Remembering the Tragedy, Part 2 with Glen Ford, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
September 12, 2010

(SOAPBOX #72) – Cindy hosts the executive editor of the Black Agenda Report, Glen Ford. He’s already had a long career as a distinguished radio host, though usually pre-recording his show prior to broadcast in order to facilitate editing & correction.  (Whereas that silly Cindy has live guests.)  They discuss the major recent conservative kerfluffle over the “ground zero mosque,” which isn’t at ground zero, and isn’t a mosque either.  [But what do facts have to do with it, anyway?] They’re calling a single nearly microscopic piece of land by the superstitious name “hallowed ground.”  This “controversy” conceals white nationalism by suggesting that the whole of America is being polluted by these non-American, not-good-American influences which should never be allowed in the vicinity of the “hallowed ground” nearby.    The same organization that’s calling for the anti-“mosque” demo is also calling it a demo to prevent the Islamification of America.  The virulent anti-white hostility aimed at the Islamic community has a far too great chance of inciting actual violence.  Beyond that, a larger problem is the apologists who endorse, spread, and approve of such hatred.  Such sentiments almost exactly reflect the anti-desegregation opinions widely endorsed back when the Civil Rights barricades were falling:  “Why can’t these unworthy-Americans just stay in their places?”  It’s not like there’s anything new here!  We “been there; done that” before!  Please use the link above and listen to today’s discussions.


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