Silk and Satin Underground by Rand Clifford

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September 7, 2010

Anyone care to peer behind the the curtain, and see what our “wizards” might be planning for us?

Well, perhaps we either pull back the luxurious velvet folds and look underground while there may still be time to mitigate America’s accelerating, conjured collapse…or we get herded off to oblivion because we don’t have reservations, underground. Have we believed too many lies? Do we lack the courage to be free?

That notorious criminal enterprise, the private corporation deceitfully called the Federal Reserve, has been siphoning off our wealth with their airy debt money for a very long time; add to that 25% of the nations gross national product since at least the 1950s, earmarked for “black budget” operations—a certain “don’t ask, don’t tell” kitty for entirely classified mayhem, and we’re approaching enough wealth to create over 100 underground cities plus the ultra-high-speed maglev train network linking them. Then there’s the doomsday upward transfer of wealth bled from poor and middle class wraiths to pay for bankster casino shenanigans, a bill that we have so far bled enough only to scratch the surface of…much more bailout is on the docket, getting us ever closer to financing the underground hidey holes the elite hope will shield them from whatever apocalypse necessary to reduce the number of non-elite on the planet by at least 90%. Regardless of how much this smacks of cheap science fiction, or even fantasy, behind the curtain may lurk enough facts to smother any doubt. Facts such as subterrenes.

Imagine a tunneling machine capable of boring 7 miles or more of tunnel per day in virtually any material; tunnels 40 feet in diameter with a smooth surface and no telltale mountains of excavated material left behind. Tunneling machines with a compact nuclear reactor for a heart, and blood of liquid lithium heated to 2000 degrees F. circulating through its rotating face, melting anything in its path and distributing magma into a glassy tunnel lining—even injecting magma into cracks in bedrock for a tidy seal. Subterrenes look like this.


Most people have a conscience. That makes it more difficult to fathom the truth about what our wealth-obsessed elite have long been scheming. Such schemes as eliminating over 90% of humanity while the elite hunker in luxury bunkers, waiting for their satanic devices up above to blow over. Many elite do not like to share their planet with rabble….

In his book, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, Andrew Lobaczewski defines pathocracy as: “A system of government created for a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people.” In this context, “normal” people are considered those with a conscience, with empathy…or if you will, people with a soul.

Many elite have the advantage not only of controlling so much of the planet’s moneypower, but of having no conscience. That’s what Lobaczewski means by “…a small pathological minority.” Psychopaths, their pathology primarily a lack of humanity. Imagine how much easier it must be, creating an era of environmental devastation and species extinction without the burden of empathy. To think about little more than #1, and how to get #1 more moneypower, unburdened by complicating details such as caring—what a shield against remorse. To be able to lie, cheat, steal, pollute, maim and kill as easily as breathing (see for example the fossil energy wars.)

Considering what mayhem the elite have already savaged humanity and the Earth with, please think about the following questions:

— Do the elite command the technology to create luxurious, fortified underground cities connected by a network of supersonic maglev trains?

— Do the elite have the moneypower to conceal their Silk and Satin Underground from the public, polluting any leaks of information with the trusty red herring of alien involvement, as well as standard whistleblower suicides? And of course, the blunderbuss: “conspiracy theory”.

— Are the elite psychopathic enough, by and large, to wantonly disrupt Earth’s life support system, destroying most of humanity and other Earth species?

If the answer to the three above questions is YES, we may face exactly the horrendous position that so much evidence, even common sense, says we are in.

Dark Days

Events in America right now imply death of the America we have known. Regardless of technology for correction that we have had for many years, we remain totally addicted to fossil energy. Too many Americans gulp at the oceans of propaganda aimed at convincing us that clean, alternative energies could provide only a fraction of the energy we need. Realistically, if all the wealth squandered on brainwashing the public into believing there are no “economically viable” alternatives to fossil energy…believing we must maintain the status quo at any cost—if all these brainwashing funds were spent instead on developing clean and renewable energies, we might break our addiction. Then of course there are the myriad other hidden costs such as war and pollution that actually make fossil fuels the most expensive of all, by far. Regarding all of that propaganda spending, it really is but a tiny part of the overall damage inflicted to make fossil energy seem economically viable—that is if economic viability means an economy utterly dependent on manipulation and destruction instead of on production, and integration with the planet’s life support system; dependent on short term instead of continuity, on dying instead of living. Look your child in the eyes and decide which you prefer, addiction, or being clean.

Koch, or Tea?

