the Stimulator: Escape the Freedom Fence + G20 Queeruption + Bacon Bitz


Escape the Freedom Fence


Our first day in T-Dot and already shit’s hectic. If you plan on being here and have a bike, make sure it’s equipped with front and rear lights and a bell. Helmets are not mandatory in Toronto. For info on the days of actions visit the Toronto Community Mobilization Network. Stay tuned tomorrow seems for more updates from the streets of resistance.


G20 Queeruption


A coalition of queer activists set the bar high by organizing an impressive display of creative resistance on the second day of the G20 rebellions. The groups cooked up a stew of gay struggles with migrant rights and poverty issues all wrapped up in a delicious anti-colonial, anti-capitalist tortilla. Yum!


Bacon Bitz

June 23, 2010 | 8:02

Day three of subMedia.TV’s G20 Rebellion coverage. Today we bring you updates on the Canadian Police State and we follow the Toxic Tour of Toronto.


G20: Is state debt the great threat?