Separation of Church and Hate: The Kate Mosque Solution by Greg Palast

by Greg Palast
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
17 August, 2010

Since everyone seems to have an opinion about the mosque near Ground Zero (and President Obama has two), I like to ask you all a couple of questions:

Given that white Christian supremacist Tim McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, shouldn’t we ban white churches from the sacred ground of Oklahoma?

As New York City’s indigenous Lanape Natives died at Ground Zero by the thousands when overrun by Christian colonists, shouldn’t we ban Christian churches from their sacred ground?

If a mosque near Ground Zero is bad, then why not ban all Muslims from downtown? For this to work, should we require all Muslims in the city to wear yellow crescents?

My office was in WTC towers, which will now be rebuilt with all its upscale shops I remember. So, Mrs. Palin, are you saying it’s OK for Muslims to shop at Ground Zero as long as they don’t pray there?

The new tower will have the old one’s Off-Track Betting windows and bars with after-work “happy hours.” So here’s a solution to make everyone happy: Why not camouflage the mosque as a place to gamble and get into your secretary’s panties?

Or how about disguising it as a discount fashion shop: Kate Mosque? A Disney retail outlet Mickey Mosque?

Jamie Kilstein has suggested to me that we ban Burger Kings from Ground Zero in honor of the victims of heart disease. But Jamie, the BKs are memorials to remind us that in the eyes of God, all of us, no matter what religion, are just hamburger meat.

“O. Bin Laden” signed Glenn Beck’s petition to ban mosques from Ground Zero. Al Qaeda sure as hell doesn’t want Muslims and Christians worshipping in amicable proximity.

Several new Christian churches have been welcomed near Ground Zero … in Hiroshima.

Am I being too kum-ba-yah by suggesting some of the money raised for the mosque go to building a synagogue in Saudi Arabia, rebuilding the Latin Church in Gaza burnt by Hamas freaks, rebuilding the Babri Masjid mosque burnt down by Hindi fascists, rebuild the Hindi temples destroyed by Sinhalese Buddhists, and for Christ’s sake, build a bridge, not a wall, to share, not divide, Al-Aksa and Dome of the Rock?

WWTJD? (What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?)

My own view? I don’t want a mosque near Ground Zero; I want it right on top of Ground Zero, in the new tower, so when we go down again, we all go together.


Journalist Greg Palast was raised by Gil and Gladys Palast, two terror babies.

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And one last question: Why is the Right Wing so upset that the President is a Black Muslim foreigner? After, all, given that the last bunch of White Christian American Presidents screwed things up beyond all recognition, shouldn’t we at least try something different?

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12 thoughts on “Separation of Church and Hate: The Kate Mosque Solution by Greg Palast

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    • There are 2 churches close by and New York City has many synagogues already. Since when does the First Amendment have a quantitative measure for the number of houses of worship in NYC?

      • I say give it all back to the Leni-Lenape of Mani-Hattin who were screwed out of the wor;ds most insane realestate for trinkets & beads,

        I don’t think they should build any of them. There’s already a gorgeous building there, restore it, stop tearing things down! There’s great churches built by expert masons being torn down, I tried to save them.

        People don’t know how to properly build anymore. Look what happened to the Limelight, it still has a plaque of dedication yet was turned into a den of iniquity and bad over-amplified beats.

        People need to be grateful for the great building built from faith, but now stop with this freedom of religion, practice their disproved superstitions in their closets and leave the normal intelligent people alone.

        It’s ALL a complete fairytale farce, there is no god, there is no allah, there is nothing, it’s empty.

        If you want to fool yourselves and addict your small brains to the opiate of ‘belief’ do it in private, and stop abusing women, killing humanitarians, burning witches, slaughtering desertified muslims over oil, bombing Palestinians, stop with every last bit of your religious insanity, all of you! It’s enough already!!

        Show me a photo of the jesus who appeared before you & I’ll believe, until then, keep your crazy gods in the closet and never mention it until you have proof. It’s your own private psychotic mental addiction invented to cope with death, keep it to yourself!

        Freedom of religion is as obsolete as the 2nd amendment, made for irrational 18th century medieval smelly unwashed bacteria with powdered whigs.

        Give it a rest already, it isn’t real! Enjoy the best of our works done in the name of god, but it’s as obsolete as Athena & the pyramids. Don’t believe in this BS in this day and age! It’s been disproved.

        • The “proof” that you require is my changed life. I am an entirely different person now. I also have a dog; that is a miracle in and of itself!

          The burden of proof is on you. Prove that God does not exist, please.

        • Because they are here and better than any book. Dogs are loyal, and sometimes hostile, like people, life on earth. The real deal.

          That guy Aviad is a hoot, talks with his hands for real.

          Yeah I remember that Matt, for all we know he made it up.

          The problem with Jesus is that he bought into a system of retribution. He wanted to force people to behave under threat of a bad afterlife, that’s just a complete myth, but I understand his frustration.

          If his message was truly love, then live & let love, just stop killing & proselytizing. Too much death and destruction in the name of Jesus and the rest, the man would have been tormented to see what people did with his word. But he’s dead and gone, deal with it.

          These wars are religious wars. Put those beliefs back up your sphincters & squeeze, stop flatulating violence on the world. It really is a myth. Beautiful architecture & art as they all had from Thor to Athena, but to take it literally? Religulous!

        • & what is the obsession with sheep? No sheep like to be shepherded, forced around, shaved & slaughtered.

          The sheep, truly wild ones, are incredible mountaineers, fierce, lean ungulate survivors. This whole allegory of the flock is offensive to sheep!

          The last thing people should be doing is following anyone. We need to think for ourselves and function as individuals, never blindly believing anything.

          Shepherds are not there to take care of sheep, they’re there to abuse them, fleece their fur, cut their throats & suck their blood & bones.

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