Hijacking the Hijackings & Hijacking Hope by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 10, 2010

Like most stories that are told through the mainstream media or by our elected officials, there is so much more to tell. If you take time to read Jesse Ventura’s new book American Conspiracies you may come away with many doubts as to September 11, 2001. I liked Jesse’s book because it is written ( along with Dick Russell, a great investigative reporter and author ) in an easy to understand manner. There are many other well written investigative accounts out there ( 9/11 The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin is one of the best ) . The bottom line is this: Who benefited from 9/11 besides the Islamic fanatics who participated? From the very moment Bush Jr. remained seated in that elementary school classroom, knowing that a second plane went into the Tower, doubt should become paramount. Why did not the Secret Service whisk the president off like we see in all those action films? Why was it that on September 11th, 2001, of all days, the Pentagon was conducting war games with NORAD involving a myriad of simulated plane hijackings? That very morning folks! Not September 10th or for September 12…… No way Jose! The end result is that immediately after the attacks the Bush/ Cheney gang was already planning to invade Iraq! Nine years later, look where we are. This one action alone has helped to bankrupt our treasury and confirm us as the newest Evil Empire in the eyes of most of the world’s citizens. You remember how Ed Norton looked in the Man From Space episode of the Honeymooners sitcom? You know, when he shows up late for the Halloween costume contest dressed in his sewer workers outfit? Check it out and then look at the photos of our soldiers as they patrol the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. That is how the people we are occupying see us…. As space invaders packing lethal weapons.

In my little town of 60,000, they recently completed a Veterans Memorial at the City Center. I asked the CFO of Port Orange how we can afford such a project during this tough financial crisis. After all, our city is laying off workers and cutting services and our first providers ( police, fire and EVAC ) feel threatened by the cuts. The CFO responded that ‘ Oh, we didn’t have to pay for it… We received a federal grant for it ‘. Really?! Gee, the Feds cannot give one dollar to help the states and cities save payrolls, but for this? Interesting. Now, of course, how can I even dare to protest or question such a project honoring our veterans? That is not the issue here. The issue is Why Now? Why did they have to go through this expense now? Well, the reason is simple: The need to justify these two phony invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan! What better way to paint over the lies and the needless deaths of our brave young soldiers ( and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians ) than to attempt to legitimatize it all with pomp and circumstance? So, as I walked along our city pond where the monument has been built, I looked down and read the plaques placed in the ground. One plaque is for a Port Orange soldier who fought in Korea. Another from WW2, another from Vietnam. Then I come to one that reads ‘ Cpl. **** 2004 , War On Terror . So, as the sleeping public sees all the ruination around them, and feels the financial hurt more and more….. Just blow the bugles and salute the dead. Sad!

Let us move now to the Democrats and their Hijacking of Hope. Mr. Obama ran for office on the platform of Hope and Change. Many progressives argued with this writer when I opposed him along with his Republican counterpart. ‘ Do you want four more years of the Bush Doctrine ? ‘ they railed at me. Well, all you had to do is look at where Obama was getting most of his campaign money. The Wall Street cabal gave more to him than to McCain. As far as health care, the health care industry gave Obama over 21 million and hedged with McCain to the tune of over 7 million . Did you really think that you would see intensive ‘ reforms ‘ in health care or in banking under Obama? So, what we got from the Democrats…. Oh wait. Let’s go back to the invasion of Iraq for a minute, OK? In 2005, Rep. Conyors , on C-Span, during an ad hoc panel discussion on the invasion of Iraq, guaranteed us with something like ‘ As soon as we take back the House and the Congress in 2006, and I am chairman of the Judiciary Committee, my first order of business will be to conduct hearings on the Run up to the invasion of Iraq…..you have my word on that!!’ Never happened! The Democrats, with Mr. Obama then as Senator Obama, continued to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. So, as our cities were already feeling the economic pressures in 2007, the Democratic Congress was voting lock step to pump up our military budget. Not only that, but they voted every increase that the Pentagon and Dept. Of Defense asked for. If you recall, a few years earlier, many Democratic Senators went ahead and voted to confirm the ultra right wing Roberts and Alito as Justices of the Supreme Court. By the way, Roberts, who had the easiest of confirmations, had a most checkered right wing past. It was he, as a lawyer for the Reagan administration, who actually drafted the Unitary Executive principle. This concept stated that the President has the right to issue ‘ Signing Statements ‘ whereupon he can sign a bill that Congress passes into law and then say in essence ‘ Well, I will sign this, but not enforce it! ‘ This concept was so outrageous, and Robert’s draft so reactionary, that Reagan’s people would not even use it as written! Remember, Reagan was one of the most reactionary presidents we ever had….. Until Bush Jr. of course. How about when that little punk Alberto Gonzales was appointed as Attorney General? During his confirmation hearing, on live television, Senator Joe Biden , later to become Vice President Biden, sat there and said to Gonzales: ‘ Now , I want you to know that I like Ya and I’m going to probably vote for ya, but I do need to ask you a few tough questions…. ‘

