Having some serious computer problems (updated)

Just a note to say that I’m having some serious computer problems so will have to take the computer into the shop tomorrow, or sometime this week.

Have had too many crashes lately and also Firefox and Outlook Express (email program) keep locking up and I have to reboot.

Of course, I won’t be able to post depending on when the computer gets fixed.


Updated June 22, 2010

The computer crashed… again.  About a half hour later Firefox put out a security update for Adobe flash player, so I’m hoping this fixes what’s been going on lately.  I recently updated the Adobe program and have had most of the problems start right after that.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if everything is fixed or not.

Thanks for everyone for your comments, too, as always they are much appreciated.  Cheers!

20 thoughts on “Having some serious computer problems (updated)

    • Thanks, Eileen. Wish you could, too. So far Firefox has locked up a couple of times, but no entire computer crashes, I’ve just had to reboot/restart. I do think it has something to do with the Adobe Flash Player and Firefox.

  1. Fingers crossed Lo! I can’t believe I’m having some problems too at the moment. The funny part is that I got a virus whilst in San Francisco visiting my sister who’s husband works for Symantec (Norton antivirus). The irony of where it happened has not been lost on us, it’s good to have a laugh. Take care.


    • Sorry to hear that, Max. It is so frustrating when our computers don’t work like they are supposed to be working. So, did your brother-in-law fix your virus?

      • No, he was in Barcelona and was arriving back a couple of hours after I was leaving. I still haven’t fixed it yet, as I need to run a data recovery program to retrieve the pictures I took while over there before I restore it to my last backup. I’ll get there 😉

  2. Thanks to everyone for your comments and support. I really appreciate it very much.

    I’m hoping that the Firefox security update has fixed the “crashing” problems I’ve had lately. Just have to wait and see now.

  3. I look forward each day to reading the articles on Dandelion Salad. I very much appreciate the Salad and the wonderful variety of intellectual and visionary posts.

  4. Yep, It’s a little stunning, when you realize how much of of your daily habit a computer now represents. I know I had a serious withdrawal reaction after mine took a flying leap and had to go the hospital.

    I agree with Georgianne on the quality of your articles. Despite their often depressing content and ideas, I find comfort that you give them voice.

    The sheer volume you produce is amazing. I hope you are backing all this stuff up somewhere. We are living our history through the internet these days. That makes it really easy to “disappear it”. I’d like to think some future thinker could find you in a library of letters and know you for the clarion you are.

  5. I appreciate your excellent articles and I hope your Internet problems will be corrected soon.

    Thank you so much for the goodness you send out to your readers.


    Georgianne E. Matthews

    • Thanks, Georgianne, how sweet of you.

      It’s the computer that I’m having problems with, the Internet connection is working fine, although I have had many problems with it over the years.

    • Well said roofingbird and Georgianne – I couldn’t agree more. You rock Lo!

      I think your computer problems are coming from the “censorship conspiracy.” Mine loves to freak out and lock up when I access the REAL news. Hehe, everything is a conspiracy 😉

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