Wikileaks editor Jacob Appelbaum detained by US customs + WikiLeaks insurance scandal

By Stephen Foley
NZ Herald News
Aug 2, 2010

A senior volunteer for Wikileaks in the US has been detained, questioned and had his phones seized when he returned to the country from Europe, as the FBI steps up its investigation into the leak of thousands of Afghanistan war secrets to the whistleblower website.

Jacob Appelbaum, who has stood in for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange since he was advised not to travel to the US, spent three hours at a New York airport while customs officers photocopied receipts and searched his laptop, and he was again approached and questioned by FBI officers at a computer hackers conference in Las Vegas.


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WikiLeaks insurance scandal

RTAmerica | August 02, 2010

The online whistleblower WikiLeaks is following its massive exposé of Afghan War secrets by posting a mysterious, encrypted file called “Insurance”. The file size is huge at 1.4Gb, about a hundred times bigger than most of the other files posted. Meanwhile authorities last week detained and questioned a twenty-seven-year-old WikiLeaks volunteer named Jacob Appelbaum. A US citizen, Appelbaum was questioned for three hours and had his laptop computer and three cellphones seized. Meanwhile, investigators in the Army’s criminal division have reportedly questioned two students in Boston about their ties to WikiLeaks and Private F irst Class Bradley Manning, a leading suspect in the leak. Reports indicate the Pentagon tried bribing Manning’s associates to infiltrate WikiLeaks.


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