Frankly, they are one and the same. Or more accurately, the billionaire Koch brothers are the Tea Party’s ultimate sugardaddys (indirectly!). Charles and David Koch have turned the oily company they inherited from their father, (re-named Koch Industries to honor their father) and turned it into the second-largest private company in America. Charles and David’s combined fortune is topped only by the fortunes of Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet.

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Koch Industries is among the top 10 polluters of our lifeboat; they have far exceeded even ExxonMobil in funding networks of organizations to oppose any climate change legislation…the list is long and dismal. The company’s foundation of lawbreaking, distortion and political exploitation has earned them the moniker: “The Standard Oil of our times”. They’d make fine poster “children” for the blight of pollution.

They have also been called, “The billionaires behind the hate”. An example of their spawn is the Tea Party. A citizens’ grassroots cause “indirectly” brought to you by oily billionaires. Thanks to the Tea Party platform being so vague…so full of knee-jerk reactionary fluff, it is possible to have a citizens’ movement dictated by elite who would rather just vaporize them—while the party’s main mass remains oblivious. A populist uprising against vested corporate power…brought to you by vested corporate power. Chilling to think of what might be next….

Astonishing, Koch subterfuge, almost unbelievable, but true. And to the utter dismay of thoughtful people, our venerable Smithsonian Institute, in the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins wing of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History is a multimedia “exploration” of the David Koch version of mankind’s evolution as dictated by climate change. Underwritten by those most responsible for carbon loading, the exhibit muddies and distorts the entire concept of anthropocentric loading of the atmosphere with CO2 from fossil fuel use. There’s even an interactive game in the exhibit encompassing the idea that humans have always, and will always adapt to climate change—topped of with the concept of people building underground cities and developing small, compact bodies, even curved spines so that negotiating tight places will be easier. But hey, David, no need to worry about negotiating tight places in the Silk and Satin Underground, those with reservations expect only luxury.

The whole affair is rather simple. Fossil fuels have powered the Industrial Revolution while making certain elites involved in ownership and manipulation of black gold too wealthy for anyone’s good. Stir in psychopathic considerations…and progress in competitive clean, renewable energy has been progressively stifled. And if you wonder what our Pathocracy is capable of, please consider what virtually all of the actual evidence says (isn’t that what evidence is for?) happened on 9/11, as opposed to the “official story”—and what the atrocity has been parlayed into: fascism at home, imperialism around the globe, pre-emptive destruction of countries sitting on the last great reserves of fossil energy, along with those having the best pipeline routes to supply western markets…all in the name of the farcical “war on terror”. When you step back and look at the whole charade with a critical eye, thinking for yourself…total insanity comes to mind.

Back to the Koch brothers’ (indirect!) relation to the Tea Party; the billionaire brothers invest large sums of money only when a direct payoff is imminent. Fundamentally, in this case, a relaxation of environmental regulation allowing them to pollute more vigorously without having to pay those pesky multi-million-dollar fines spells payoff. Let’s call it “reduced federal government” and watch the knees jerk. Drill baby, drill…pollute baby, pollute!

Don’t eat the fish! Don’t drink the water! Don’t breathe the air! Polluted waters—No Swimming! Kids, don’t put your fingers in your mouth!

King Coal presents a royal example of extensive, insidious and pervasive fossil energy pollution. Burning mountains of coal in power plants has fouled virtually every major food chain on the planet with mercury, while the atmosphere is rapidly heating up from unprecedented levels of CO2. Clean, alternative energies have been savagely suppressed by elites who have made or inherited their fortunes via fossil energy. Talk about a vicious circle.

With the immense wealth fossil energy has concentrated, along with wars over fossil energy control, doesn’t it make sense that the shrewd elite would continue the biocidal carnage only if they had something safe and secure to fall back on? Perhaps they do…the Silk and Satin Underground. Imagine the price of reservations!

George Orwell said back in the 1940s: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

If Orwell had know the nature of unfolding technologies, and the subsequent perverted compromising of Earth’s life support system…might he also have predicted doomsday hidey holes for those wearing the boots?

Thank you Jane Mayer for your helpful, outstanding essay in The New Yorker, Covert Operations.

Author’s Note: Many intelligent websites regarding the underground cities are being scrubbed from the Internet. Aliens are proliferating, extraterrestrial red herring. But good sites can still be found with such phrases as “elite underground cities” or “subterrenes” entered as a search on Google. And YouTube still has some good presentations.

Rand’s novels CASTLING, a “Story of the Power of Hemp” and, TIMING, the sequel are published by StarChief Press.


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