American Crusaders: The rise of Christian nationalism in Post-9/11 America (2008)

Christians cannot love their enemies and kill them, too
photo by Dandelion Salad

A harrowing exploration of the rapid rise of American religious fanaticism after 9/11. This film explores an emerging ultra-rightwing mass movement seeking dominion over all aspects of contemporary American society. The film weaves archival video, contemporary Christian Nationalist movement propaganda (recruiting videos, apocalyptic/military video game imagery, etc. and original investigative material) to create an intense examination of the mindset and its will to power.

[Note: An excerpt of a talk by Chris Hedges at 22:22 minutes in.]

No longer available.


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9 thoughts on “American Crusaders: The rise of Christian nationalism in Post-9/11 America (2008)

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  4. Yep Rocket, your making sense. Whilst I don’t use theology, I can except that others do and do so thinking of the greater good. The hard part is excepting this new corrupted view of christianity that takes on an Orwellian tone.

    A good example is George Bush’s famous quote, “I am driven with a mission from God’. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.” Rocket, you know the type that bang the drum of religious persecution and then yell charge! Is the faithful so blind to their own history?

    Like it or not the bible, koran, torah, along with the flag are being used politically, to justify the slaughter and subjugation of the middle eastern economies that fail to conform to our demands. Militant christians motivated by doctrine are a reality. With total contractor numbers in both wars above the total Allied armies, it’s hard to ignore the religious influence. I’m not sure how to reach the Erik Prince’s of the world, thinking they’re clearing the landing zone for christs return. I suppose for the christians, maybe the building of a new temple in Jerusalem will have to suffice?

    Can we afford such folly? America by population is barley 4.5% of the global total, Australia not even 1, is it realistic to expect our populaces to maintain the technological and militaristic dominance we had through the 20th century? Not by the numbers. So we have a choice. Use what’s left of our strategic advantage, or relinquish western hegemony.

    I saw the other day you referenced Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard in a comment. In the book it details the how and why middle eastern countries can’t be allowed to develop. The imperial might must not be challenged. So for all intents and purposes, the question has been answered for us. The script is written with the parts not yet played., an epic sequel to Dr Strangelove if you will.

    We’re on the same side Rocket, it’s just that some devious people are exploiting the shirt your team wears and sometimes I rub a bit of dirt on them so I can tell you guys apart 😉

    Take care

    • Max, these Christian Zionists’ major problem is that they really don’t believe in the words of Jesus Himself. Jesus said to love your enemies not to kill them. They really don’t believe that Jesus really meant what He said. When I debate them, the proof that I give them that Jesus meant what He said literally is because Jesus lived it. The apostles lived it. The apostles’ disciples lived it. This is a matter of historical record and acknowledged by Roman historians Tacitus and Suetonius, Jewish historian Josephus, the New Testament and non-canonical texts found in Nag Hammadi in Egypt and other extant sources from the time period of Christ.

      The Christian Zionists of today in America wants to see Israel succeed because they want to see themselves succeed. The irony of these fundamentalists is that they are not fundamentalist. For if they were truly fundamentalists they would see in the context of these texts the over arching theme that the kingdom of Heaven is within you and is not brought about by force.

      If you want to know how I think it is all summed up in 3 words:

  5. Thanks for this, these are great examples of the modern day problems with christianity. It would serve christians well to address these issues before crying foul when criticized.

    • max , i dont know if you read my latest on Christophobia in America . like any other prejudice , one tends to get lumped into the mistakes of others , and judged .

      but just for the record , there are some us who are Christians that have been speaking out even more loudly than the non believers on the abuse of the Gospel Of Christ and how it has been used to deceive people and been used as a mass appeal power play .

      in fact …believe me when i say that i hate this sort of thing more than any unbeliever because it is misrepresenting someone who saved me , and to whom i love deeply . namely , Jesus Christ.

      • Hi Rocket,
        yes I’ve read and rep[lied to your piece on christophobia, I thought the comparison to homophobia was a bit of a stretch remember?

        I don’t hold an homogenized view of all christians and believe I don’t practice prejudice towards any. I know you’ve been upset with attacks on chrisitanity for some time and whilst I haven’t participated I have thought that you may have been missing the point or perhaps, taken them personally. I know what that’s like as I experienced similar feelings when reading a few of your piece’s on atheism (written around 8 – 12 months ago). Here in lies the problem, when discussing personal philosophies people tend to view any perceived critiques as personal attacks. Defensive postures are taken, eventually the “Scotsman’s fallacy” is trotted out and the whole thing gets bogged down with semantics.

        You acknowledged that we have humanism in common, not a bad place to start eh? When viewing the above clips I don’t believe these people are speaking from the same pew you do but your defense of christianity is broad and never qualifies any exceptions that you hold. If you have written anything about that which you could point me to I’d be greatly appreciated.

        My view is that Chris Hedges and Carl Hermans description of these people as “christian fascists” or Bruce Gagnons “American Taliban” aren’t too wide of the mark. Fighting fundamentalism with fundamentalism is the very definition of insanity and the people perpetuating it shouldn’t be immune from criticism for fear of hurting their feelings.

        What are your views on the young (and old) christians that think they’re on another crusade? One that they believe will bring the return of christ?

        Again Rocket, we may be largely different people but I appreciate what you have to say.


        • max , well …yes ..ah ..i would say first that the whole notion of trying to ”force God’s hand for an immanent return is not sound doctrine to say the least”.

          here is an example : there is a theology called –the greater consolation verses the lesser consolation .
          1. the lesser consolation –political
          2. the greater consolation -spiritual

          in Palestine in the 1st century the messianic fervor was really hot . Jews living under Roman occupation . the Zealots were everywhere trying to kill roman soldiers in the name of God . political victory is what they wanted , not understanding that the real problem with man is that man needs to be changed from within . this is settling for the lesser consolation .

          now , let us juxtapose this with old man Simeon in the gospel of Luke who was part of a group called ”the waiters ”. they refused any political uprisings , and trusted that God would deliver them thru a greater divine consolation .

          suddenly , Simeon hears the sound of a babe in the temple . right away he recognizes that it is the Messiah . now how did he know that ? because he had shut out the lesser consolations .

          how does that relate to today ? those who don’t rely on these political crazy forcing of God;’s hand fundamentalism , will hear the sound of the Messiah , and will know that as Christ said ”the Kingdom of Heaven is within you ” .

          Israel had a choice at the Passover to choose a Zealot named Barabbas or Jesus …because Pilate passed the buck to the crowd . they cried ”give us Barabbas ! ” they missed the Messiah in their midst. same thing now with the Gentiles .fundies .

          This , in theology is what is called ”a reversal of expectation ”. almost everyone was expecting ( like they are now ) a messiah to come and kick ass . so , when God comes in humility , totally vulnerable , they miss it . their expectations have been reversed .

          the whole key here is divinity in vulnerability , humility , God crucified . when the Roman soldier looked up and saw in the way in which Christ dies he said ”truly this was the SON OF GOD ‘. that was the paradigm shift . like tectonic plates. he committed treason . the whole definition of divinity changed at that moment . ..from one of might makes right , violence , oppression , to servanthood , humility , and love.

          that is the good news of Jesus the Christ . and the Stepford Christians are missing it today , just like the Jews did in their day . the greater consolation offers a theocentric humanism unlike the world has never seen . that is why the atheist humanist is closer to the the concept of the kingdom of heaven , than the oppressive religious person who lords it over others.

          i hope that i am making sense here.

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