The Daily Show: Latino 911! + Arizona’s Photo Radar + Arturo Rodriguez on The Colbert Report

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The Daily Show

Latino 911!

Arizona police officers can’t arrest you for not carrying your papers, but if you don’t have them, you can be detained. (06:33)

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Arizona’s Photo Radar

Olivia Munn explores the debate between Arizona’s highway safety and the invasion of privacy. (05:19)

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Arturo Rodriguez

The Colbert Report

Arturo Rodriguez invites Americans who think immigrant farm workers are taking away jobs to work in the fields.


The Truth Shall Not be Spoken in Arizona by Glen Ford

Economic Power: Avoid Arizona and Boycott BP by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Greg Palast: Behind the Immigration Law

Noam Chomsky: No Mas Muertes! – No More Deaths!

20 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Latino 911! + Arizona’s Photo Radar + Arturo Rodriguez on The Colbert Report

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  3. To Rocket and Natureboy:

    Leave out the name calling! It’s not necessary to put down the other person just because you have different opinions on these topics.

    Love to you both.

  4. Humor that dark makes me cry.

    I want people to understand why people flee Mexico. I can’t be witty nor journalistic right now.

    Understand that our Amerigoon corps pay 1.25/hr at our maquiladoras (i.e. the slave-wagers that make our levis) and these are considered good jobs in Mexico:

    Understand that the violence and gang wars is entirely because of our ‘war on drugs’ which propagates a fascination with cocaine and this ridiculous price for an herb-derived pharmaceutical (an otherwise annoying thing to do, insulfating hydrochloric acid, grinding teeth?? Learn from Netherlands, they made pot boring by decriminalizing).

    Arizona and Texas need to secede, and they can fight the mexicans with muskets all they want. Obomba’s war on natural North Americans will backfire on business, Mexicans are the only North Americans still willing to WORK.

    • sure they are willing to work –AT SLAVE LABOR . shame on us for allowing it to happen on our soil . pay them a living wage dammit .

      • Pay attention to the link I posted about the maquiladoras, foreign (largely US) factories producing cheap products for our consumption just south of the border at slave wages.

        Calderon may be proud of these jobs as progress, but there is a reason Mexicans are fleeing these opportunities (which before recently were booming).

        While Mexico may have stronger labor laws than most sweat-shop spots, what goes on in these factories is directly our responsibility as much as abuse of immigrant labor noth of the border.

        This is how the cheap products we buy supports the reasons people flee Mexico for a life under the gun & on the run. This is where US jobs were exported, this is NAFTA, this needs to be aired.

        There is a lot more going on than would appear according to Arizona.

        And once again, who is buying the drugs, why are they so profitable that it’s worth this violence, and where are the guns coming from.

        More journalism, less xenophobia. We need to understand the reasons for this perilous migration of people and why they are taking such risks in the first place.

        People don’t leave their homes that way unless there’s a compelling reason.

  5. i say ..if you oppose this law , truly ..thn stop hiding that maid and gardner that you pay at slave wages. gicve em up or pay them what they deserve. but , again , those against this law dont care about social justice. and they got an easy out crying ”race” .
    this as citizens we can do something about . better to deport than exploit . isnt it bad enough that we go overseas and kill people living in sqaular. must we alloq that to happen here? NO . this law that seems so backward in Arizona will eventually be seen for what it is — on the progressive cutting edge.
    jon stewart makes millions . what does he care about those who are being expoited on the border?

    • Not everyone who is against this law is against social justice! Nor do most people who are against this law hiring undocumented workers. Where do you get your statistics, please?

    • You have lost your concept of humanity.
      North America is a continent, not nationalistic border war. People are humans. Arizonianins, and you, are deranged.

      Fix the reasons people flee Mexico, fix the reasons you support, the nationlistic reasons for Arizona wanting to HOARD amerigoon ill-gotten stolen RACIST wealth stolen in the name of your false-prophet white god, and you’ll fix the reason people flee poverty for survival.

      • that is an outward social engineering solution .superficial and ineffective. my concept of humanity is very much in tact. your concept of those who live in squalor and work fro SLAVE WAGES is not known to you because you have never done it . i talked to a woman who lived on the border and grew up there as an american and she says that those who oppose this arizona law have never really seen what our country does to these poor would be immigrants .

        she is a tireless worker for social justice fro the poor . she sees right thru this white guilt anti law movement that seeks to exploit these workers for their own comfort and at the same time hypocritically say that they are doing it out of care for them . BULLSHIT .

