A Fist in the System Oct. 2, 2010 By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
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Sept. 10, 2010

"Stop Bitching - Start a Revolution"

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This is a fist in the system. I’m tired of all the exploitation that the rich bring down on us. I’m tired of the capitalistic system that decides who we are allowed to vote for. I’m tired of writing to sycophants in Congress whose only desire is to get reelected so they can keep their heads in the trough. I’m tired of the incessant wars based on conjecture which are crimes of aggression and therefore are illegal under the Geneva Conventions.  I’m tired of being lied to on a daily basis by the talking heads on television that spew garbage and hide what they know to be the truth.

I’m getting weary of those that watch the people when they sneak around and tap telephone calls and read e-mails while they comb through personal computers to see who they can indict for something or other. We should all be getting tired of watching our government beg money from the Fed at interest while they dole it out to the people that are predators, the people that caused this crisis, the people that control the government.

The United States is regarded as a rogue nation by most nations on Earth. The fact is that we ARE a rogue nation when you base things on our behavior to other nations. Most of the world hates us and with good reason. We have been led for the last few decades by the scum of the Earth. They have sold out the American worker with their “Free Trade Agreements”. They have outsourced our livelihoods. They have made us into a “service economy” whatever that hype is supposed to mean.

The Democrats are as bad as the Republicans. Obama has yet to make any significant changes that benefit the Middle and Lower classes. The man works for the banks, the pharmaceutical industry and for the oil industry.

The day to remember is October 2nd. Whether we act with passive resistance or violent insistence to paraphrase the song “In the Red” by Molotov, either way kids I don’t think they’re listening. We need to make a large impact on October 2nd. We really need everyone that can manage it to show up in DC on October 2nd.  This could be a last chance. If the far right takes Congress in November, let them see how many people are tired of the status quo. If the Democrats keep Congress let them see how many are disenfranchised. Tell your friends, your neighbors, everyone you know to show up in the Capitol on Oct 2nd. Car pool or charter a bus.

This could be the end of this country as we know it. 50% of our budget goes to the military. Over 14 Trillion dollars have been given to the banks and the shyster investment houses. Meanwhile the people are being told that we must suck it up. I’ve got a better idea; why not make them “suck it up” by refusing to do business with the big box retailers and the financial houses that have their offices on Wall Street?

How about admitting that capitalism is a huge failure? Especially when it comes those entities that are “Too Big to Fail”. The truth is that nothing is too big to fail. The biggest entity that is facing failure is the United States itself.  Maybe we would be better off letting it fail so we could free ourselves from empire-building. Maybe failure is in our best interests. Still, before that happens we have to show solidarity with one another. Let us start the “Velvet Revolution” on October 2, 2010. I look forward to seeing you there.

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      • I agree, but look at bohner! OMFG.

        This is what’s coming (and when it does, I’m leaving!)
        Oct. 2 is all about rescuing the dems, I’ll be sitting that one out. But good luck people!

        Remember how we petitioned Pelosi & Reid, railed against them when they took impeachment off the table?

        The wrong-wingers hate those two for all the wrong reasons, and now both will be finally gone (for all the wrong reasons), and we’ll have the pleasure of boner’s beet-colored face and racist white-nationalist rage. Full speed backwards.

        I can’t stand any of these people or these parties.
        But sadly Gatto has a point.

        Unfortunately any peace-loving third party is set up by the system to divide & conquer progress, while the ‘tea party’ will merge with the thugs.

        This is why they win, and will win this time as well. They are a unified hoard of hateful, racist, violent warmongering people.

        At least the dems had Dennis.

  8. Battle of the TV Titans (So much for grass roots):
    Ed v Beck, big labor v big biz (truth v teabags?).
    Prime-time ‘activism’ or just a ratings war.
    Rather listen to Ed’s rants before Boner’s any day but looks like we’ll soon be seeing a lot more of the latter…
    Well done amerigah!

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