Jeff Biggers: In the Midst of a Coal Field War + The Debeautification of America

lauraflanders | July 15, 2010

Yet another coal miner was killed on the job this week, and journalist and author Jeff Biggers says that the situation has reached crisis level–that it’s a war on miners. He also notes that abuse of the land and abuse of the people who work on it has always gone hand in hand, so as pressure for mountaintop removal and new coal mines mounts, so do safety violations–the latest being a story broken by NPR, that a methane gas monitor at the Little Big Branch mine, where 29 workers died in an explosion in April, had been deliberately shut down.

Biggers joins us to fill us in on the latest news from coal country–and from D.C., where Lisa Jackson and the E.P.A. faced a unique protest. Distributed by Tubemogul.

GRITtv: Jeff Biggers: In the Midst of a Coal Field War


The Debeautification of America – Anthony Marr

by Anthony Marr
May 17, 2009

The full title is [The Debeautification of “America-the-Beautiful”], but it is sadly America-the-Less-Beautiful now. Just take a look. How any country can do this to its own land, only its own politicians and corporations can fully understand. And the truth is downright ugly.

MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL coal mining debeautifies West Virginia, leaving her originally exquisite face tragically and permanently disfigured. Most of West Virginia’s mountains are slated to be flattened.

Ask any objective person about a power structure that not only would allow this to happen, but actively promote it, and he/she would say that it is either incompetent or corrupt, if not both.

And what would future archaeologists think of us? Our own archaeologists today have studied Easter Island, and concluded that the islanders wiped out their own environment and reduced themselves to cannibalism before their final demise. What would future archaeologists say about us?

Globally, massive [c]oal use will trigger RUNAWAY GLOBAL HEATING by METHANE (see my video titled [M-BOMB: Doomsday Machine 2012] in, and the current coal plan has a suicidal trajectory.

Just talking green is not enough, our leaders must act green, but they are not, so, we will have to lead them.


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