More Clear Evidence of Crimes by BP By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
July 20, 2010

We have much evidence now that the clean-up is a sham and a fraud, and that BP constantly engages in fraudulent practices; such as using sham workers when “big-shots” travel to witness the clean up operation. Here are two examples of witnesses stating evidence of blatant and easily proved Fraud by BP:

Ms. Kindra Arnesen relating instances of CLEAR AND EASILY PROVED FRAUD regarding the “clean-up”

Kindra Arnesen Gives Evidence of Fraud in the Clean-Up Operation

The above could be proved quickly with the testimony of other witnesses… There are thousands, after-all. Subpoenas to Testify would mean that whatever fraudulent contracts employees were forced to sign by BP would be utterly meaningless in Court. And it is doubtful that many workers would worry about speaking on this once a few have come forward, and the word gets out that these fraudulent contracts are worthless anyway. Then we will have hundreds of people saying the same thing: That BP lies blatantly and consistently, and deliberately engineers Fraud on a gross and grand scale.

This unnamed worker seen below gives witness evidence of Fraud in BP’s employee contract. Here, BP attempts to extort workers with clearly fraudulent claims that it is a “Federal Offense” to talk to anyone regarding the clean up efforts. THE LAW FIRM THAT WROTE THIS IS CLEARLY GUILTY OF FRAUD, as is the BP executive that OK’ed its use. We need to get the name of the lawyers in the firm, and see that they are all PERMANENTLY DISBARRED and prosecuted; and the BP executive prosecuted for Fraud as well.

Former BP worker speaks out

[jamescfox | July 16, 2010]

This young man worked for BP clean up for about a month in late June, 2010. He asked to remain anonymous for fear of prosecution.

(video no longer available)

The above could EASILY be proved by a copy of the Employee Agreement. Many folks would like to see them explain in Court, how they even thought they could get away with Extorting silence by false and fraudulent claims of “Federal Laws” against “talking”. The ONLY way this can be done in situations not clearly involving National Security, is via a Federal Judge’s use of gag order on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. And if there were such gag orders (and there would have to be tens of thousands of them issued), the Judge would be in deep trouble… But of course there are not. This therefor is a blatant and obvious crime; perpetrated by LAWYERS who know better.

And there is of course the main and very important issue of illegality that is immediately pressing and going on right now, in this Author’s opinion:

The horribly criminal use of dispersants that have made the situation much worse… Especially when these dispersants are being burned using primitive methods that only destroy about 15% of the highly toxic poisons, and lofts the rest up as high as the Stratosphere… To come down later as poisoned air or rain… putting millions down-wind from it at extreme health risk. This is illegal under so many laws, State, Federal, and International (since Mexico, Cuba, and other countries are also being put at risk dependent on the caprice of the winds)… That it boggles the mind to consider them all. We can start with the legalese equivalent of: “Extreme Negligence Leading to Attempted Murder on a Mass Scale”.

The Grass Roots Campaign To STOP THE BURNING

The way to beat these criminals, is to turn the tables on them. They attempt to hide behind Corporate Law to obscure their Crimes Against Humanity (not a really “corporate law” matter; but indeed a matter of Criminal Law)? Then we can use the Law to IMPRISON THEM for it.

These people really do think they are going to skate on all this; as they have dozens of times in the past for lesser but no less illegal crimes…. only paying hand-slapping fines that their profits literally make up in minutes.

They are WRONG about that. THIS time, they are endangering THE LIVES OF MILLIONS IN A DEVELOPED COUNTRY (and in fact in several countries.. not to mention the hideous destruction to the environment). And there is no “forgetting”, or “forgiving” this. Sociopaths can no longer be allowed to have means of mass destruction over us. BP, if it does survive and does not ultimately receive “the corporate death penalty”, should never again be allowed to run another operation that puts people at risk… And this also includes people of the non developed World, who despite being systematically treated as insects with no rights by the energy corporations (such as the indigenous people of the Amazon Basin, or in several areas of Africa); they are indeed Human Beings: And the many deaths and crimes against these people cry out for Justice.

The energy giants are going to go DOWN. And they will take the completely wrong and outdated notion that “there is no better way than oil and coal” with them… And the many crimes and deceptions of BP and her fellow energy cartel “sisters” will be exposed for all to see.

And this will be the only good to come from this horror and debacle: The chance for a new dawn of clean, safe, and cheap energy… Free from monopolies, and free from the extremely high level of illegal and immoral control over nearly every facet of our Society; that this issue known as “Energy” has allowed these entities to hold over the world… A level of control by un-elected criminals which has NEVER been seen before in History.

The technologies to replace Oil and Coal as fuels DO EXIST right now; and have for many years. This is the “secret” that the BP Gulf Disaster will help expose to the people of this planet.

Perhaps the greatest crime of all, is keeping these alternatives from the world for so long needlessly. Because if we HAD been allowed to hear of them, if they HAD been allowed to be studied properly by our Universities, if they HAD been allowed to reach market… THERE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN ANY DEEP WATER DRILLING TO BEGIN WITH. The co-opted and corrupted governments, and the energy cartels, have worked together many years to suppress these alternatives.

But the news is getting out anyway…. Such as with the HIGHLY IMPORTANT work of Dr. Daniel Nocera of M.I.T. , who made an amazing announcement in April, 2010 (that the corporate-owned mainstream media has consistently refused to report on; despite being aware of it). Please “google” Dr. Daniel Nocera, or start here for more info on the


The Free Energy Facebook Group:


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  2. Dr. Daniel Nocera of M.I.T.’s system is about the energy efficient disassociation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen … “Hydroxy”. Using new cheap and commonly found materials that act as a chemical catalyst for the electrodes for electrolysis…. His team has announced a huge breakthrough, where the energy efficiency of doing so has risen an amazing “One Hundred Fold” over earlier work.

    This means, that the caloric heat energy released by burning these O and H gasses, is much more than the electrical energy in Watts needed to sustain the effect… Essentially, this is PEER REVIEWED PROOF OF FREE ENERGY. Of course, nothing is “free”… In this case, the price is water. Clean, cheap, safe, and utterly renewable energy that can END OIL.
    Please help get the word out, when 100 million Americans learn that there really are viable alternatives to coal and oil…. That can be produced ON DEMAND in our homes and vehicles… their use as fuels will quickly END. For the good of the Planet, and for us all. See the above link for more details, or google Dr. Daniel Nocera of M.I.T. for yourselves. This is for-real folks.

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