“As Ye Sow…” by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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September 19, 2010

“So shall ye reap”. It’s in both the Old and New Testaments. So, indirectly, Jews and Christians do believe in the ‘ Sobering effects of Karma ‘ or as some may put it ‘ The vengeance of God ‘ that is at work. We know other Eastern religions adhere to the precepts of Karma.: The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence. Thus, most of the world’s population believe that what we put out we will get back at us, whether here on earth or on the ‘ other side ‘ …. AKA heaven or hell. Even many agnostics and atheists allow that our past actions can and do influence our present or future predicaments. So, no matter how you slice it, what has been happening recently in America , or more succinctly To America, can be a result of our ‘ National Karma ‘.

Interesting how Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona were all part of Mexico . Mexico was a sovereign nation at the time of these thefts, whereupon by force of arms or threat of such, the United States annexed those lands. Now, less than 200 hundred years later, the peoples of Mexico are ……. Back! This whole illegal immigration problem is nothing more than ….Karmic! We stole their territories and now they come back to reclaim or simply wish to live on what was their land all along. Get it? While on the subject of the stealing of land from others, the American Indians ( oxymoron ) are another case in point. We massacred hundreds of thousands , then chased and literally locked them into reservations as chattel, leaving them nothing to show for it. The wheel of karma finally spun out a tiny bit when we allowed them to open gambling casinos . Of course, it is the paleface corporate gambling concerns and some tribal leaders who get most of the moola . Studying WW2 , we see how the US bombed the hell out of Germany, occupied it for decades ( and still do ) , manipulated their new Republic…. Yet now they have the more vibrant economy. On top of that, Germany treats their labor force so much better…… Many come here to vacation at a discount! With Japan, we needlessly and treacherously nuked two of their cities after we had devastated wood structured Tokyo with incendiary bombs. You could say that the Japanese and the Germans received Instant Karma for what they had done to millions of Chinese, Filipinos, Russians, Poles and other European civilians….. Not to mention 6 million Jews.

So, when I see our nation acting as an imperialist bully, I remember how all those other empires had failed. The Romans, Dutch and British all self destructed and faced heavy karma. Why? They abused, exploited and raped sovereign nations for raw materials, resources, strategic locations, economic markets and cheap labor. In the end they all lost their power, prestige and economic stability. Look at what our nation has been doing since WW2, when we became the world’s newest empire. We have both covertly and overtly overturned a myriad of democratically elected foreign governments, placed military bases on their soil and found stooges to do our bidding. We had our corporations take what they needed in way of resources or cheap labor, and then shipped back our products for sale. For decades this was how we operated ( Read Confessions of An Economic Hit man by Perkins ) . Well, the perennial ‘ Jig ‘ is up! The three phony wars we created ( The Wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror ) , complete with jingoistic rallying around the flag, have only speeded up our economic and spiritual self destruction! The 800 military bases we maintain worldwide ( in over 100 countries ) and the obscene military budget labeled as Defense Spending ( currently triple what it was under Reagan, the great cold warrior) is bankrupting America! Of course, add on the one trillion phony bank bailout to this amount, and as they say in football parlance , you have ‘ piling on ‘ .

Interesting how China now is most likely the only reason our economy has not yet gone totally under. We are fast approaching a complete depression, but the Chinese investments in our T-bills and bonds is keeping us afloat…. For now. Once again, karma works in strange ways. At the turn of the 20th century, the Brits, through the British East India Company ( owned by the Royals ) , was supplying China with opium. Millions of Chinese were hooked on it. The Boxer Rebellion was really about who should control the opium market. The Empress, through her Boxers, made war with the Brits over this. Soon after, the Western nations came in with force of arms, and an agreement was reached. The Boxers got a piece of the action and the Western nations were allowed into the Chinese economy….. AKA Chinese market. Then, a mere 30 plus years later, the Japanese invaded China ( google ‘ The Rape of Nanking ‘ and see brutality on par with the Jewish Holocaust ) and occupied it. The wheel of karma has turned and now China is slowly taking over the world …… Financially. If it wasn’t for our consumer driven society being such good customers for Chinese goods…… They may have already pulled their money out of here and let us sink!

