Dead men still bite by Rand Clifford

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October 4, 2010

Dead men still bite, even nine years after dying—the proof is official. Just when it seemed the American public is too full of terrorist propaganda to swallow any more, Osama bin Laden is back. Could it be that CorpoGov is testing the waters to see if the gullibility of Americans is even deeper than has already been proven?

The most frightening aspect is not that Osama bin Laden “…may be flexing his muscles” to prove that al-Qaida is “…still alive and kicking,” and “…remains strong and able to launch major attacks on western targets,” no, it is that the American public is “officially” considered so incredibly gullible. Do people really believe muscles dead for nine years can still be flexed?

For several days CorpoMedia has been blaring about the U.S. planning to issue a travel alert. And now, a travel alert has been issued because of al-Qaida threatening to attack targets “…in Europe with assault weapons in public places.” Another part of the latest Associated Press propaganda jubilee: “If this is true, this would be the most operational role that bin Laden has played in plotting attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.” Or, in reality, since bin Laden died. Also, “…the al-Qaida leader has been known to avoid close contact with anyone except his closet (sic) confidants.”

Even before the State Department issued the travel alert on Sunday, in Britain, the security level stood at “severe”, just one step below Aaaaaaaaa! Sweden was already at the highest level.

“Officials have called the threat credible but not specific.” And, “…one U.S. intelligence official cautioned that details of how the plan was directed or coordinated by the group’s core leaders is not yet clear.”

What seems far more credible, specific and clear is that the noxious odor of imminent false flag terror is in the air; please consider that while reading the following article from almost exactly three years ago, Osama Bin Dead.

People, if we have not already run out of time to save ourselves, we will very soon. Swallowing more propaganda surely will not help. Osama bin Laden has been allowed to officially rest in peace for several years. But, apparently, credible terrorist “…threat streams” have run so dry that it’s time to get the main bogeyman back out. Does anyone else also smell martial law?

Osama Bin Dead

September, 2007

The new “Osama bin Laden tape” is an astonishing example of what the corporate media feeds gullible Americans, as well as what gullible Americans are still swallowing after so many lies. Bin Laden has been front-page news for a week, spurring serious buzz over how much the man has changed. Beard trimmed and neatly dyed, he’s looking older in this videotape, but does not appear to be obviously ill. Dark circles beneath his eyes are more pronounced. Experts agree that his face is “visibly wizened.” The tape has been rushed into technical evaluation by U.S. intelligence analysts. Initial reviews lean toward verifying its authenticity. Bush took time out between gaffes in Australia to mutter “The tape is a reminder about the dangerous world in which we live. And it is a reminder that we must work together to protect…against these extremists who murder the innocent in order to achieve their political objectives.” Sunday, 9/9/07, front pages across the country declared: AL-QAIDA ALIVE, WELL…Osama bin Laden’s video demonstrates the resilience of his organization.

One major problem in all this is the fact that Osama bin Laden has been dead for almost six years. Regardless of what “intelligence analysts” say about authenticity of this taping of the same impersonator as in the last tape, it’s just as phony. And now Bush is reminding us that we must work together to battle extremists who try to imitate our murder of the innocent in order to achieve political objectives. Perhaps the most dangerous problem of all is that the American herd continues to swallow outrageous and incredible bullshit as though it were truth.

The “experts” know bin Laden is dead, so do the intelligence analysts, and everyone with any genuine knowledge of the situation—even Bush knows…! Fox “News” ran, Wednesday, December 26, 2001, Report: Bin Laden Already Dead [1]. On Thursday, 18 July, 2002, the BBC: Bin Laden “probably” dead [2]. followed their own story of Monday, October 7, 2002 about bin Laden’s death [3] with the Saturday, October 26, 2002: Magazine runs what it calls bin Laden’s will [4]. An excellent overview plus many more links can be found at the WHAT REALLY HAPPENED website [5].

Those who profit from pretending that Osama bin Laden is still alive, there’s the key. The mindless War On Terror gushes tax dollars to war profiteers in fantastic ways that Dick Cheney and the other neocons dreamt of when they released their plans for world domination, the Project for the New American Century [6]. This might be the most important read since the Constitution for citizens concerned with what is being done to America in this new century.

Vast ill-spent energies have created the Osama boogeyman. BushCo must shoulder responsibility for not having “gotten” bin Laden, but that’s nothing compared to the potential profits in keeping the boogeyman alive in the minds of Americans.

One might think that after such a tsunami of lies—9-11, plus three phony elections, our war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan…one might think that Americans would smarten up. And there has been some smartening, but behold, Iran. The propaganda, the public conditioning, the imminent nuclear attack on Iran—then what will we do? When will Americans be unable to swallow any more bullshit? For right now, hype and propaganda swirling around The New bin Laden Tape! insists there is still ample room for bullshit; that it is not possible to overestimate the gullibility of the American herd. In this dangerous world in which we live, perhaps our own gullibility is the greatest peril we face.







Rand’s novels CASTLING, a “Story of the Power of Hemp” and, TIMING, the sequel are published by StarChief Press.


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  2. Well said, Shaine, keep the fear cooking. Unfortunately, cooked is the forecast for the future. Mountains of worthless fiat money blowing in violent wind on a planet with its life support systems blown out from making those mountains of paper money. Americans definitely get what they deserve, swallowing all the propaganda, having their perceptions so managed, believing what they choose to believe while disregarding reality. The unborn, that’s where the tragedy lay, the innocent inheriting hell. If there is any justice, and are any survivors not hiding in luxury bunkers deep underground when consumerism finally burns out…current generations will be regarded as, well, harbingers of hell. Bleak outlook, little solace.

    So much for the concept of commonwealth.

  3. It seems the flames of fear must be kept alive. One can’t help but think Americans get exactly what they deserve if they will accept the crock cooked up in Washington and the European Union.

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