Mainstream Media: 50 Years of Being FAR RIGHT! by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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October 1, 2010

This January will be 50 years since JFK took office and President Eisenhower gave his famous Military Industrial Complex farewell speech as a warning. Imagine a Republican president, a cold warrior himself, stating how powerful and deadly this group could become. Of course, by the time of his 1961 speech, the Military Industrial Complex, a syndicate of war industries and the Pentagon, already controlled our foreign policy…. Our Presidents ( including Ike ) , Congress and……mainstream media! So much so, that Eisenhower’s warning was just another item for the 6 and 11 o’clock news shows……. The games begin…….

If you read the fine 2009 book JFK and The Unspeakable you can see just how much the mainstream media purposely overlooks important stories. How about Operation Northwoods, a devious plan by the Joint Chiefs ( unanimously approved, by the way ) to incite and justify an invasion of Cuba? The plan, hatched when Ike was still in office ( he deferred the sign off to the incoming Kennedy administration ) contained plans for bombings in NYC, DC , Miami and other cities, then blaming them on Cuban terrorists. A drone plane would also be shot down over Cuban territory, supposedly filled with passengers …… Sound familiar? There were other outrageous schemes as well. The point is that JFK ( thank goodness ) would not sign off on Operation Northwoods. Later that year, according to the book , JFK refused to follow an even more heinous Joint Chiefs plan: Since we knew that the Soviets were much weaker than us militarily, they unanimously recommended a PREEMPTIVE NUCLEAR ATTACK on Russia! I am sure that there were journalists with informants who most likely leaked information on either of these two dangerous ( and history altering ) plans. The result of our mainstream media’s censorship of these stories became the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. You see, the Soviets had intelligence that alerted them to our threats of preemptive attack. Thus, they installed missiles with warheads close enough to American soil to ‘ ward off ‘ any serious actions by us. Get it? ‘ Oh , what fickle web we weave……’

Mainstream media, you did such a fine job on the assassinations during the 60s. Let’s see, Oswald killed JFK…. Alone . James Earl Ray shot Dr. King and scooted off to Canada. Sirhan stood in the pantry and shot RFK….. Even though more bullets were found in the walls and ceiling than could have been fired by his gun. Then we come to Jim Garrison’s investigation of the JFK murder and links to the Military Industrial Complex via the NSA , Naval Intelligence, the CIA etc. The mainstream media portrayed Garrison as some circus clown…… Why? Maybe he simply got too close to the core of it all. Great reporting, folks. This all segways into the Vietnam War and its escalation under LBJ. Once again, Garrison and other investigators did their homework and grunt work. The links to JFK’s death and LBJ’s servitude to the Military Industrial Complex soon after is so obvious…. Except to our Fourth Estate. Then we have the election of 1968. RFK would have won easily ( versus Nixon ) should he have lived . He didn’t, yet…… LBJ , in the eleventh hour of his rule, finally made basically the same peace proposal that Nixon and Kissinger agreed to seven years later. If that 1968 peace accord was reached, more than half of the total American servicemen later killed in Vietnam would have been saved…. As well as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese. The Nixon cabal, acting on orders of their masters, the Military Industrial Complex, manipulated the South Vietnamese leadership to subvert LBJ’s proposal…. And the rest is history. Where was the mainstream media?

Ronald Reagan may not have been elected, or remained in office had he won in 1980, if the mainstream media dug deeper into the rumors of the October Surprise scheme. The fingers pointed to the Military Industrial Complex using its government minions to bribe the Iranians into not dealing with President Carter for release of US hostages. Iran waited until after the election to release them, on the day of Reagan’s inauguration! Need I go on? This too segways into the Iran – Contra scandal of the mid ‘ 80s. Since they got away with the October Surprise plan, the Reagan gang made secret deals with Iran in aiding the Contras. Bob Parry and a handful of others in the mainstream press refused to go along with the pack, and information did get out….. Yet not enough dirt to sink both Reagan and Bush Sr. Then we have the election of Bush Junior in 2000 and again in 2004. History now tells most of us how dirty down that all was. An interesting incident occurred on election night ‘04. Little Dickie Morris was an analyst covering the returns. Now, I have no respect for this guy except for his brilliance as a polling expert. When the early returns in Ohio were coming in, Morris noted how the exit polls were heavily favoring Kerry. He said, on air, something like : ‘ The exit polls are the most accurate way to gauge an election. It looks like Kerry will win Ohio, and thus, by doing that, he should win this close election.’

