Paul Jay: Toronto G20 – The Shape Of Things To Come


Paul Jay: Are extraordinary police powers and cuts to people’s safety net the G-20 plan for the future?



Naomi Klein: The Real Crime Scene Was Inside the G20 Summit + Jesse Rosenfeld Describes Being Beaten, Arrested

Howard Morton: There is evidence the police infiltrated “Black Bloc” + Steve Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest

The Mass Arrests, the Security State and the Toronto G20 Summit

Police State Canada + Real News journalist attacked at G20 + Interview with Toronto Mayor

7 thoughts on “Paul Jay: Toronto G20 – The Shape Of Things To Come

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  6. Thank you Paul Jay, this is the kind of news that canadians deserves and have to hear. It’s time to ask the hard questions and demand answers and accountibility from those responsible for this weekend of shame in Toronto, Canada. I still have a hard time to believe everything I saw these past couple of days. It is very troubling to see that what is happening in this country is wrong in so many ways!

    I know someone who is presently still being held prisonner in Toronto, his girlfriend learned of his arrest by seeing a picture of him being arrested on the website of CBC News, when I spoke with her she was angry and with reason, what a bad way to learn that the person you love as been arrested. I hope he’s fine, I hope they are all fine. I heard reports that say that over 900-1000 protesters were arrested during the G20.

    Wake up to reality and demand answers Canada!

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