Your Active Role in Life: Next Comes Genesis by Ariel Ky

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by Ariel Ky
Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
June 18, 2010

So many wonderful writers at Dandelion Salad, so much truth revealed, such a great community forming! But it’s time to take it to another level and for every reader to start becoming more responsive to what’s posted. This is a challenge to readers – take the time and garner the courage to respond to the writing when it hits a chord in you. Trust your own unique voice and inner self and what you have to contribute to the community. If we just all start becoming more responsive, that will lead us to taking more responsibility for what’s happening, not just being an audience to major actors on the stage. “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” Who said that? We’re all actors in this play.

The culture of celebrities that capitalism promotes is just another way of dividing us and keeping us disconnected. But it’s just a way of framing our reality. The truth is that each of one us, no matter what we bring to the table, is a powerful being here on Earth at this time for the part we have to play in how events proceed in the awakening of humanity to our highest expression of goodness, and yes, greatness.

So what is it going to take to get you to step into a higher level of responsiveness and interactivity? Keep in mind that we are creators of our reality; we just need to better understand the collective nature of how we create, the unified energetic field of our expressiveness. Let’s show that we care about ourselves and our community by giving more of ourselves to this process of interchange and communication.

The nature of gnosis is receiving knowledge; next comes genesis.


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3 thoughts on “Your Active Role in Life: Next Comes Genesis by Ariel Ky

  1. Very good write! Knowledge is power – and Lo certainly has done a magnificent job of disseminating it, tirelessly and selflessly. What we learn here we can best put to use by starting on our own selves, and in our own spheres. We can sit behind our computers and bitch and speculate all we want, but until we change the “man in the mirror”, there will be no change. The conviction and action must start in our own lives. That is our real challenge, to rise above the apathy and win the struggle against our own individual shortcomings and everything that is working against us, to make the world better a little at a time. This is a fight we can win, if we believe in what we know is right and live it. You are so right, the greatness lies within us!

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