Webster Tarpley: Obama Plans Lame Duck Sell-Out of Social Security (must-listen) + Retire at age 70?


Interview with Webster Tarpley
Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
July 7, 2010

The Financial Reform Bill, including The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, more popularly known as the White House Deficit Commission, the Austerity Commission, or the Peterson Commission; the G20 meeting in Toronto; the effort to export the depression.



Retire at age 70? Young people may have to under plan

By David Lightman
July 9, 2010

via Retire at age 70? Young people may have to under plan | McClatchy



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19 thoughts on “Webster Tarpley: Obama Plans Lame Duck Sell-Out of Social Security (must-listen) + Retire at age 70?

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  10. Young people are now un-employed at a record rate.
    Yes, let the parents keep on working and let the youth wonder about the Malls with their I-pods and cursing up a storm.
    What a world.!!!

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    • Thanks, mmckinl. This is one radio interview that I would recommend everyone listening to it. It gets better towards the end, so hope people listen to it in its entirety.

      • Tarpley has Obama nailed …

        Indeed … listen to the end … it does start off slow with Tarpley’s analysis of the financial reform bill, which I appreciated, but at about 15min in Tarpley really gets going …

        I just got a laugh reading Common Dreams lead story today (Sunday).

        Liberals Analyze Their Obama ‘Despair’


        Typical liberal apologia for Obama … Obama is a great success for his mentor Pete Peterson and the Business Round Table!

  14. I agree with 99% of Webster Tarpley’s views…I was unable to play the video because of my flash version incompatibility, but I gather from the headline that WT is critical of this plan. Unfortunately, anyone who may disagree with raising the retirement age, may want to read a great book called Grey Dawn. It’s about the aging population around the world, and realistic plans for reacting to it. When the retirement age was decided over a half century ago, the age expectancy was more than a decade younger than it is now, and that alone may account for raising it, but with the growing aging population and the decline of younger populations to sustain them, a plan to raise the retirement age may be the best first step to serve as many retiring people as we can.

    • sherry,

      Yes I agree with the rationale of an older retirement age – but there are not even enough jobs for the people under 65 now.
      It is not like jobs are going unfilled and retirees are sitting around deliberately idle.
      And just try getting a job after 60 – except greeter at WalMart.
      No, we need more jobs, not more people looking for work.

      • I’d like to add that it is very difficult to find a job if one is over 50, maybe even over 40.

        All Congress needs to do is raise the maximum income level so the more wealthy put in more to SS. Another thing for Congress to do is stop funding the permanent wars! Cutting the defense budget could save our country’s economy. The retirement age should be decreased, not increased, imo.

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