Can Micheal Bloomberg become President and save America? by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
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July 2, 2010

Rocket Kirchner

photo by Dandelion Salad

Who can break the barrier of the 2 party monster, crack the code, jump the fence, and become the President of the United States and save this damn country? Who has the amazing financial experience in the private sector and the political experience as a well seasoned politician who has served his office well? Who has the money to outspend both parties put together? Who is the man that no one owns? I can only think of one man, and that is the Mayor of New York City, Micheal Bloomberg.

This may sound like a panegyric for Bloomberg 2012, but it really isn’t. It is just that there seems to be no one else that can do it. The country is poised and ready for an Independent. Many Americans according to the latest polls are leaving the Republican party and the Democratic party and are going Independent. Enter Bloomberg. Ralph Nader said that Bloomberg could actually win the White House, but Bloomberg is not sure if he can. And Bloomberg does not play unless he knows he can win. He is not a gambler, He is Pericles. And Athens is burning.

So lets talk realpolitic. How could Bloomberg win if he decides to run? First thing he would do is lay down a half a billion dollars of his own money. After the head of the RNC and the DNC recover from a panic attack, Bloomberg would take to the airwaves. Oh, so you don’t think that he could break through into the airwaves to communicate his message. You’re wrong. He owns them. Between AP wire and Bloomberg news services (yes, that same Bloomberg), he would have no problem in crashing the waves.

His environmental record is great. His economic acumen is brilliant. And, all he needs is around 33 percent to crack the code and win. Perot got 19%. And this is no Perot. This is a man with real Gravitas. Gee, it sounds like I am really making a case for Micheal Bloomberg to be the next President of the United States. Well, maybe I am. For after all, I see no one else on the horizon, and we are sinking as fast as the fish in the Gulf.


The concept of Hell in the art work of Hieronymus Bosch by Rocket Kirchner

Only Ralph Nader and the Super Rich Can Save Us (2009)

Wealth for Justice by Ralph Nader

Nader’s Utopia: The World According to Ralph by Chris Hedges


17 thoughts on “Can Micheal Bloomberg become President and save America? by Rocket Kirchner

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  2. Specifics : As to why Bloomberg would be awful at the national level, maybe even worse than any one we presently or in our recent past had.

    The things a NYer knows are too numerous to mention but lets start here:

    How about the police actions in the city since he became mayor war protests and RNC , and continual infringement of citizens rights. Here is one link.

    I saw first hand as a member of press the treatment of people in the streets during the protests in the run up to Iraq war.

    And the NYCLU brought a case against the NYPD for that treatment -the horses in the streets and belligerent police throwing people to the pavement even if the stepped off the sidewalk. Fascistic tactics in the extreme.

    Here is the brief that the NYCLU put up about the RNC in 2004, people herded together and taken to cages under the bridge on the WestSide Highway where they were left (some for 8 to 24 hours)

    His deputy mayor Doctoroff was major help to corporations but no help in the neighborhoods.

    The many many reasons any thinking freedom loving person wouldn’t want this man (who thinks he can buy anything) as President is that he is that basically he doesn’t respect the rights of anyone who doesn’t agree with Mike Bloomberg.

    Sorry, Rocket, you need to do homework in this area or we could all end up in FEMA camps.

    Just because there is no viable candidate on the horizon does not mean we should be looking at the kind of guy who would condone this behavior in his police department. Seriously look at the cases brought against him and NYC by NYCLU.

    • sufoto — is he worse than guilani ? what about his economic acumen ? al sharpton speaking well of him ? thanks for your reply though . it is good to have specifics . i hear the right wingers screaming how he will take away their gun rights and keep roe v wade alive . and the left wingers saying what you said .
      i am trying to take in all acounts of the man . but the question still remains –is there somebody who can actually win the presidency and really save america ? to me , the 2 party system has to be stopped .