Solutions? There are solutions to this dilemma. We must first and foremost drastically change our modus operandi . We need to get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan completely! We need to close most of those 800 bases worldwide. We must cut the military budget that now takes 48 cents of every federal tax dollar and reduce it by half…… Real quick! That money must be spent to really stimulate this economy. It must be used to save our cities and states from failing financially. The money must be used to extend Medicare for all Americans who want it… Each of us contributing according to income…. No free rides, but better and less expensive coverage than currently. With 24 cents of every tax dollar going for defense, America will be very safe indeed. Maybe then, we can be like the Germans and the Japanese : Economic trading partners that do not pose a ‘ saber in hand ‘ threat to anyone. Good Karma!

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 150 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at www.dandelionsalad.wordpress.com, or at his own blog at www.opensalon.com. Philip can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net.


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16 thoughts on ““As Ye Sow…” by Philip A. Farruggio

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  2. America’s Chickens…. Are coming Home…. to Roost“!
    — Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    America Deserves what it gets. Arms industries are huge, corporate welfare on a grand scale, no representative would allow the scaling back of americas last remaining heavy industry in their district.

    This waste will hopefully be america’s undoing, & it seems it needs to be undone, since they’ve abandoned progress & run full-bore backwards.

    Unfortunately the idea that ethnic immigrants are the ‘just deserts’ of failed empires (France invaded by Arabs & French Africans, Great Britain beset with Pakis, the US invaded by mexicans) is a happy irony only insofar as it diminishes the ill-gotten wealth of the western empires & ‘serves ’em right’.

    Sadly such shadenfreude only reinforces the racists and negates the propriety of the immigrants.

    The victim nations of empire are almost never rehabilitated: Africa descends into ever-worsening squalor, First nations remain desperate, Much of Latin America in permanent poverty, Vietnam left to ruins, etc.

    Immigration is such a piddling problem compare to the vicissitude left of nations victimized by empire.

    Bring on the reparations.

  3. One of the problems is: the US doesn’t live by what it preaches, but expects others to do so…or else. The entire world is more than tired of this for-ever waging finger under our noses. Nothing lasts forever – not for the good and not for the bad.

  4. great points. however… the world must be changed karmacially from the inside out . that is why divine grace trumps karma . we must change. and we cannot do that one our own . the Greeks asked why , but Galileo asked how . the how is in the transformative effect of the good news of Christ to change men from within , and bring the Kingdom of heaven within a person .

    what makes this message problematic is that the American Empire trumpets the terminology of the faith , and yet lives contrary to it . the corrective measure to enlighten and expose this darkness can only be brought about by true believers emerging within the Empire , just like in the first century .

    • Your directive drips with dogma. Absolutist decrees get dumped at the door.

      There is no Karma, there is the individual and its decisions. There is no national entity, there is only you & me & he & she.

      • your relativism natureboy is very dogmatic. when the Sophists told Socrates that everything is relative , he replied ”are you absolutly sure?” caught in a contradiction … they shut up .
        phillip has some good points. there is such a thing as karma , reaping what you sow , both individually and nationally .

        • If only that really were the case.

          I could ask you the same: Are you sure?

          You are a fundamentalist.
          Fundamentalism is more a failure of faith than devotion to ideals.

          All we have is justice, we can’t depend on the divine.
          I am sure we can punish the wicked if we chose to. But you can never be sure Karma or God will sort ’em out in the end, no matter how hard you want to believe it.

        • hahahahahahaha! never a boring moment with you old chap . me a fundie ? what a laugh .
          1. i dont believe in the bible literally ( there is allegory , metaphor , some literal , etc. )
          2. i perform baudy songs that would make even you blush , in bars that are seedy .
          3. i campighned and voted for ralph nader for president 3 times.

          tell me pal –do you know any fundamentialists that do that. aaaaaa…i dont think so.

    • The ‘corrective measure’ is to stop foisting your fundamentalist faith as the ‘final solution’!

      But Rocket, you are not even pitting belief over unbelief, religiosity over secularism, you are dictating a fundamentalist abdication of any free will through a singular scripture, a dogmatic, dictatorial devotion to a dubious divine decree.

      Even other believers are more of a threat to your absolutist evangelical indoctrination than even nonbelievers.

      (Which makes you more of an ideologue, a zealot; Such people have had no purpose in politics & generally pose a hazard to peace on earth).

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