9/11 happened. From the outset, the media wolf pack was out there, buying into whatever the Bush administration was selling. Yet, one incident, out of hundreds that non mainstream investigators have researched, always stuck out to this writer. It was a video of three NYC firemen , standing by a television in a nearby firehouse, watching one of the towers pancake down to the ground. Now, these were three veterans of the department…. Not some young rookies. As the tower fell, in almost free fall, one firemen turned to the others and said: ‘ Did you see that…. Boom boom boom ? ‘ and with his hands he stroked out three times into the air. One of the other firemen nodded and said: ‘ Yeah, Controlled demolition ‘ . They all agreed…. Except for the mainstream media. NO reporting on the strangeness of this event. Nothing but what the White House was feeding them. Scores of concerned scientists ran to the site during the rescue and cleanup, all in agreement on one thing: The crews doing the rescue needed to have on respirators….. The toxic levels at the site were too dangerous! They also advised, a few days later, that the adjoining neighborhoods to the site were still not ready for occupancy. Yet, the White House ushered out Christie Whitman, EPA chief under Bush, to tell the country that it was now safe to go back to work and return home to the nearby neighborhoods ( Soon after, she resigned her post…. Many feel out of anger at being used by the Bush crew ) . Contrary to her statement, too many brave firefighters and other rescue workers, plus residents of nearby apartments, have died or are dying from toxic poisoning from that site. Mainstream media: Shame on you!

The invasion of Iraq will go down in the annals of United States foreign policy decisions as perhaps worse than even Vietnam. The Big Lie that Hitler and his gang used as a means to rally the public was never more evident than concerning the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Not only was the bulk of the mainstream media silent on dissident points of view…. Most were compliant with the Bush gang’s course of action. When Phil Donahue, cable talk show host on MSNBC, kept running shows in the months preceding the March ‘ 03 invasion of Iraq, he received lots of criticism. Why? Well, go check the archives of his shows. They were always even handed, to the contrary of Fox News and its moniker Fair and Balanced. Donahue always had an equal number ( if not more ) of administration supporters on his show to debate those who were against the upcoming war drums for invasion. What happened? By March 19, 2003, Donahue was off the air! Poor ratings was the rationale. Hogwash! You see, Donahue, unlike the NY Times reporter Judith Miller, did not suck up the the Bush/ Cheney cabal. We all suffered ( and still suffer ) when the Judith Millers of the media are heard and read over the voices of folks like Chris Hedges, Howard Zinn , Noam Chomsky and Michael Parente. To wake up on the morning of March 19 and see the news coverage of our Shock and Awe overkill of Iraq, it is no wonder the majority of the world hates us. The media wore their flags on lapels and followed the leader over the cliffs of reason.

Now we have two contradictions being played out. We have this Tea Party movement, funded and manipulated by the super rich, and we have the Hope and Change con job of Mr. Obama and his party. The Tea Party roars about less government and privacy. Then they are the biggest supporters of $ 800 plus BILLION already spent on phony wars and occupations. Where is the fiscal conservatism by these folks to object and demand cuts from the 48 cents of every tax dollar going to…..military spending? They say they don’t want the government telling them how to have health coverage…… And they align with Fat Cat CEOs who earn 20 and 30 and even 65 million a year from their private insurance premiums…. While the rates and deductibles go higher and less and less is covered! As far as Mr. Obama and his Democratic party…. Please! He and his crew voted to support the one trillion dollar bailout of phony and corrupt banks and investment houses. They continually vote more and more funds to the Military Industrial Complex ( another $ 33 Billion just this past summer ) and keep our kids in Afghanistan and 50,000 permanently in Iraq. Obama has already given two new contracts to the mercenary corporation once known as Blackwater ( new name, same game ) despite all the scandals around them. His party is locked into Israel and all that country does to subvert the peace process. Need I go on?

Pogo was correct: ‘ We have met the enemy and he be…. Us! ‘

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 150 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at, or at his own blog at Philip can be reached at

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  1. All valid criticisms and recounting of history while offering nohting in the way of how things can be changed; therefore, an exercise in preaching to the choir.

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