  6. look seriuosly into those who are oppsing this law and you will find that most of them could care less about the rights of latinos and care more about the cheap labor and terribly living conditions that these people are subject to.
    white guilt had alot to do with electing obama. white guilt has alot to with this false concern with latinos . if they really cared about them they would pay them a decent living wage of 15 bucks an hour , and clean up those filthy living conditions .

    • Tell me, rocketman, how many people have you hired? How many businesses have you run, how much payroll have you paid or even earned?

      You need to stop preaching until you know what you’re talking about, for real.

      Yes abusive employers who abuse ANY worker need to be locked up, shut down and tarred & feathered.

      In fact the entire system of the patron and the slave-wager needs to be fixed, in this employer’s opinion.

      None of this has to do with ethnicity, documentation nor country of origin.

      I have hired, paid, provided, paid payroll-tax, contracted and cared for many dozens of co-workers, whom I consider equals.

      I have sponsored immigrants through the system from places far as Poland. Each and every first-generation immigrant is a better co-worker than you and your swamp-dwelling, welfare-swilling moonshiner amerigoon patriots.

      The problem is your entire species just forgot how to function. You bought into the system that expects money to come from Creflo A. Dollar if you just pray for it.

      Only You white American patriots are like that, the other 98% of the world population work with their hands, for survival, an instinct you lost because your nationalistic patriotic nation stole, hoarded all the world’s wealth through war and became lazy amerigoons exceptionalist nationalists, like you.

      People don’t legislate against illegal immigrants because employers abuse them, it’s because they are racists. White people would sooner abuse Mexicans than wall them out, but their racism prevails.

      You are preaching absurdity (as usual) to say that Arizona’s law has anything to do with protecting illegals from abuse.

      Without migrant workers, this nation will shut down, It has nothing to do with justice, it’s white people, who, in the very name of your very same Amerigoon God STOLE the entire region from the aboriginal North americans whom you white people now call ‘illegal;.

      • i can always tell when you are loosing an argument –you hurl invectives. nationalist ? white ? once again you are deflecting the issue to race . old news. its about economic justice and proper living conditions . period .

        but you are a natural demagogue natureboy . and dont insult me with calling me a patriot . ”patriotism is the virtue of the vicious ” Oscar Wilde .

        my allegiance is only to one country : HEAVEN . but you would know nothing of that . the demands of being a citizen of heaven is a little to high for your low standard of self sacrifice for others.

        • of course you could try ceasing to hardern your heart to your own jewish messiah and give your heart to him , and you would see why i place such a high premuim on social jusitice . and by the way , every word you utter against christ , and every excuse you use in blaming others that say they represent him , will be thrown back in your teeth on the day of judgement . be cute now all you want .. cause there will come a time when time will be up .

        • I’m hurling annoyance at you because you publish and preach and you are wrong, and it’s annoying. SB 1070 is simply not about protecting immigrant workers from abuse.

          You and your jewish messiah can try to indoctrinate me all you want, if I’m jewish, then I was born that way, and you and your messiah, as well as schlomo the Hasid who keeps trying to wrap that box of snake-oil around my head can keep your pretensions about my ethnicity to yourselves.

          I already had my earful of Hagee today without your false propheteering.

          Back to the topic:
          As long as you keep inventing meanings behind this bill, you’ll always lose this argument as you did the very first time you ran out this nonsense that you keep repeating: that the purpose and letter of this law was to protect immigrants from employer abuse.

          After you actually went and published such opprobrium, I posted here a link to the ACTUAL LAW so you could actually READ IT. Don’t go doing an Eric Holder and interpret this law without reading it. Go back, scholar, and READ. Argue on the facts, not your fantasies.

          Law is not a matter of what racketman decrees it means, like his delusional hallucinatory declarations about the new testament and it’s unsupportable, unevidenced, disproved and likely misguided distortions of what actually happened.

          In your evangelical efforts at faith, you have only what you believe, what you are lead to believe, and what you believe you believe. Nothing is clarified, nor even properly translated nor even properly explained in your beloved book.

          Legal language is different. Law is written out for a reason, and is subject to legal analysis, challenges, debates and case-law based upon fact and meaning and intent (unlike your messiah).

