Ants At A 2 Party Picnic by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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Dandelion Salad
14 July, 2010

So, what’s the picnic ? Well, we have another election cycle coming up, and the 2 major political parties ( by their own doing, the only major parties ) need ‘ boots on the ground ‘. More than that, they need all the little ants to ….. Vote! You remember how important voting is, don’t you? Since grade school, we’ve been sold a bill of goods that ‘ Voting is the most important civic duty one can perform ‘ . So, the real message is: Get out there and …… Don’t protest, don’t dissent in public, don’t challenge our elected officials……. Just Vote! At these festivals called elections, everyone is told that ‘ Your vote counts…. Use it! ‘ . What they fail to tell you is that , like in the old Chinese restaurants of my NYC youth, we only really get choices from Column A ( Republicans ) and Column B ( Democrats ) . Forget about those rigged electronic voting machines….. This is even more sinister!

21st Century American politics introduced two new versions of the ‘ Grand Old Party ‘ The first one being the infamous Neocon mentality, which Cheney and Co. orchestrated through their stooge Bush Jr. to get us into phony wars of empire and oil . This newest version of the ’ Party of Lincoln’ ( sorry Abe ) I call the MeTeaPublicans, whose politics is an extension of the wonderful days of Ronnie Reagan. They are part of the Me Generation, with property rights over people rights, the right to make as much money as you can obscenely obtain ( while paying the least in taxes ) , and the ‘ Who needs big government ‘ mindset. All those poor suckers who drive to these Tea Party rallies in ( mostly ) Pick- Up trucks and SUVs, plastered with moronic bumper stickers that would insult even John Birchers, are ignorant of the facts. You see, many perpetrators of Big Government are the right wing ideologues who even have disdain for libertarians and honest fiscal conservatives. They adhere to Big government spending of your tax dollars on One Trillion dollar handouts ( Ooh sorry, bailouts ) for Big Banking. Their Big government spends tens of billions on WMDs and other weapons of war from private contractors, then uses those instruments of destruction to do just that to other nations. Then they subsidize the reconstruction and occupation of the destroyed nations by hiring other private contractors to do the work…. All by sucking the taxpayer’s teat. Great thing, this Big government…… If you’re a friend of government AKA political donor. Of course, most of these MeTeapublicans and their ant like minions are real tough on terrorism and believe in our ‘ Mission In Iraq & Afghanistan ‘ . Yet, ask them if they encourage their kids or grand kids to sign up and volunteer for the ‘ Good Fight ‘ . You know the answer. These same folks support every new multi billion dollar supplemental bill to fund our illegal and immoral presence in those two countries. Then they have the utter nerve to rail the loudest about how broke our states, towns and cities are. They complain about having less police, fire and city services, and all the other amenities we all used to enjoy. Idiots! When you spend close to one trillion on phony wars and occupations, guess where the money is NOT going to go? Another sin of these MeTeaPublicans concerns health care. Take any Tea party advocate, who happens to be over 65, and give them some truth serum. Ask them if they would like to trade their Medicare for strictly private health coverage. None of them would trade. Yet, they rant and rave about ‘ Keep government out of my health ! ‘

Now we come to the other sponsor of these electoral picnics: The Lemoncrats! The movers and shakers of this party are real slick ( As in ‘ Slick Willie ‘ ) . They sell Hope and Change , and have been selling it, way before Mr. Obama. What they do is tell the saps who follow them just how much more they care about the average working stiff. Craftily, they make sure that they always vote funding for the really terribly poor and destitute…. Within reason of course. As far as the majority of us who work 9 to 5, they literally do nothing! Although the super rich control both parties, the Lemoncrats make sure that the unions think they ‘ have their back ‘ . Yet, it was under Truman, a Democrat, that the most anti labor bill, Taft Hartley, was created. It gave the government the right to call off a strike for 80 days if it simply said that the strike was a ‘ peril to national health or safety ‘ . This was a boon for owners of industry and a bane for workers. The main purpose of any strike is to force the company to deal with loss of business……. Food that could perish on loading docks, or products that someone ordered and would not obtain. It essentially put an end to the greatest tactic of labor…. The Wildcat Strike. On the topic of economics and budgeting, the Lemoncrats , under all of their Presidents, have always supported increases in military spending. Look at the Congress under both Bush 2 and Obama. The overwhelming majority of Lemoncrats vote consistently for defense spending increases for our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The sad irony is that even those members of Congress, ( including then Senator Obama ) , who were against the Iraq invasion, voted with the Bush crew on funding these occupations. This is the party that agrees with the other party to maintain the 800 plus military bases worldwide in over 100 different countries….. Even though the hundreds of billions required would better be used to help save our communities. It was the Lemoncrats who went along with Bush 2 ,and then Obama, to bailout the phony and crooked banks. We have a foreclosure mess that Uncle Sam could have solved within 90 days. How? My friend works for a private company that negotiates with banks for foreclosed homes. They buy bundles of such homes at anywhere from 5 cents to 50 cents on the dollar of the assessed value….. Then they put a sign up and advertise ‘ Rent To Own ‘ . Their prospect forks over $ 1000 and proof he or she has a full time job. In return, they get to pay rent on that house, plus 8 % interest, for 20 years…… Then they own the house. Now, if private companies do this, why couldn’t the Feds make those same deals with the banks? Instead of forking over 800 billion to Wall Street con men, the government could have ‘ bought low ‘ , made a reschedule of payments plan with the foreclosed homeowner, kept them in the house and …… Taken it OFF the market! End result: ALL OUR HOMES WOULD GO UP IN VALUE AND MORE FOLKS WOULD START BUYING AGAIN. Did not happen. Why? Well, as Senator Dick Durbin said recently: ” It looks like the banks own us ‘ ( meaning the Congress ) . More than the banks, Dickie boy. How about Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, The Military Industrial Complex to name a few? By the way, it is the Lemoncrats, as much as the MeTeapublicans, who are totally against public funding of elections. Thus, they don’t seem to mind the current Lobbying AKA ‘ Purchasing your representative ‘ system that we have. Not at all.

So, as another election comes around, beware of these 2 Parties and their ‘ feel your pain ‘ talk. Just as when you go to a picnic, and you see the ants scurrying about, you know anytime you want, you can simply lift your boot and……. Crush em all!

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 150 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at, or at his own blog at Philip can be reached at


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