Michael Hudson and Richard Wolff: Europe Under the Crunch


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July 30, 2010

We’ve heard plenty about the recession in the U.S., but what about the rest of the world? Countries across Europe have faced budget crunches and conservative governments are using the crisis as an excuse to roll back the social safety net that most have enjoyed for decades. Many of the problems–and the solutions–sound sadly familiar. Lowered taxes on the rich and corporations, falling wages, and deregulation led to the crisis, which is being shifted onto the backs of the working class–as Michael Hudson notes, putting the class war back in business. Hudson joins us in studio, along with Richard Wolff, to discuss the economic crisis in Europe, what we can learn about the response to it and apply back at home. Here’s a hint: it involves organized labor.



GRITtv: Michael Hudson & Richard Wolff: Europe Under the Crunch


Same video as above on Youtube

Alcides Santos



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  7. I given up trying to talk to Republicans … they are the hopeless “party of NO” … If Obama wants to get anything REAL done he should do the same…

  8. That guy Michael Hudson is definitely interesting.

    One thing people need to remember, tax has brackets, it’s only the amount over 250k that would get the ‘increase’. If you need more than 250k, you’re a fatcat and get taxed 90% (period). No cuts there will make more jobs, only villas in malibu.

    Capital gains: This is what those bonuses by bankstars are considered, not income taxable. Since raygun it’s been nothing. There’s your revenue (after pulling outa the wars).

    But Greece? Everything Mediterranean is lazy, burning down, hysterical and violent. They apparently need to get back to work, there really is no free lunch, grow olives, be productive, function Zorba!

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