Our Ordinary Hell


Sent to DS from Hakim in Afghanistan.  Thank you, Hakim.  Love and peace to you and all the children and families in Afghanistan.  ~ Lo

Peace for Afghanistan
photo by Hakim; used with permission
© All rights reserved

ourjourneytosmile | August 07, 2010

If we have to distance ourselves from our country or profession or loved ones to remain faithful to Man, we need to do so with urgency.

Because we can’t purchase the permanence of love with temporariness, the temporariness of manufactured patriotism and moth-prone wealth. Life isn’t sustained by these.

Have you heard the response of ordinary Afghans to the Wikileaks Afghan War Logs, especially since the 92210 leaked documents are about them?

Your answer will most likely be ‘No’ ; that’s how dominantly the elite dictate our world views.

The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers have already responded twice to date. The first letter is “The 92210 pieces of my broken Afghan heart’. The 2nd was sent to Iraq veteran Josh Stieber with the hope that it would be read somewhere, entitled “Our ordinary hell.”

‘No’ is normal. Nameless people have been killed for the sake of many different Names for centuries, without any mention or notice. What is scary is that in the rare instance when an individual ‘no-body’ is mentioned, it doesn’t move us and it doesn’t change us.

Whatever our politics or religion, we all recognize that killing doesn’t improve our situation. And that mass killing doesn’t make us kinder.

Killing haunts. Better to be hunted for truth than to be haunted for lies.

So, Assange, Manning, stand in the wind.

Stand as a free Man.

Stand freely for love because you are obeying the higher order of conscience rather than the dusty order of power.

And we, the nobodies, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, will stand with you, believing that truth will protect itself and that the structures of violent power must soon be transformed.

And love is how.

Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers


Wikileaks Assange, stand freely for love & we in Afg will stand with you


‘Why not love’ Afghan and American Vigil

July 31, 2010

We are keeping vigil at Bamiyan Peace Park for this week through to Thursday and this is our 2nd day.

We wish to ask the world, ” Why not love?’

Text of video

We were advised : “Afghans don’t use the word love.”

We still wrote “Why not love?” at Bamiyan Peace Park

Later, vandals ‘dripped’ blood-red paint over our work…

We mustn’t be paralyzed by the desperate war narratives…

War begetting war…

Faiz, what is the seed of peace?
The seed of peace is love, is friendship

Blood begetting blood…

We all have eyes, so we know whose hands has blood. We have an Afghan saying, “Blood cannot wash away blood!”

Thanks to those friends who are keeping vigil with us. Though there are only a few of us,
we will work for friendship & love.

We will continue and not give up.

چرا محبت نکنیم؟
Why not love?

When we fall, we will get up again.

Get up to listen & love again !

Why not love?

Best wishes to you out there. And I’m sorry what our country is doing to you.

Even a little of our love is stronger than the wars of the world!

چرا محبت نکنیم؟
Why not love?


Josh Stieber Defends Bradley Manning

liamh2 | August 08, 2010

A spirited rally was held in a park, on Sunday afternoon, August 8, 2010, in the town of Quantico, VA, in support of Private Bradley Manning. Currently, he is incarcerated in a prison at the Quantico Marine Base. It surrounds the town, which borders on the Potomac River. Private Manning is charged with releasing a video which showed, “the killing of civilians and journalist in Iraq,” by U.S. forces, according to a press release of one of the event’s sponsors. One of the speakers was Josh Stieber. He’s a Iraq War veteran and a conscientious objecter. See, Mr. Stieber’s blog here: http://contagiousloveexperiment.wordp…Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, served as the moderator for the rally, which was entitled: “Free Bradley Manning. “For background on the “alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning,” see:http://www.bradleymanning.org/


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6 thoughts on “Our Ordinary Hell

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  2. Dear Hakim,

    I hear you. Your voice is ringing around the world today. I read your message on Dandelion Salad just now, “Our Ordinary Hell.”

    We are picking up what you are saying and magnifying it in the awakened circle of planetary beings who operate in the unified energy field of love. You are not alone. Soon you will be lifted out of hell into making this reality a heaven of caring, loving people. You are beginning the ascent. May millions and billions of people on this planet join you.

    What do you know of the NATO troops from the Netherlands who are showing people how to grow saffron instead of poppies? Is this true? Could growing saffron bring in the same kind of income that growing poppies does? I know that China has made a strong commitment this summer to help Afghanistan develop. What do you want to see happen next? Please, get together with your friends and make a list of what you want in your world, both tangible and intangible. I think Lo will publish it on Dandelion Salad.

    Even if not very many people see it, you will have begun the process of imagining and visioning; it is the first step of manifesting the reality that you desire. There is power in words to shape our world. I think you will be a leader in showing people in the world how to do this. You have already started on this path.

    • the process of imagining Ariel is nothing more than a form of white magic. it is grounded in ones own will and not the will of a sovereign Creator . therefore very deceptive. john lennon ‘s song ”Imagine” sums up this deception and apotheosis of ”self will;”. that is why that song is so nefariuos.

      you mention ”the reality that you desire”. and yet Buddha himself said in his 4 noble truths that ”desire causes suffering”. how true.

      antidote to such thinking is to surrender all desire to the will of God .

      if one does not do that , and continues in this world of white magic , no matter how so called benevolent , the good becomes the enemy of the perfect , and the world only changes superficially , because individuals only change superficially . the power of the cross seeks to put to death this folly and change the world at its root –the self will.

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