Kucinich Response to President Obama’s Statement Regarding the Future of Iraq


by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, Aug 31, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office regarding the future of Iraq:

“The President is rightly celebrating that less American troops are in harm’s way. I join the President in that celebration.

“We need to dispense with the fiction, though, that this announcement in any way diminishes our financial or resource commitment to Iraq. Fifty thousand “non-combat” troops will remain, and that number does not include the State Department’s plan to double the amount of mercenaries through next year–whose only loyalty is to the highest bidder–and fortify numerous ‘enduring presence posts’ throughout the country. This fortification will include the recent State Department request for Black Hawk helicopters, mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles, and advanced surveillance systems. Such a substantial reliance on mercenaries amounts to a privatization of war.

“We will continue to spend billions in Iraq with absolutely nothing to show for it. Two weeks ago, one of the most influential Iraqi bishops–Chaldean Auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni of Baghdad–went so far as to say that US combat troops are leaving the country in worse shape than they found it. Indeed, just last week a series of coordinated attacks in 13 cities throughout the country killed and wounded dozens of people.”

“We must admit that our mere presence there undermines any hope for a peaceful and stable Iraq. We need to remove all American forces–military and otherwise–and commit to working diplomatically for a viable government.

“I am, however, encouraged that the President acknowledges that our economy continues to sputter as 15 million Americans desperately search for work. My constituents and I will be eager to hear how the President plans to restart our manufacturing sector and create opportunity for Americans.”

Kucinich has been one of the leading Congressional voices in opposition to the US military involvement in Iraq.


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4 thoughts on “Kucinich Response to President Obama’s Statement Regarding the Future of Iraq

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  2. Strong words, but not nearly strong enough. Suit needs to be brought against the executive branch in the Supreme Court to stop the war. Only Congress members can do this. Where is anyone willing to stand up to do this?

    • The thugs will impeach ‘Bomba (after they landslide both houses in Nov) over some dirt like they did Clinton. The real question will then be why Pelosi & Reid refused to impeach Botch for starting the stupid war in the first place? Nobody mentions the mercenaries, only Dennis.

      Politics in the USA is a complete hoax. Yet this is supposed to be a republic, a representative democracy. They are doing the people’s bidding, for real. The people have the power. In the end innocents are always slaughtered, the people are the war-criminals for carrying out ikllegal orders, paying for warcrimes, and refusing to dissent horror to this day.

      It’s the PEOPLE’S FAULT not only the politicians.

      What really is the matter with Kansas??

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