Obama makes Abbas & Bibi an offer they can’t refuse by Michael Carmichael

by Michael Carmichael
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September 5, 2010

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President Obama is making the Israelis and the Palestinians an offer they can’t refuse.

Reports in Israel suggest that Prime Minister Netanyahu will appeal for national unity tomorrow in a Rosh Hashanah statement on the Jewish New Year to prepare the way for a historic agreement that will be announced later this month or early in October.

The direct peace negotiations between the leading  diplomats will take place in syncopation with the onrush of the Jewish holidays:  Aseret Yemei Teshuva; Yom Kippur; Sukkot; Hoshanah Rabbah; Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah ending on the first of October.

The Islamic Holidays will be observed by the negotiators as well:  Ramadan; Lailatul-Qadr and Eid-Al-Fitr that end on the tenth of September.

Led by President Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdulla of Jordan and President Abbas, the Arabs and Palestinians will be making their own moves toward political unity and doing their dead-level best to restrain the violence-prone elements in their still fragmentary political coalition in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The terms of the rapidly developing agreement appear to be based on the long-established parameters predicated on the 1967 borders and the right of return for a still undisclosed number of Palestinian families displaced by the Arab-Israeli wars.  An international force consisting of both Jewish and Non-Jewish as well as Muslim and Non-Muslim troops will be deployed on the West Bank to provide security for both nations: Israel and Palestine.

The timetable appears to be fixed around the next talks at Sharm El-Sheikh in the Sinai ten days from today that will take place after Eid al Fitr and shortly before Yom Kippur, the highest of holy days on the Jewish calendar.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator George Mitchell will represent US interests at the Sinah Conference between Netanyahu and Abbas.  Both Americans have invested heavily in the diplomatic outcome of these negotiations.

That a historic agreement will be announced is now clearly indicated by the acquiescence of the leader of the Yisrael Beitenu Party, Avigdor Lieberman who is now advocating a long-term interim agreement.  Lieberman’s position now represents the official doctrine of the farthest reaches of the political right in Israel.

By his latest statements on an interim agreement, Lieberman has distanced himself from the inflammatory remarks of the extremist faction led by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who beseeched God to destroy the Palestinians and their leader Mahmud Abbas by a “plague” of biblical proportions.

In tandem with the US State Department condemnation of the Rabbinical call for a plague on the house of Palestine, Netanyahu publicly distanced himself from the radical religious right-wing Rabbi Yosef’s death wish, and he strongly asserted the national aspirations for an imminent peace agreement.

The political backdrop to these developments is being fixed around US national security that defines peace between the Israelis and Palestinians as a primary strategic objective essential to securing a broad spectrum of American interests.

Responding to President Obama’s diplomatic lead earlier this year, General David Petraeus articulated the case for American national security through peace and stability in Israel-Palestine.  In January, General Petraeus dispatched a team of senior military officers to brief Admiral Michael Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the central importance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Petraeus briefings defined the crux of the problem, “Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardizing US standing in the region.”

The political repercussions in America, Israel, Palestine and throughout the Middle East are being shaped to transform the international political landscape for a new era of relations between the West, the worlds of Judaism and Islam and the nations of Israel and Palestine.

Planetary monitors all developments of this rapidly unfolding story.

Israeli Right withers as direct talks proceed

While headlines in both Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post reporting on the Washington peace talks proclaim, “Palestinian attitude in peace talks shifting by 180 degrees,” the attitudes of the Israeli right have withered and are now turning to defiance and open talks of assassination of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu aka “Bibi.”

One commentator to the Jerusalem Post stated , “The land of Israel, or Palestina as the Romans called it, belongs to the Jews in its entirety.  No others may claim our land.  If we have to live on our weapons for eternity to protect it — we’ll do it fiercely.”

Another wrote , “If there has been a 180 degree shift because Israel is going to extend the moratorium in any degree whatsoever.  Then we must get rid of Bibi by any means possible, By ANY means.”

In 1995, then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing religious fanatic when he began to negotiate with the Palestinians.  The same plight could conceivably visit itself again on the troubled land of Israel-Palestine.

Reports indicate that Israel has agreed to extend its construction moratorium from September 26 until the 30th, when a third round of peace talks will take place following the meeting in the Sinai at Sharm al-Sheikh on the 14th and 15th of this month. Hillary Clinton will be present at the Sinai conference along with Netanyahu and Abbas to represent American interests in settling the chronic dispute.

While there have been no public calls for the assassination of Abbas, Hamas issued a statement claiming that Israeli settlers are legitimate military targets.

After the murder of 4 Israelis on the West Bank, Abbas issued a condemnation from the White House stating that Palestinians did not want even one drop of blood to be shed.

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Michael Carmichael is the founder of Planetary. Carmichael’s political commentary has appeared on many websites including: The Huffington Post, Global Research; Information Clearing House; Scoop; Counterpunch; Progressive Democrats of America; Dandelion Salad; Tea Break (Pakistan); Vijayvaani (New Delhi, India) and the Baltimore Chronicle.

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  4. This sounds great; however, it also seems like another sucker move on the part of the Israelis. Israel stole the land from the Palestinians and now claims “God” gave it too them. The Arabs and Palestinians have always been open to negotiation; the Israelis have not.

    As much as most everyone ,aside from Israeli, would like to see a negotiated settlement, it is highly unlikely that anything productive will come of this.

    It would seem that this is simply more BS from the Obama administration.

    Since when does General Petraeus expound on US foreign policy? He is a general and needs to keep his mouth shut!

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