          Worse than being wrong is to continue to argue your disproven point. You’re very good at just shutting up and not responding, like you did repeatedly when questioned how you can claim compassion for human people yet talk like a rib-eating cracker when it comes to non-human people.

          Best you either read the law and debate its written principles, or just disappear on this one, because you’re just plain wrong, and it’s embarrassing.

          (And go watch Meet your Meat, or do you need the link to that one again too?)

        • ok scholar boy — does this make sense to you : it is illegal by federal law and the states that are attempting to enforce the law to hire ILLEGAL ALIENS . fact.
          those who do are subject to arrest for hiring them . those who are in a sovern country illegally are by law to be deported. fact. i did not write the law. i just happen to think that it is better than using human beings like cattle. you would not even treat a dog the way these people are being treated. well , on second thought you might .after all animals are so holy to you.

          here is the thing scholar boy — i see this at our homeless shelter here at the st. francis house. i see those exploited and not paid. i see those crackers with their rifles and pick up trucks from texaas . WE REPORT THE CRACKERS FOR WHAT THEY DO . would you ? i doubt it . you are to busy preaching the evils of eating meat as if Zues himself condemned it .

          lets give those animals good homes while the mexicans in the good ole US of A live in cardboard boxes with no rights . is there something wrong with this picture?

        • you have no right to accuse others of race , when you yourself are an obviuos BIGOT . you are prejudice against caucasians . if you said the things you said about whites , and crackers , about blacks and latinos our society would rebuke you . but , they wont . so , i will . but i except bigotry to flow from a hardened heart.

        • Its not a drunken brawl. Don’t get so upset.

          It’s not personal, but it’s annoying that you’re claiming this law is about migrant worker’s rights when its not. In fact the point you’re trying to make that stopping migrants is itself undermined by the facts.

          You are the one who publishes yourself in titled essays, I only comment. Publishing a claim about a law which is completely unsupportable is irresponsible.

          It is arrogant to publish an article or position that is blatantly wrong unless you have a literate rebuttal. A responsible and a serious author would either argue the facts, take the critique in stride, or admit and correct the error.

          Caucasians are from the Caucasus in the former USSR. Are you saying I’m against Chechens? I don’t think I’ve met anyone from there yet, tho I did meet a Georgian once…

          Did you read the law finally?

          What’s an ‘illegal alien’ anyway, sounds like something from MIB…

        • About all this racialistic talk, I’d like to clarify:

          My snarky remarks about ‘crackers’ etc, come from living surrounded by the ‘upstate’ version of same, who have a true prejudice against Latinos and speak ill of them out of ignorance.

          There is new knowledge, apparently, which explains the reason for ‘white people’:

          When people migrated north from Mother Africa (yes we are all basically Africans), there was less sunlight.

          Our brand of hominid has a general genetic flaw in that we don’t manufacture vitamin D. Instead we require sunlight to do so.

          As migrants (yes white people were migrants too, before there were borders) moved north, those unable to absorb enough diminishing sunlight through protective melanin to produce required vitamin D, died out of rickets, a miserable and hellish death.

          Only those born somewhat albino, i.e. mutant to a degree, could absorb enough sun to make enough vitamin D to avoid dying out of rickets.

          This is why there are white people.

          I myself am quite white, blondish, burn easily, and prefer the shade. My grandmother and great-grandfather were pure white/blond-looking Europeans (musta been those darned Khazars…).

          We all need to learn more about the nature of ethnicity, that while other apes do fight over territory and clanism, this idea of ethnic conflict is a complete myth! It all was about vitamin D and rickets.

          Ethnic prejudice and domination is now proven to be a completely flawed, tragic choice. It’s only those who retain ethnic prejudice that deserve ridicule. Not all white people are crackers.

          And not all Latinos are Mexicans. The more Latinos I meet, the more fascinating all the many nations become, the more neruda I want to read, and the more i wish i’d paid attention in Spanish class… (yet like all people, they have their share of fascists and maniacs too).

          Mexicans are an arbitrary classification and often are a lot more Mayan and native North American than a lot of other Latinos, especially the more Spaniard-style from South America, Argentina, Chile, etc.

          There is no truth to racism, it’s only racists that deserve to be ridiculed, and for the most part, in this era, in our region, that means white amercans, particularly ignorant rural ones who are still racists and fine with that.

          They need to get word-whipped every time till they unlearn their obsession with ethnicity and learn to behave.

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