President Basescu: Romania will stand by Israel in the event of a conflict with Iran

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12 August 2010

1) President Basescu: Romania will stand by Israel in the event of a conflict with Iran (12 August 2010)

2) Israeli Air Force trains in Hungary, Romania, Greece, Italy and Germany for future wars (6 August 2010)

3) Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Vilna’i: We fly in Romania so we can act deep inside neighboring Arab states (30 July 2010)


excerpt from: Basescu: Romania to be a loyal partner of NATO and of Israel, if need be

AGERPRES, 12 August 2010

Romania will be a loyal partner of NATO and of Israel ‘if need be’, President Traian Basescu said after meeting visiting Israel’s President Shimon Peres, as a remark in answer to a question put by a reporter on whether Romania will make Israel available its bases and air space in the event of a conflict with Iran.

‘I do not think we should speak of a conflict at this moment. We hope the sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council will produce the correct solution in Tehran, that should not be one of digging graves for the American troops, but of opening transparent talks and Romania, if need be, will be a loyal partner of the NATO Alliance, of which it is part and a loyal partner of Israel’, Basescu stressed.


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Vilna’i: IAF’s Romania training is vital

by David Horovitz and Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post, 30 July 2010

The Israel Air Force training exercises in Romania, in which a Yasour helicopter crashed on Monday with the loss of six Israeli airmen and one Romanian military officer, were primarily aimed at improving the IAF’s capacity to maneuver in the kind of terrain characteristic of neighboring states, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i indicated on Thursday.

“We fly in Romania because we train in conditions so that we can act in all places, including those that are not immediately adjacent to us, including [deep] inside neighboring Arab states,” Vilna’i said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.


excerpts from: Israel getting ready for ‘future wars’

Press TV, 6 August 2010

A recent Israeli military helicopter crash in Romania reveals that Tel Aviv has operated other air exercises in European countries to prepare for “future wars.” […]

Hungary, Romania, Greece, Italy and Germany are among the locations where the Israeli Air Force has held military drills so far.


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  1. Our beloved Dictator! Nobody ever voted him enough to be a president, and yet he is. Romanians in Romania never wanted him as president. He was imposed by “votes” from abroad, some beings that claimed they were Romanians too.

  2. That’s democracy for you. Wish I’d meet him in a dark alley. This “tool” will lead us to a worldwide disaster.

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  4. Is this stupid or what? Why would anyone side with Israel, the Middle East aggressor, war monger, applier of appartied. to the Palestinians and stealer of others land? USS Liberty, resulting in 205 casualties

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