  3. this is no endorsement of Bloomberg. i have followed him for years and years because i don’t see anyone else on the horizon .

    i read ”only the super rich can save us ” by Ralph Nader , and got to see what could be possible .

    now , concerning Bloomberg . he is not an ideologue . he is an American pragmatist. the left does not approve of this , neither does the right . so , he is attacked from all sides.

    ideology isn’t working anymore. you new yorkers ..did his 311 clean up program work for the city ? yes or no ?

    how about his organizing mayors from around America to deal with the environment ?. what about the soup kitchens with nutritional food ?

    i listen to all these whacked out right wing talk radio people call in from new york who hate Bloomberg. so i think ..well maybe he is doing something progressive after all.

    i am a single issue voter. the issue is –don’t lie to me . that is why i vote for Nader ever 4 years.

    but , the question is …how much more can this country take ? who else you got in mind that can actually pull this off ? names please . i really want to know . as a Midwest guy i have followed as close as i can , and done all the research i can on Bloomberg . and i keep coming up with –who else … if not him .

    and if you are gonna critisize his record , which you should , escpecially those who do socil justice work like me , PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC .

  4. Having lived in NYC and been a community activist – all we saw was the big business corporatist. his money makes him seem like an independent but he is no friend to the local neighborhood people or the union people or anything but Big Money developers and Wall St. I never post here but this is by far the worst idea I have seen floated on this site.

    • i am a big time activist , so i am super sensitive to this kind of stuff. i am at a disavantage of not living in new york . i can give you the low down on the politics of my state. FIRST HAND .
      so this report is useful .
      what i have studied on Bloomberg is that he started off with really great ideas and they worked , and then after his second relection things got worse . but , if so , how worse ? that is why i appreaciate the info .

      • He is no better than Giuliani, just a slightly different hat. I am no Republican and I am no Democrat, I am independent and believe that the Demoplicans, will play whichever side of the fence they think will get them power-the only power Mike Bloomberg wants has nothing to do with parties. He is smart but part of the big corporate machine. The real estate developers have made huge gains since he arrived and the neighborhoods which are more like many small towns are constantly stomped. Buildings get torn down , neighborhood peoples who have lived there for twenty and thirty years are ignored as zoning is trampled. Go to and read a bit what the real grass roots orgs say not the astor-turf.
        I quote:
        Even though Bloomberg’s developer/landlord buddies are raking in billions of dollars, they want to starve tenants for every last cent. What’s different these days is that groups like Acorn, Working Families Party and poorly-named Housing Here and Now are giving Bloomberg, Spitzer and hack politicians political cover while rent regulations lose what little tenant protection ability they still have.

        • what about rent coontrol on the lower east side ? what about Nader’s attraction and relationship with Bloomberg ? what about the story that Bloomberg had to clean up Gulianis mess fianancially . ? what about his freindlyness toward the Arts , verses the last mayors anti-art anti-civil liberty stand in that area ? what about 311 , and why does Al Sharpton speak so well of him ?

        • Rocket,
          You have to do your homework on this man who ignored the recent law of term limits passed by referendum of the people to get a city council to make him king. I don’t know why Ralph Nader thinks Bloomberg would be a good king of US but that is what he would end up. Ask the Lower Eastsiders if they are better and as for 311 it is worthless, I have used it and gotten no good results.
          Please do your homework, my discussion of this is a waste of time. Al Sharpton is a politician too -don’t forget!

        • yeah ..the 3rd term thing really bugged me . i think that Nader just wants to see the 2 party system destroyed so bad that he knows that only one guy can crack the code . my homework is a bit dated . i have not kept up .i did not know that 311 did not pan out . Bloombeg said on regis show that it has brought Euro bucks in to the city from tourism . the concept was cool though . but you are correct . i do need to keep up . that is one of the reasons that i started the post. plus –after reading ”only the super rich can save us ” by Nader .. i thought –man this is do able .

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  6. I agree with libhomo. Why can’t we have a candidate who doesn’t believe in violating free speech and first amendment rights, and more importantly, who isn’t a cheerleader for Israel?

    • I agree with you, maasanova. Bloomberg’s foreign policy would be very pro-Israel. Now, what I don’t know is, would he bring ALL of our troops home from everywhere because it’s not financially sustainable? He is very pragmatic.

      It would make for an interesting campaign season, although I personally would not vote for him.

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  8. Is this a sick joke? Bloomberg’s substantive record on the environment is poor. Bloomberg is incredibly corrupt, racist, and homophobic. Mayor for Life Bloomberg is a bloodthirsty war monger. His main local policy priorities are keeping rich people from paying their fair share in taxes and driving the middle class and poor out of NYC.

    And, if you think Wall St has too much influence in DC now….

    This might be funny if I didn’t live here.

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