Bartholomew Bean: The Fourth Reich Blues + The Gestapo’s Back!

Bartholomew Bean

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by Bartholomew Bean
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“The Fourth Reich Blues” — 2008

Wouldn’t it be funny?
Wouldn’t it be strange!
If the world were but a mirage
A land of the deranged

Would it but be silly
Would it not be a kick!
If we found our lives so captured
By soul less, heartless, pricks

They would steal from us our lands
They would take from us our homes
They would drag away our children
And not return their bones

Would it be quite dandy
Should we have a quaint parade
To march off all the helpless
The fourth reich must be paid

So turn in all your weapons
Hand over all your wealth
Line up for the box cars
Your cards they have been dealt

They would poison all our water
They would poison all our food
They would purposely wreck the economy
For if you’re poor, you will be sued!

Or you might decide to wake up
And ignite your smoldering soul
To burn as a fiery flashpot
That illuminates the whole

For many a coward’s darkness
Is hidden beneath his fears
If he knows he has been lied to
His obedience turns to jeers

And the names of all the guilty
Will be shouted from laptop to phone
By their lies they will be labeled
By their deeds they will be known


Bartholomew Bean: The Gestapo’s Back!

Huck4You | July 03, 2010


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