Betrayed by Obama and the Democrats by Bruce Gagnon

by Bruce Gagnon
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July 26, 2010

Looks like the House will vote again (probably Tuesday) on the $33 billion Afghan war supplemental bill. It recently passed the Senate and has to go back to the House since the one previously passed by the House is different from the Senate version.

After the revelations yesterday by WikiLeaks one would presume that the Congress would be highly embarrassed about its total lack of oversight of these wars. Both parties have handed over zillions of dollars to the Pentagon for what is now widely known is a dead-end street.

Maybe the upcoming House vote will surprise us all but I am not holding my breath. The Democrats, who rode the anti-war horse into power, have shown they are quite similar to the Republicans when it comes to deceiving their base on issues they care about.

I read tonight that the teachers unions are on the verge of declaring total war on Obama and his “race to the top” which is part of a union busting move. At their recent national conventions the two teacher unions did not invite anyone from the Obama administration to speak which is highly unusual.

The president of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, summarized teacher’s experience with the Obama administration:

“Today our members face the most anti-educator, anti-union, anti-student environment I have ever experienced.”

This is an extraordinary statement and illustrates that Obama is proving to be more anti-teacher than was George W. Bush, who introduced the terrible No Child Left Behind program. Teachers thought Obama would get rid of it. Instead he has expanded it and made it worse.

So the peace movement has been betrayed by Obama and the Democrats. The teachers feel the same as do many other unionists. Environmentalists are being screwed by Obama and the Dems. Hispanics are getting nailed as Obama is now escalating deportations. Black unemployment rate is now at an epidemic level. The list could go on all day long as we see Obama and the Democratic party leadership pander to Wall Street and corporate America.

If the Democrats had any damn sense they’d start by banding together and use the $7 billion now being pissed away every month on endless war to create real jobs at home building rail systems, wind turbines, solar systems, fixing bridges, rehiring teachers that are being laid off and much more.

But for reasons that are becoming obvious they will again take a dive and keep us mired in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan. Only handful of Dems have the guts to stand up to their own party leadership. They are basically lemmings and are taking the rest of us over the cliff with them.

We should be quickly figuring out that our real enemy is not the tea bag movement. The real enemy is crooked weaselly politicians who are screwing working people on the left and the right.

Let me go on record now and say that I don’t see much “real world” difference if the Republicans take back the Congress in November.

What are they going to do, keep us mired in a war and waste all of our money?


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6 thoughts on “Betrayed by Obama and the Democrats by Bruce Gagnon

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  3. The Democrats have not betrayed the American public. The Democrats (Dumbcrats in my book) and the Republicans (Repugnacans) are doing what entrenched party politicians always have done throughout the history of the Republic.

    The American public has betrayed themselves by not getting involved and demanding that they serve the public’s interest and not the interest of corporations. It’s time the American public bore the responsibility for its lack of civic responsibility. This lack of responsibility is greatly and negatively impacting not one the US, but the entire world.

    The American Public needs to get off their collective fat asses and do something!

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  6. Hear, hear, Bruce. I’m in complete agreement with everything you’ve said and you’ve said it so well. So people can really see that the emperor has no clothes and neither do we have a working democracy.

    It doesn’t matter what truth gets revealed, these corrupt politicians will go on voting against the interests of their constituents, no matter what. It is a government, from Obama to the courts to the Congress, that no longer represents Americans and it should be overthrown!

    Our forefathers anticipated such a day would come, and so they added a provision to the Constitution for recreating our government. It’s time for a Constitutional Convention. Unlike the British and other countries that have no confidence votes when the leadership loses the support of the majority of people, the U.S. has to suffer the full term of a politician’s time in office. Americans found out in the last election that it really didn’t matter whether they elected Democrats or Republicans. So the entire democratic process has been eviscerated. What are we going to do next to take back our government?

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