END:CIV: F*ck Patience


Global Warming (Effetto Serra)

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stimulator | August 23, 2010


The final piece from END:CIV is both a reality check and a call to arms. Can we really expect the power structures to change their destructive ways by asking nicely? Do we have unlimited time to stop the destruction of the planet? The answer to both questions is no. If we are serious about defending the biosphere and abolishing the institutions responsible for the hyper exploitation of the land, we have to become a resistance movement and go beyond “feel good” symbolic actions.

Music by stig inge oy. and Omar Torres

Fuck Patience


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18 thoughts on “END:CIV: F*ck Patience

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  5. We all wanna change the world.
    James Lee changed nothing except getting shot and & fueling the myth of the ecoterrorist.
    Revolution never works. Evolution & education is the only hope, stubborn as they are, seems people do eventually learn. Just always way too little far too late.
    Hoping we pick up the pace people!

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  7. This is NOT Nazi Germany.

    The people are not environmental activists because they chose to agree with the raygun/robertson revolution decades ago and actively choose to participate in their own economic, environmental & militaristic demise. It’s the people’s fault.

    Militias, left or right or both would be instantly obliterated as they always are (unless their corrupt cause is corportism championed by Glen Beck).

    There is no popular consensus in the US about saving anything except the right to destroy in the name of private property & the right to pursue wealth in the name of god at the expense of everyone & everything.

    All you’d get anymore are hateful ignorant fundamentalist Teabirthers with automatic weapons shouting drill baby drill, kill baby kill, & who consider all environmentalists ecoterrorists.

  8. And constantly signing petitions…what a waste of time! Eventually, when things are REALLY bad, the dumbed-down masses will come to realize that those of us fighting for survival are also trying to defend their asses. Perhaps, and hopefully, then they will start shedding the apathy and join. There is force in numbers…something too many people tend to forget. Time to shut down computer and video games, time to stop attending mega events and time to start fighting. Everyone of us contributes to the best of our abilities.

  9. Little question remains that revolution is currently necessary; the question is, how does one or a group of people with a conscience make the dumb-down and mostly uncaring masses aware?

  10. Obama is full of shit. So just because a jet fighter is fueled with bio fuel, does this make it less deadly??? The pacifist days of Gandhi are OVER. As the video states, those promoting non-violence are disarming us. Our enemies are using violence against us and we must repay with the same coin. Fight fire with fire or we’ll never make it.

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