corporate world to manage the catastrophe. We have not yet begun to see the full consequences of this unmitigated disaster. What about the danger to everyone’s health when hurricanes hit the Gulf this summer?

    Will our collective will to try to maintain some semblance of normality take us like lemmings to the sea?

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  9. What’s it to Dennis the Menace, who could GAS about human and Fellow AMERICANS’ with his DEM reneging for Obummer’s ‘health’ “Care” DEFORM?!

  10. Think of it as a Centralia under the sea, and that eco tragedy has “only” killed a town and burned for 48 plus years. This “unquenchable fire” will decimate a lot more.

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  12. Why is it only Dennis Kucinich who understands the enormity of this disaster, and who also realizes the kinds of “affirmative actions” that needed to be implemented, and are still not?

    • Yes. And why is it that the people, like me and you, realized the enormity of this disaster shortly after hearing about it. Yet the media, government, and B.P. company have yet to discuss this with the public? Other issues include the possibility that this thing empties out, and the collapse and resulting Tsunami devastate INLAND resources. “Experts” also claim this oil cannot be picked up by rain, trying to diminish the possible devastation this will cause when hurricanes hit the gulf. IT IS possible that hurricane force winds will lift and carry this oil and the toxic chemicals high into the altitude, and dumping it only God knows where. The public at large IS NOT being kept informed as to the enormity and dire consequences of this worst disaster in history.

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