The Grass Roots Movement to STOP THE BURNING In The Gulf By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
July 13, 2010

I have been a pretty lonely voice over the last few weeks, talking about the clear and huge Public Health Dangers down-wind from the primitive burning going on at the site of the BP Gulf Disaster. A few good people have written or spoken about this danger,and provided much pertinent information. But there have been ZERO reports on the clear health hazards to residents down-wind from this burning in the corporate-owned U.S. national mainstream media. And surprisingly; considering the dangers, very little in the Independent Media, either: If there HAD been, I would not be writing this, and would be happy to work with those whose writing or organizing skills far exceed my own!

What we have seen, is chilling reports on local TV news, that HAVE NOT been picked up by the “parent” networks (including LA local EPA officials admitting poisons levels way above safe limits on days the wind blows from the burning site, and PROOFS of the “toxic rain” phenomena), and we are also seeing some reporting on the dangers to the workers (specifically by “MSNBC”). Although highly important as well, this only touches on the periphery regarding the health of the workers offshore… and does not mention the much wider danger to residents inland.

It is time to get some “fires” burning of our own, if we expect this hideous health hazard to end. An independent Grass Roots Campaign is needed, to raise Public Awareness, and brow-beat the corporate-owned media into finally reporting on these extreme dangers. It is important to note, these health risks are not “conspiracy theories” (such as we see being pushed all around the internet these days, that confuse and obscure the very real issues)… They are SCIENTIFIC FACTS. It is clear beyond any doubt, that the primitive open-air burning of these exotic and non-exotic volatile organic carbon compounds causes a very severe health risk for the people of the United States and SEVERAL NATIONS who happen to be down-wind from it (Mexico, Cuba, and others).

The media appears to be avoiding mentioning this issue, so public opinion does not force BP to haul the highly poisonous mix to shore for proper processing… Which would certainly cost BP plenty more. And there may be another, more elementary and long-standing issue as to why it is being suppressed:

To keep the Public mostly unaware of the EVERY DAY dangers from petroleum. This is why the word “Benzene” is never mentioned in the MSM, and why we have not heard of the other atrocities and health disasters caused by the oil corporations over the years, until the present debacle has brought them to light (such as the many deaths of clean-up workers from the Exxon Valdex disaster, or the poisoning of entire regions and many deaths of native people, such as the Niger river delta in Africa, or the Amazon Basin)… or even the highly damning evidence that Diesel fumes kill millions of people in cities around the world every year.

However, the time for such suppression MUST END… The health dangers from the primitive burning are too CLEAR, too pressing, and too high. The national media must be somehow FORCED to report on this severe Public Health Hazard.. Which is the first step to it being ended.

On my “Facebook” page, I have Published a Note with an idea for how to accomplish this goal. Here it is:

* * * * *

The Campaign to Stop The Burning

Regarding the disgusting and tragic “BP Gulf Disaster”; there is a great and pressing health issue that is a HUGE “elephant in the room”; being totally ignored and suppressed in the corporate-owned U.S. national mainstream media.

This is the on-site PRIMITIVE burning of the oil and dispersant mix. The relatively “cool” open-air burning only destroys roughly FIFTEEN PERCENT of the poisonous exotic and non-exotic “volatile organic carbon compounds”, and Benzene present in this highly toxic stew. The rest, are lofted by the thick black smoke columns up as high as the Stratosphere… To later come down to damage the ecology on LAND as well.. And put MILLIONS of residents AT SEVERE HEALTH RISK.

These highly toxic compounds should be hauled to shore, to be properly and safely processed; either via VERY HIGH HEAT incineration in sealed chambers with “scrubbers” on the exhaust, or by the usual fractional distillation methods of an oil refinery. Either method, would cost BP plenty. This, in my opinion, is why the national mainstream media refuses to report on this extreme health risk… And not only to save BP money; but to keep Public Awareness from considering the EVERY DAY issues of just how poisonous petroleum really is.


One idea. is….


This would be hundreds of fishing, shrimping, and pleasure craft, with thousands of people on board, that would attempt to sail out to the site of the BP Gulf Disaster, to stop the burning. These people would all have a pre-printed “Writ of Citizens Arrest” in hand… To serve the operators of the burning to force them to stop. Here is what such a Writ could say:

Writ For Citizen’s Arrest

We the Citizens of the United States of America who are being put at CLEAR and severe health risk illegally, hereby DEMAND that the primitive and inefficient burning of crude oil and other highly toxic materials at the site of the BP Gulf of Mexico Disaster that is putting the health and LIFE of millions of Americans down-wind from it at great risk (as well as great health risk to the residents of Mexico, Cuba, and other Nations in a clear and GROSS breach of International Law).



Those who refuse to comply will be compelled to, and Arrested without violence and later remanded safely into State Custody on shore. This action is as an EMERGENCY measure to protect the HEALTH of millions of people; and the ecology of the LAND.

It appears that our government agencies who should be doing this themselves, have been co-opted and are ineffective. In this instance, it is the right and Duty of every American Citizen to see that Justice, and the Rule of Law as stated by the Constitution of the United States, be Enforced. If the public officials and Law Enforcement agencies do not act to uphold the Law, it is the Duty of the Citizenry to do so. International Law also demands that this crime end IMMEDIATELY. The health of millions of people down-wind from the burning of several extremely poisonous toxic compounds DEMANDS action.