Ah , the Democrats. They call you up and ask you to help ‘ Stop the right wing machine from getting back into office ! ‘ Yet, what are they giving us now? I have a friend, a progressive Democrat who stands with us on the street corner each week to protest the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a man of Peace all the way. A great man, a giving man. Yet, he always argues with me using the famous Lesser Of Two Evils . ‘ If you don’t vote for the Democrats, however lacking some of them are, you are allowing the right wing Republicans back in power. They will do so much damage! ‘ . To my friend I say this: I work as a commissioned sales rep. My client in Indianapolis is a Mom and Pop sanding belt manufacturer. Basically, we sell belts to cabinetmakers nationwide. Well, since the housing bubble burst and the banking scandals, our sales are down 70 % . Most of our customers, Mom and Pop shops themselves, are doing just as poorly. Many of them have either shut down or hardly even come to work. They are beyond angry…… Despondent is a better description. It seems that the Democrats have done as little as the Republicans to really solve this dilemma…. And it could have been solved, for a lot less than the 800 billion dollar giveaway. Uncle Sam could have simply negotiated with those failing Wall Street scam artists and bought those troubled assets at a fraction of their previous value ( duh , like it’s called Receivership ). They then could have renegotiated payment schedules with the under water homeowners, or simply called a brief moratorium on foreclosures, thus keeping folks in their homes and the homes off the market. Translated: all the other home values would have had to go ….. UP! The housing and construction industries would have rebounded a bit. Economic Stimulus….. At a fraction of what they spent to bail out those crooked and scandalous banking and investment firms! The Democrats and Mr. Obama did nothing of the kind! They went along with the Bush/ Cheney gang and emptied out our treasury….. And got nothing in return. No housing recovery. Nothing! Meanwhile, we spend hundreds of billions to maintain 800 military bases in over 100 countries and keep shipping our jobs and factories offshore.

So, we have s stacked deck of cards that they wish us to play with. If only the good folks out there would just say ‘ NO ‘ to both corrupt parties. This doesn’t mean to go and hide behind closed doors like ostriches. No, on the contrary….. Speak out! Stand for something other than this feudalistic system that treats the 99% of us like chattel. The only hope for our survival as a culture is to reject the insidious and the corrupt…… And speak for new and bold ideas….. Not the same old crap! Honor our soldiers by bringing and keeping them home! Honor our cities and states by cutting off the tentacles of this War Economy. Honor our 9 to 5 working folks by taxing the 1 % until they become part of the 99%. Use those funds to rebuild America in many different ways…. Too many to list here now. First things first, however. Stop buying into this 2 party scam! Let them see what it’s like when they cannot get your support anymore….. Especially at the polling place! Then , they’ll either listen and change or ……..

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 150 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at www.dandelionsalad.wordpress.com, or at his own blog at www.opensalon.com. Philip can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net.


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