Blood, Oil & US Empire

Dandelion Salad


February 19, 2010
49 minutes

Ashley Smith, Adaner Usmani, Glen Ford at the New England United Antiwar Conference. Filmed by Paul Hubbard on 1-30-10 at MIT, Boston MA.

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    • Thanks, Annie. I found this a few months ago and then forgot about it. Started watching it last night and had to post it. I wish there was a transcript for it and video of the discussion, too.

  11. another great/informative artical from the many i have read all over the internet!this surely is the info age for millions upon millions of us and the last 10 years os so haveplainly showed us all that our government is insane and very rapidly destroying our planet&the future of our children!!that said,this 67yr old hippy saw&lived through just as intense/crazy times of the 60s&70s,a time when we did’t have the net to keep us informed to what our out of control gov. was up tp,yet we did something that i have yet to see this generation do,namely we/by the millions,took to the streets to protest&stop the people in power madness an aftermany years of this not only talking about this evil insanity but actuallg standing up and doing something about it,WE STOPPED THEM!!!!!!!!!!so my question is-WHEN IS THIS GENERATION GOING TO STAND UP BY THE MILLIONS AND STOP THESE EVIL?INSANS PEOPLE WHO ARE DESTROYING THIS WORLD!!!!ENOUGH TALKING <WE KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE AND WHOSE BEHIND THEM AND YES THEY WE FIGHT BACK<BUT WE THE PEOPLE CAN BEAT THEM IF WE GET BRAVE AND TAKE THEM ON BY THE MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF US!!!!

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