Advice to a Whelp By Gary Corseri

By Gary Corseri
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 12, 2010

Sir, how do you write a poem?

Simple, my boy.
I will tell you. …
Set up a sturdy blackboard,
And scratch your nails across it.

Take your sharpened nails
And carve a hundred niches
Into your arms and thighs,
Into your chest and belly.

Before the blood stops,
Take every heartache, every sad story
You’ve ever heard or lived through
And salt and pepper the wounds.

When the scars come,
Open the scars. …
The gold pouring out
Is a poem.

Give it away.

Gary Corseri has published his articles and poems at Dandelion Salad, and hundreds of other sites and publications worldwide.  His poems and dramas have been performed at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum, and on Atlanta-PBS.  His books (available as e-books and hard-copy) include: Holy Grail, Holy Grail; A Fine Excess; and Manifestations.  He can be contacted