Rewriting Afghanistan’s narrative, Why not love?

ourjourneytosmile | June 23, 2010 | 2:17

We were advised : “Afghans don’t use the word love.”

We still wrote “Why not love?” at Bamiyan Peace Park

Later, vandals ‘dripped’ blood-red paint over our work…

We mustn’t be paralyzed by the desperate war narratives…

We came to Kabul to buy a dove for Bamiyan Peace Park

Faiz, what is the seed of peace?
The seed of peace is love, is friendship

Even a little of our love is stronger than the wars of the world!

Why not love?

Why not love?

The coalition asks ‘ Why not COIN?’
We the people must ask ‘Why not love?’

When we fall, we will get up again.

Get up to listen & love again !

Why not love?

Rewriting Afghanistan’s narrative, Why not love?


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