On the edge with Max Keiser: Michael Hudson on Junk Economics and Feudalism


PressTVGlobalNews | June 27, 2010

On the edge with Max Keiser: Michael Hudson (Part1)

On the edge with Max Keiser: Michael Hudson (Part2)


On the edge with Max Keiser: Michael Hudson (Part3)

[Sorry the sound goes out in the last few minutes, if PressTV uploads a new video, I’ll replace it] [Update: PressTV has deleted this video, but hasn’t replaced it yet.]


Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: The “New Austerity” Road to Financial Serfdom by Prof. Michael Hudson

The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom Part 1: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order by Andrew Gavin Marshall

On the edge with Max Keiser: Loren Howe on Slave Societies

Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s Political Upheaval in South of the Border

Michael Hudson: Europe’s Financial Class War Against Labor, Industry and Government

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  17. Quite amazing to hear an economist say ‘Wages haven’t gone down, they just haven’t gone up in 30 years.’ Say again… ?? If that doesn’t translate to wages going down, what does?

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