Those who oppose the Citizens Arrest will be considered as Co-Conspirators in Gross Negligence leading to Attempted Murder, and Crimes Against Humanity. “Following Orders”, when the orders are clearly illegal and promote illegal activity that constitute Gross Endangerment to life and health, is no defense under Law.

All those reading this Writ of Citizens Arrest will be held accountable for their personal actions.

Any workers at the site who comply with this DEMAND will be immediately released from any Custody, or not put under Custody to begin with. Those who refuse to Comply, will be considered Suspects in various Crimes Against Humanity (both State, Federal, and International), and detained safely. At either result, the burning will be ended immediately, and all burning equipment on-site destroyed or permanently disabled.



[your name here] Steven Windisch


Of course, the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy would probably not allow such a Flotilla to proceed out to the site of the burning. But that is not the point. As long as there is a REAL AND CREDIBLE flotilla of concerned citizens, it will be heavily publicized and reported on via independents on the Internet, and the FOREIGN PRESS. So, many millions of people all over the world will hear of it before hand, and see video footage of it being organized and leaving port. And this will FORCE the U.S. national mainstream media to finally report on this issue…


So the most likely result, will be the ending of the primitive burning BEFORE the actual event.

I cannot emphasize enough, how deadly and dangerous these toxic compounds are. Lofting them into the atmosphere simply multiplies the problem and exposure EXPONENTIALLY.



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  6. What we have been seeing going on is beyond strange, and as i still maintain, the silence is deafening. Apparently it is up to us, the few, “no names” to grassroots this, because whether or not the recent cap works, what has already transpired is nothing short of criminal negligence, and outright acts of suicidal, genocidal, homicidal insanity.

    What is extremely odd about this is that there has been no “celebrity status” voice about this, even from those who have in the past come forward in similar matters. Why are the people who have clout not saying anything? To me it is downright “creepy.”

    To date Dennis Kucinich, Congressman from Ohio has been the only one who not only sees this atrocity as it is, but has spoken up boldly to his peers. Their response was from what i saw, lacking. There are those leaders, however, who are off the “beaten track, especially the indigenous elders from all over the planet who are well aware of what is happening, and who are joining as a united convergence to take things to the next level in using the gathering momentum of like minded individuals to not only protest and revolt, but more so to build out of it and into a “new” way of living that is sane, sustainable, and will leave a future for generations to come.

    These ones know how to live in harmony, but sadly we seem to be in the grips of madmen, whose greed, stupidity, and arrogance know no bounds. I will use your format “Writ for citizens arrest” passing it on. Unfortunately I have come up against extremely pathetically apathetic , wish washy, individuals at every turn who do not even bother to read what i post to Facebook, regarding The Gulf Disaster, much less take 2 minutes to sign one of many petitions that i have also posted there.

    Thank you all for keeping up with what could be a pivotal turning point in the way our country and world operates. Yet, with the lackadaisical attitudes that apparently are in abundance, it will even depend more on what we, the few do or do not do. May we not surrender nor walk away before we have accomplished what needs to manifest. Be strong my sisters and brothers…Be Strong. The winds of change are blowing.

  7. Thx for the comments, and THANKS Lo for publishing 😉

    We are seeing a very, very strange situation here. The mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that this issue even exists. I and others have contacted them, and they have evidence from their own local Affiliates.

    It may be “radical” to consider facing down a bunch of criminals who have coopted the entire government. Yet it, or another plan (i’m not married to this one), could do it…. Because what is different this time is.. this is becoming “Instinctual”, Meaning that people are going to start realizing we must stop this highly hazardous burning before they start to die from it. This can make the difference between complaining about on the web, and climbing into a boat, with thousands of others, and confronting it directly.

    Because one thing is clear here: The media has NO INTENTION AT ALL of mentioning this issue. BP has NO INTENTION of stopping it, until the media DOES report on it (which will force them to stop it quickly, as the illegality and the insane danger is too obvious for the government to ignore).

    So how do we MAKE the media report on it? That is the question, and thus the solution i suggested.

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  9. great idea,maybe this will finally wake up the asleep at the wheel american citizens who have allow(by doing nothng)2 illeagle wars lasting 10yrs to drain “our”treasury,911 to never really be thoughly investigated,wallstreet to bqankrupt this country with their corrupt ponzie scheems and our gov, to give these crooks billions of our tax money to “bailout” these crooks&bums,these same crooked banks caused millions to loose their homs with their crooked bundelling of loans in their ponzi derrivitives!!!!so lets start with the gulf oil spill,and then marct by the millions upon millions to washington anp finally put a stop to this corrupt system of gov. and throw all these bums in congress in prison where they belong for allowing all this madness to start&continue!!!!!1

  10. Steve,
    You have conceived of an excellent action to give the people a voice and empower citizens, extreme as it may appear. What is more extreme is allowing BP to endanger life even further while taking actions in a PR cover-up to limit liability. The dereliction of our government in protecting the health and safety of our people and environment is criminal… you are absolutely correct in your assessment. I am an American living in China, and I will support you as far as I’m possible in getting the word out to the foreign press.

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