Hypocrisy To The Nth Degree by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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Dandelion Salad
31 July, 2010

Interesting how there is such an uproar about WikiLeaks and Sgt. Manning. As with the Pentagon Papers of the early 70s, sets of documents, incriminating in their content, are portrayed as Top Secret. Hogwash! To reveal a certain mindset, or how the perpetrators conduct a War ( just add the word Crimes to it ) should not in itself be labeled as ‘ State Secrets ‘ . No, as with the 2007 video of the Apache helicopter attack on innocent Iraqi civilians ( including two young children ) by US military personnel……. Truth Is Truth! Yet, the outrage by many of our elected officials ( John McCain comes to mind first ) and the Obama administration is hypocrisy taken to another level.

I ask all decent and well intentioned of my brethren: Where was the outrage when we finally found out, factually, that the Bush & Cheney crew lied, distorted and cherry picked intelligence to justify their phony war on Iraq? How many young American troops are dead or maimed for life because of those lies and half truths? Factor by a thousand times how many Iraqi civilians faced a similar fate. Yet, no outrage by Mr. McCain or even Mr. Obama…… Who, by the way, as Senator Obama, continued to vote more funds for the Iraq occupation. Bottom line: Cheney and his little puppet George Junior, along with Rummy and Condi, Colly, and Paulie and Perley, Gonzo and Bibey and Bolton and all those Brits and….. Whomever else mislead and deceived We The Peoples of the world…. Should be indicted for Treason & then War Crimes!

A final hypocrisy to the Nth Degree was the ( so called ) Bank Bailout. If you owned a business, and you screw around and scam etc, would the Feds bail you out? No, as your place was sinking into bankruptcy, the sharks would encircle. Finally, you would take the best offer ( if any at all ) with ‘ hat in hand ‘ and go home. ‘ Oh ‘ , they tell you, ‘ But a crisis like the banking one would tear down our whole economic system…. We had to save them, to save America! ‘ Hogwash! Uncle Sam should have simply sat down with those failing con men and play ‘ Let’s make a deal ‘ . Assets would have been sold at fire sale prices with the government taking receivership of those institutions. Instead of an 800 billion dollar bailout, this approach would have been much more frugal and effective. Then, when the time was ripe, the Feds could have sold those companies to the highest bidder. Just as with claiming racehorses, there would have been a shake to see who got the deal….. That is how many bidders there would have been.

Wake up, fellow Americans, and shame these hypocrites for who and what they really are!

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 150 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at www.dandelionsalad.wordpress.com, or at his own blog at www.opensalon.com. Philip can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net.


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14 thoughts on “Hypocrisy To The Nth Degree by Philip A. Farruggio

  1. I know and respect the rabbi. Yet, he said a few things that i do not agree with. First off, he said Obama ‘ inherited ‘ these ‘ wars’. These were not wars! They were and are illegal occupations of sovereign nations. Would some say that Nixon ‘ inherited ‘ the Vietnam war? And then dismiss whatever he did , since he ‘ inherited it ‘ ?

    Obama is , as my friend Bill Herbst stated: ‘ a servant of the empire ‘ .

    Finally, rabbi, here is the essential question: if Obama is doing what he can legally do in this situation, and you support him, will you encourage your relatives of military age to join up and go there to help him?

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  5. They are all in cahoots, so why should they go after each other? What is needed is a social revolution – a social uprising – all over the world. Put this ilk back in its place!

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  7. Phil, as a fellow Brooklyn-raised kid, I cannot agree more! But the corrupt “legal” system we now have will only prosecute those who are not members of the ruling class. The Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations are all war criminals. They will get away with mass murder. Only we will be prosecuted for our “crimes” against the empire.

    • As a friend of Phil’s, with great respect for his liberal attitude toward American politics, I objecdt to the accusation that President Obama and any in his adminiistration are guilty of war crimes because they inherited an unjustified war in Iraq from Bush & Cheney, and their criminal regime. That crew wanted friends in what Eisenhower called “The military industrial complex” to profit. Cheney seemd to have no conscience at all, and Bush hardly had consciousness. I believe strongly that Phil is right about the lies and distortions of the Bush-Cheney years. Tehy deserve arrest and prosecution by the WSorld Couor tfor crimes against humanity. But let’s allow our President to get us out of these disatrous, misguided wars, which should have been avoided. If we needed to win in Afghanistan, it should have been an air war, destroying every poppy for a decade until there were no profits made for a decade. Who would have financed the Taliban then? And we should hav epursuded Al Qaeda by air, bombing the caves until all of Afghainistan was flat. And we would hav esacrificed no lives, our own military, our allies, or civilian Afghanis.

      • rabbi , as a missouirian i cannot forget my fellow missouirian harry truman who said ”the buck stops here”.

        barak Obama is personally responsible from the 3rd day that he raided that village in Pakistan till now as he has escalated the bush-cheney wars into not only pakistan , but also Yeoman and Somalia . he refuses to pull out of Iraq just like the party he is a part of that has promised in 04 , 06 , and 08 to pull out of Iraq only to triangulate and fund more war.

        the buck stops at the top. Obama is indeed a war criminal , and the reason why he wont try Bush -cheney , is because he does not want a legal precendent to fall on him .

        it does not take a village , it takes a pen . Nixon ended the war with a pen . thats all it takes. commander in chief means just that. there are no excuses.

        that is why i always vote 3rd party or independent.

        • Good point about the pen. Use it to cross out all intervention in medievil orthodox islam (and zionism & evangelical jesusfreak biblical literalist dispensationalist hagee-ites while yer at it)

          Let the Sunni & Shiites, isrealis & Iranians iron out their irrational issues with their endless suicide bombs and irreconcileable violent virgins & dates & nuclear nut-job nationalism.

          I’m sick to death of everything empire and abrahamic, pitted against eachother by our capitalist cold-blooded killer corporatists. What the hell is everybody’s problem??

          But why couldn’t reformed dixiecrat warmonger Truman have used his pen to ban the Bomb from being used on civilian cities? What a sad, sorry story.

      • It was Botch’s bank baliout & Botch’s wars.

        Nevertheless there are ongoing problems with our constitution. One is the ‘Commander in Cheif’ idea.

        Insofar as that idiocy prevails, it is indeed Obombas responsibility to pull out at once. This is not our civil war, every civilian slaughtered breeds a dozen taliban fanatical suicide manics in train.

        Isolate islam. Leave them alone for a thousand years to evolve. Pay the proper reparations for the horror we’ ve caused the people. Find some other source of fuel.

        We are all complicit for not mandating our representatives to force the kommandor to abandon this horror.

  8. Valid points. The interesting a significant contrast here is the reaction to this leak and all the crimes of the Bush/Obama criminal conspiracy is how the public reacted to the Pentagon Papers as opposed to how they are acting today. Has the American public become so dumbed down or outright cynical that theycan’t or won’t react to all the current incriminating evidence?

    • Well said! It’s amazing that the public still thinks GW Bush was a heroic, intelligent President, when he was anything but! Taht’s why he started “No Child Held Back” because he should have been and probably was! I’m still not sure that George W. could pass any exam at Yale, or even on the elementary school level.

      • Rabbi , Bush was personally an idiot , but the powers that be behind him were cunning devils. let us have no illusions about that. Obama may be smart intellectually , but he has some of the same powers behind him . both men are simply pawns and spineless . they are without excuse.

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