US Interference In Venezuelan Elections by Eva Golinger

by Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
Sept. 9, 2010

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In 2002, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) arrived in Venezuela with a mission: Remove Hugo Chavez from power

A report commissioned by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and published in May 2010 by the Spanish Foundation for International Relations and Foreign Dialogue (FRIDE) revealed that this year alone, international agencies are investing between $40-50 million in anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela. A large part of those funds have been channeled to the opposition coalition, Democratic Unity (MUD), and its campaign for the upcoming legislative elections on September 26.

A majority of funding comes from US agencies, particularly USAID, which has maintained a presence in Venezuela since 2002 with the sole intention of aiding in President Chavez’s removal from power. For the past eight years, USAID has channeled millions into political parties, organizations and private media entities linked to the opposition, helping them to grow and unify, and providing strategic advice, support and resources for their political campaigns.

Unlike in other nations, USAID has no formal agreement or authorization from the Venezuelan government to operate in the country. As an oil-wealthy nation, Venezuela does not qualify for economic aid from the United States. Nonetheless, USAID has been operating in Venezuela unauthorized through its political office during eight years, funding and helping to design and plan anti-Chavez campaigns and feeding an internal conflict with millions of US taxpayer dollars.


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US interference in Venezuela keeps growing By Eva Golinger

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  8. These are act of sedition propagated by the US. A few years ago a furor was raised when it was learned that Clinton took some campaign contributions from Asians. These contributions were from wealthy individuals and corporations, not from governments expecting favors and fomenting insurrection!

    The US and its corporations should be banned from the Venezuela, or at the least, information gathered by the legitimate Venezuelan government about what the US is up to and expose it to the rest of the world, and bring suit in world courts against the US. Also, bring suit in the US Supreme Court.

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