Kucinich: The War in Iraq has entered a New Stage of Public Relations

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Aug 19, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today challenged the notion that removing ‘combat brigades’ but leaving 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq constitutes an end to combat operations, let alone an end to the war.

“Who is in charge of our operations in Iraq, now? George Orwell? A war based on lies continues to be a war based on lies. Today, we have a war that is not a war, with combat troops who are not combat troops. In 2003, President Bush said ‘Mission Accomplished’. In 2010, the White House says combat operations are over in Iraq, but will leave 50,000 troops, many of whom will inevitably be involved in combat-related activities.

“Just seven days ago, General Babaker Shawkat Zebari, the commander of Iraq’s military, said that Iraq’s security forces will not be trained and ready to take over security for another 10 years. One story is being told to the military on the ground in Iraq and another story is being told to their families back home.

“You can’t be in and out at the same time.

“This is not the end of the war; this is simply a new stage in the campaign to lull the American people into accepting an open-ended presence in Iraq. This is not an honest accounting to the American people and it diminishes the role of the troops who will put their lives on the line. This is not fair to the troops, their families or the American people.

“The Administration and the Pentagon would be wise to level with the American people about our long-term commitment to Iraq.

“The cost of the wars has been estimated to be around $1 million per soldier per year. Each year the troop levels stay at 50,000 means another $50 billion is wasted. I object to spending billions of dollars to maintain a charade in Iraq while our own economy is failing and over 15 million Americans are out of work. I object to keeping any level troops in Iraq to maintain a war based on lies. It is time that Congress sees through the manipulation and finally acts to truly end the war by stopping its funding,” said Kucinich.

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  5. Points well taken, Mister Kucinich. When will you, Alan Grayson and other like minded Representatives bring suit in the Supreme to Stop an illegal war (one not officially declared), and bring the executive branch to account? I fear for the country because you didn’t do this under Bush, and I doubt that you will do this now, though it is a very real option.

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  7. The contractors will be the new mercenary army. Contractoror mercenaries select for sociopaths from recruited soldiers. Cold blooded killers.
    Soldiers of fortune will now take over Operation Iraqi Freedom, (‘New Dawn’ indeed, Starwars 8)
    The war was never meant to end.

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