Mr. Obama, Why We are not that Impressed By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
July 30, 2010

I decided to listen to President Obama’s speech to the Netroots Convention in Las Vegas. I wasn’t invited, I’m sure that the cheerleaders from Daily Kos were. I’m sure that all the Democratic websites posing as “progressive” websites had invites floating around for their members. Maybe I’m not the kind of person that the Democrats want at the netroots convention. Maybe, just maybe, I’m part of the “looney left” that Bill O’Reilly is always harping about. Maybe I want a little more “change” with my politics and less bragging about bills that sound good at first glance, but after a little scrutiny, they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. I won’t bore you with the details about the “health care” bill or the “financial reform” bill, if you are reading my article, I think just by being on the website you are on; you know what I’m talking about. If you are on this site by accident, well ask around, I’m sure there are all sorts of people that will let you in on what I’m talking about.

If I could reply to President Obama’s speech, I’d ask him why he decided to ramp up the war in Afghanistan. What is it that does he knows that we don’t know? I’d also like to ask him why we spend money fighting wars that don’t make any sense when we are practically broke. Those would be two good questions I’m sure many of us would like to see answered.

The one question that I’d rather see answered above all other questions that I could conceivably ask is “Why haven’t you held the Bush/Cheney Administration responsible for all of the crimes that were perpetrated under their watch?” Why hasn’t the Obama Administration appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate the allegations of torture, kidnapping, and the use of weapons of mass destruction, and the lies that were told that paved the way for the invasion of Iraq? This isn’t a big get-even contest; it raises the question of letting people walk away from crimes because they happen to be the President of the United States and the Vice-President of the United States. Is it now a precedent that the leaders of the Executive branch of government can break the law because of who they are?

There is another question that concerns your administration Mr. President. By failing to act on the crimes committed by the previous administration, does that make your administration an accessory after the fact? The American people really need this question answered. We as citizens face a moral obligation to report crimes that we are aware of, if we don’t we risk becoming accomplices. The basic laws of the land are in question here. Does prosecution stop when you reach a certain rank in government? If so, how high does one have to get before they are immune from prosecution? Should this be an unwritten law or should we teach it in school? Either way, the people of the United States might not feel really comfortable knowing that the chief executive and the other people of the executive branch are immune from prosecution for any crime they may commit while in office.

The only guidance I can come up with is the Nuremberg trails after World War 2. Hitler wasn’t there so I really don’t know if he would have been sentenced to death along with others in his government. I imagine that since Saddam Hussein was hung after we invaded Iraq that Hitler would have been put to death for what he did too. Is it only in the United States where the leaders of the country aren’t held accountable?

Yes, Mr. President, there are some in this nation that are just not as impressed by your administration as you would like them to be. There are some on the right that hate you because; …well I don’t know why they hate you, because you are doing everything President Bush would have done. I do know why the left is disenchanted. It’s probably for the same reason. You are doing everything President Bush would have done.

So I guess in closing, I hope that you understand why I don’t feel particularly enthralled by the change you have brought us with your relatively new administration. Maybe the next two years will do the trick. Still, every time I see Dick Cheney criticizing you on TV, I wonder why he isn’t in jail. At least Bush has the good sense to keep his mouth shut. I hope for your sake that the next Chief Executive is as forgiving as you seem to be.

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4 thoughts on “Mr. Obama, Why We are not that Impressed By Timothy V. Gatto

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  3. By refusing to prosecute the Bush/Cheney war criminals, Obama is not only an accessory after the fact, but has violated his oath of office to enforce the U.S. Constitution.

    Under the “Supremacy Clause”, all international treaties and laws the U.S. signs on to become the law of the land, i.e. the Constitution.

    Obama is obligated by the international and U.S. laws against torture to prosecute torturers. He cannot simply refuse because he wants to “look forward”.

    In addition, long before Obama even ran for President, it was revealed that the invasion of Iraq was based on lies and intentionally manipulated intelligence. That proves the Iraq War was a war of aggression, the supreme international crime as declared by the Nuremberg Tribunals, with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson specifically singling out the waging of wars of aggression as the supreme crime, under which all other war crimes are subsumed. As a Senator, Obama, like most other members of Congress, continued to vote to fund this illegal war of aggression long after it was revealed as such.

    Obama, like Bush & Cheney before him, would be impeached if the U.S. were truly a nation based on law, not raw, unprincipled power.

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