Eva Golinger: Chavez’s grip on Venezuela loosens (slightly)


RTAmerica | September 27, 2010

Recent Venezuelan election results loosen Hugo Chavez’s power as opposition parties make big gains, claiming new seats in the Asamblea Nacional and winning the majority of the popular vote. However, Chavez has called the results a ‘solid victory’. Attorney & author Eva Golinger in Caracas, Venezuela said Chavez still holds a majority, he simply does not hold the two-thirds supermajority he once held. The victory is substantial, she argued. Golinger explained that the pro-Chavez parties can still pass a number of reforms; however those that require a two-thirds majority will be harder to pass. She also accused international bodies and US agencies of interfering in the elections by supporting opposition groups.

Chavez’s grip on Venezuela loosens (slightly)


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  4. I would not worry too much…yet. The opposition, once they start the in-fighting, will finish with itself.

  5. Wait, but wasn’t Chavez supposed to be a Stalinist?
    What’s with these elections, Hugo, you’re screwing up the whole plan…

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