VOTE… OR REVOLT? By Gary Corseri

By Gary Corseri
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
October 2, 2010

They want me to go and vote again,
To sanction their rigamarole;
For all their rot and all their snot—
To trade my immortal soul!

They want me to tell’em: Thanks for the choice
Twixt Tweedle Dum and Dee;
Or that that vixen with the whiny voice
Is kinda my cuppa Tea.

They tell me it’s my Constitutional right;
They tell me not voting is rude.
Twixt moron and liar I don’t see much light—
Either way the People get screwed!

They took my money and bailed out the banks;
“Too big to fail,” they proclaimed.
But, weren’t the Peope much bigger than they?
So, why were the People blamed?

They talk about peace, but it’s war that they crave—
Hate and destruction galore.
50% of our taxes we gave
To predator drones and more.

It’s all an illusion—and they’re in on the take,
But they must keep it going, make it seem real
Or the whole House of Money will rock in the quake
When the Sheeple awaken and squeal.

Go cast your ballot, put in your stints!
Believe what you’re told, don’t question:
How did those Towers collapse in their footprints?
Where were those Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Believe!  Get herded!  Eat what they sell you!
Smoke this, not that!  Take pills for whatever!
Just don’t let on you know it’s a fiction:
“Life,” “Liberty,” and “Sacred Honor.”

Gary Corseri has published/posted work at hundreds of periodicals and websites worldwide, including The New York Times, Village Voice, Dandelion Salad, Thomas Paine’s Corner, The Smirking Chimp, CounterPunch, and Global Research.  His books include A Fine Excess and Holy Grail, Holy Grail.  His dramas have appeared on Atlanta-PBS, and he has performed at the Carter Presidential Library.  He can be contacted at


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9 thoughts on “VOTE… OR REVOLT? By Gary Corseri

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  7. it depends on what one is revolting against. if it is just to revolt for the sake of revolt that may be as useless as voting . if it is revolt thinking that by changing the environment and social engineering thru a revolution , that is just trading in one problem for another.

    but , if it is revolt against our own human nature that needs to be changed from within , and we cease to deny and live in denial that we need that in man there is no good thing , and that we need to be changed from deep within , then count me in …for that is where the revolution that lasts is really at. the rest is just power changing hands.

  8. Excellent.

    I’ve been telling people for years that you can’t bring about peace by voting for war, that rich people won’t represent the interests of the other 98% of us, and that the only thing you demonstrate by “doing your civic duty” is your obedience to, rather than opposition to, our corrupt system.

    So here we are in election season once again, and all the paid political party hacks are out all over the internet, trying to terrify, bully, nag, bribe with false hopes, or otherwise convince people to cast votes that might not even be counted, for candidates they can’t hold accountable.

    And once again, even though half of us, more than are registered with either major political party, don’t vote, and even though only 21% of those who vote think that this government deserves the consent of the governed, most of them will vote anyway. Some will be voting because they think it might help legalize pot, or marriage equality, or health care, or enable some third party to qualify for federal matching funds, even though they know that they are granting their consent to continuing wars of aggression that have already killed over a million innocent people–and they have the gall to call non-voters “apathetic.”

    Thank you for contributing some sanity to the scene, Gary. That’s what this country needs most, and it can’t be found on any ballot.

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