BP Oil Disaster Worst Case Scenario with Kindra Arnesen, BP Community Liaison



Kindra Arnesen tells team @PrjGulfImpact about the possible outcomes for the BP Oil Disaster including her worst case scenarios, why she is moving, and her fears for the next 60 days.

Project Gulf Impact – follow the truth, ask questions.


BP Oil Disaster WORST CASE SCENARIO w/ Kindra Arnesen, BP Community Liaison


BP Oil Disaster VOO Rip-Off with Kindra Arnesen, BP Community Liaison

Kindra Arnesen at the NOLA Gulf Emergency Summit

The Sheep Look Up by Gray Brechin

Day 72 – linking what the world needs now by Roxanne Amico

Running on empty?

After the Oil Rush

Living on a dying delta by Dahr Jamail

8 thoughts on “BP Oil Disaster Worst Case Scenario with Kindra Arnesen, BP Community Liaison

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  3. WHY ONLY BP Mr President?

    In each of your statements relating to the BP damaging oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, you have lost no opportunity to attack BP as the cause and have demanded in no uncertain term that that must pay compensation to all who have, and will be affected, and to clean up the areas affected.

    Any reasonable person would agree with you, no matter who causes damage to people or the environment and they should also clean up the areas. However Mr President, I find your arguments a bit one-sided.

    [edited] continued at http://atlanticfreepress.com/news/1-/13419-why-only-bp-mr-president.html

    • Thanks, Lens, great piece and good points made. I did edit your comment as you posted the entire article in the comment section but left a link so the readers here can check it out.

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