Sour Grapes By Gary Corseri

Sour Grapes

Image by DistractedMind via Flickr

By Gary Corseri
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 12, 2010

Sometimes the grapes really are sour!
The wonder is … how you eat them!

At some point you convinced yourselves–
Wow!  This is delicious!

You developed a taste for sour.
You ate lemons straight–the more sour, the better.
You puckered up for a kiss
And your lips were sour.

The mouth of your lover was sour.
Your rivers tasted of vinegar.

Rain tasted like smokestacks–
And you blessed it.

You made wars over sour.
The cost of sour soared in your stock markets.

Your dreams tasted sour.
“Sour is as sour does,” you said.

You taught your kids the virtues of sour.
Two plus two equals sour.

You couldn’t remember another kind of world
And they had never known one.

When you died,
They lowered your body into a shallow, sour grave.

The worms wouldn’t eat you.

Gary Corseri has published his articles and poems at Dandelion Salad, and hundreds of other sites and publications worldwide.  His poems and dramas have been performed at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum, and on Atlanta-PBS.  His books (available as e-books and hard-copy) include: Holy Grail, Holy Grail; A Fine Excess; and Manifestations.  He can be contacted