British Parliamentarians to Raise Issue of Sri Lanka in House of Commons

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Dandelion Salad
12 September, 2010

September 12th 2010

“The first Foreign and Commonwealth Office Oral Questions session since summer recess will throw a spotlight onto the current human rights situation in Sri Lanka. Taking place on 14th September, the Foreign Secretary Rt. Hon William Hague MP and other Foreign Office Ministers will be answering questions on Sri Lanka. Amongst others, on the access to alleged ex-combatants by the International Committee of the Red Cross, when the last time discussions were held between the British government and her Sri Lankan counterparts on human rights issues and when discussions last took place between the British government and the UN High Representative for Human Rights on the situation of Tamils in detention camps.

These questions and supplementary follow-ups will reveal the British government’s current standpoint on relations with Sri Lanka and the plight of the Tamils, as well as emphasise the strong support within Parliament to highlight human rights violations and the need to alleviate the suffering on the island.

The parliamentary session gains added significance in light of the changes foisted to the Sri Lankan constitution last week abandoning presidential term limits, entrenching Rajapakshe dynasty with unprecedented powers while weakening democratic institutions and sidelining attempts to resolve the ethnic conflict in the island.

A further statement will be made by the Global Tamil Forum next week, once the questions have been answered”.


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