China and the New World Order by Noam Chomsky

by Noam Chomsky
In These Times
Sept 2, 2010

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Amid all the alleged threats to the world’s reigning superpower, one rival is quietly, forcefully emerging: China. And the U.S. is closely scrutinizing China’s intentions.

On August 13, a Pentagon study expressed concern that China is expanding its military forces in ways that “could deny the ability of American warships to operate in international waters off the coast,” Thom Shanker reports in The New York Times.

Washington is alarmed that “China’s lack of openness about the growth, capabilities and intentions of its military injects instability to a vital region of the globe.”

The U.S., on the other hand, is quite open about its intention to operate freely throughout the “vital region of the globe” surrounding China (as elsewhere).

The U.S. advertises its vast capacity to do so: with a growing military budget that roughly matches the rest of the world combined, hundreds of military bases across the globe, and a huge lead in the technology of destruction and domination.


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11 thoughts on “China and the New World Order by Noam Chomsky

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  2. China is worth visiting, and worth taking a little effort to research. Some of our recent college graduates had a hard time finding a job, surprise. So they took work as English teachers for those young adults who want to communicate in English so they can enjoy our television? Don’t think so. Anyhow, they all left early on their job. It seems the Chinese don’t like us, as people or as world leader. They were sent to the hospital after being beat and stabbed by Chinese of the same age. Nobody is reporting or even aware of this since commercial media views China as a supplier to WalMart.

    • You could be stabbed, shot, strangled almost anywhere. The various Chinese cultures are superior and will win this racist race through sheer discipline (and good food).

      • You miss the point of it. These USA citizens were purposely singled out to be beaten and stabbed just becuase they were US citizens. They can’t wait to dominate us as a country and as a people.
        I like caviar too. Doesn’t mean I embrace Putin just because I enjoy caviar.
        The Chinese are pulling the puppet strings of N Korea to make fools of us in the world. They know our leadership is weak.

        • Nobody should be beaten & stabbed.
          The chinese have suffered horrors untold & untellable, even in our own notion of a nation. You don’t want retribution by the Chinese, don’t go to China. They are a far older, far more serious culture, we are the idiotic upstarts who think we know all. The Chinese now own this place, respect your elders.

        • I don’t object in principle to beating and stabbing a mortal enemy. The issue is that we are the object of their hatred and animus. Nobody cares about the collective suffering as some justification for Chinese plans of domination because they been around a long time. So what? The Kahn Mongol dynasty dominated the world and China for 2 centuries? I advocate supporting the Mongols to reclaim their conquests in China.

        • I wouldn’t mess with the Mongols nor the Chinese. It’s a problem of empire & nationalism. We make a mistake thinking of people in terms of nations. Mainland China is an oppressive scene, we all watched Tienenman square (which brings to mind Kent State). This society here is an extremely backward, racist place as well. I’d like to see it turned back over to the First nations. This culture did not deserve America, but despite all its promise, the fed sold us to China, this was not a conquest, it was bonds. We are a wholly owned subsidiary by now. they don’t hate us, but we better learn some respect.
          I am sorry to hear about good people getting hurt that way. Racial hostility is a hard thing to fathom.

  3. I wish nuclear weapons didn’t exist…

    “Conventional” war – as an extension of our primal, territorial urge – is bad enough. At least conventional war was less metaphoric in its conception of reality. Two hands hold a weapon that clashes with the weapon of another. No flowery abstraction, just direct meaning-bearing action.

    Now, the abstract metaphor of punching in an alphanumeric code in some computer somewhere and, then, that action leading to the total destruction of the world leaves me in awe.

    Ultimate Abstract Metaphor:
    At some point in time, somewhere in a hot plain with sparse vegetation, an ingenuous monkey does something artful with a stick. It is to his advantage and his prey’s chagrin…

    Hundreds and thousands of millenia later the descendants of that monkey wonder – without awareness – why the whole world is imploding.

    • Except that we are apes, significantly brainier than monkeys (no offense to our primate bretheren!).

      In fact so smart have we become that we now know, at the molecular level, that we are not tribes, races nor nationalities.

      In fact we are oddly, strangely for any species, virtually EXACTLY THE SAME!

  4. It would be more effective if the “military budget” was actually for military priorities. Under the cloak of military budget are meaningless congressional pork projects that suck and drain resources from the military to keep major contributors and local electorate happy on getting military money.
    China is arming for world domination. They kept us at bay in N Korea, and the current administration has no idea on how to get past N Korea, because they are the puppet of the China military complex. WWIII is coming, and we are wasting time.

    • I find that hard to fathom. The Chinese are not taking over the world, they have no interest in the Lo-Fang, they passed the white man millenia ago in every possible way. They’re just looking for resources to power their population, like everyone else.

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