The dust not settled on the last 9/11 victim family claim for a trial! By Jerry Mazza

By Jerry Mazza
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Oct. 6, 2010

It’s been nine years since September 11, 2001, and almost all the family claims for loved ones lost in the tragedy have been resolved. Thousands of families have received more than $7 billion for their losses. Among families who originally desired trials and were persuaded to take the money, that sum amounted to some $500 million. Still, one family, has not, will not, doesn’t want a financial settlement any which way. They still want a trial. They want to get answers to their burning questions about how their son lost his life, for closure’s sake.

As the New York Times reports in a two-part article, the holdout family belongs to Mark Bavis, aged 31, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175, the purported second “plane” to strike World Trade Center Tower 2, making a 180-degree turn from south to north at 500 mph plus, barely hitting its target. Pilots claim that flying at that speed at that height and making that turn would be impossible for a 767 airliner. It would be torn apart. The likelihood is that Flight 175 as Flight 11 (a purported 757), were drones reconfigured to look like airliners, so they would be smaller and easier to control in the air and pinpoint their targets.

I understand that this may sound like science fiction to some, but it isn’t any stranger than the Pentagon being hit purportedly by AA’s Flight 77 (a 757) and the huge plane vanishing, leaving no scuff marks on the lawn from the huge engines, no fuselage, no baggage, no bodies. The supposed DNA testing would be impossible if the plane literally evaporated in the crash. What’s more likely is that a craft like a Global Hawk or Navy A-3 was used to hit the Pentagon, piercing rings A, B, and C of the fortress. Both crafts can be remotely controlled to fly great distances, can carry deadly missiles, and be reconfigured to look like airliners. Again, there was only an eighteen-foot entrance-hole into the Pentagon and an even smaller exit-hole after it crashed through all that concrete and steel. A 757’s wing-span is about 125 feet. And the hydrocarbon nosecone would have crumbled on impact.

The possibility has also been raised that at the Pentagon there was a powerful explosion heard and felt by many within the building before the craft hit. The explosion shook the foundations. Pentagon employee April Gallop had to crawl through the wreckage to rescue her child from daycare. Read her story and comments on the explosion here. The biggest loss of life was taken in the accounting department, curiously in keeping with the fact that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced on September 10th 2001 that $2.3 trillion dollars had gone missing from the coffers of the Pentagon. This story and the accounting department’s search for the money were quite obviously buried under the events of that day.

Yet the comptroller of the Pentagon at the time was the ordained Rabbi Dov Zakheim, dual Israeli/American Citizen, and the CEO of SPS International, part of System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor majoring in electronic warfare technologies, including remote-controlled aircraft systems, and the notorious Flight Termination System (FTS) technology that could hijack even a hijacked plane and land or crash it wherever desired. See my article Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11, which casts light on his life and these events.

Similarly, UA’s Flight 93 supposedly crashed into a quarry in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after the passengers purportedly laid siege to the terrorists and conducted cell-phone conversations with loved ones about it. First, the cell-phone technology in 2001 did not allow for communicating above one or two thousand feet. Flying at heights of 8,000 or more as Flight 93 was doing, would make cell-phone communication impossible.

The larger tragedy is as Paul Thompson reports in his book Terror Timeline, (2004 Regan Books, pages 449-455) that eyewitnesses saw a white jet plane approach F-93. One ex-Vietnam vet heard the whistle of a missile and then many saw F-93 explode into pieces and fall like a rain of confetti to the ground within an eight-square mile radius.

No fuselage was found in the quarry, baggage or bodies. Only one engine was found and not in the quarry, from which some smoke poured. And if F-93 did “evaporate” from its dive into the quarry, there would be no possibility of gathering DNA samples. Flight 93 probably had been redirected to hit the White House or the Congress, before it was attacked. Of all the flights, it was the only one delayed for 41 minutes on the runway at Newark Airport, and took off after the major disasters had already occurred. It might have been originally intended for Tower 7, which fell later in the day, at 5:20 p.m.—but more about that later.

Since 2002, when the Bavis family filed suit for a trial, it has doggedly turned down “settlement efforts to negotiate.” It did not receive money from the Victim’s Compensation Fund, whose proviso was that taking the money meant you could not sue the airlines or the government. In essence it was “hush money.” But the easy way out was not the easy way for the Bavises because their desire for a trial was not and is not about money.

Their wish is “to prove in a courtroom what they and their lawyers believe was a case of gross negligence by United [Airlines] and other defendants that allowed the hijackers to board Flight 175 and the attacks to occur.” The Times goes on to say that “The victim’s brother, Michael, who is his identical twin, said in an interview that the family had never considered settling out of court . . .”Settlement has not been in our vocabulary.” Unfortunately, what happened was far more than negligence, which is why the lid is clamped so tight on a trial, in which discovery might occur and open this Pandora’s box of infamy.

“The family’s lawyers said they filed papers on Friday proposing that a federal judge in Manhattan schedule a trial date.” To date the judge for all families has been Judge Alvin Hellerstein, who has used his considerable forces of persuasion on the families who wanted trials to not want them, including mentioning (what this writer heard personally in Hellerstein’s courtroom), “that they should move on, and money was the universal lubricant” to help them in the process of getting on with their lives.

“Donald A. Migliori, [the lead plaintiff] lawyer with Motley Rice, the legal firm that represents the Bavises and was involved in more than 50 other cases, collecting multi-millions in fees, said the firm’s investigation had focused on failures at airport security checkpoints, flawed cockpit doors, inadequate training and how the industry ignored confidential government warnings about terrorist threats.” These were tips of the iceberg of information that should be looked at. More likely, we should could consider how a $60-billion U.S. intelligence apparatus, plus a $400 billion Department of Defense, couldn’t get a plane in the air on time to defend any of the four planes and three buildings, the passengers and personnel, from harm’s way.

Migliori went on to say “The security breaches that day were absolutely known to these defendants before 9/11, and should have been addressed before this could happen.” If that is true, and it probably is, the question is why were the breaches ignored by the defendants or the government?

But the larger issue here beyond security breaches, in fact the 800-pound gorilla in the courtroom and in the world; the beast not even seen or probably not even imagined by the victim’s family or most of the victims’ families was the likely participation of the U.S. government and its minions in the entire event. And that participation was to create the inciting incident for the War on Terror to buttress U.S. force in the Middle East for the appropriation of oil and oil routes from the Caspian Basin down through Afghanistan to Pakistan and the Indian Ocean for export to the Far East and north to Europe as well.

Plans had been on the drawing boards to do that through nearly all of the 1990s into, up to 9/11/2001 and after. That is the real reason, the inciting incident, for 9/11, what scholar and Professor David Ray Griffin titled his classic book “The New Pearl Harbor – Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11,” (2004, Olive Branch Press). Professor Griffin was a Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont School of Theology in California for over 30 years. He is the author and editor of more than 20 books on religion and theology. Since 9/11 he has written eight brilliant books on 9/11 and its issues. I would suggest that anyone interested in the real story of 9/11 start with Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor.

His work on 9/11 has been a matter of conscience, to exorcise the lies of the U.S. government conspiracy commonly taken as the Gospel according to Bush, Cheney, Obama and Fox News. I would recommend Griffin’s work as a seminar on what happened on 9/11 and how it happened. For any who are troubled re the 9/11 events, reading one or more of Griffin’s works will give you an excellent education. And you will meet many new voices whom he quotes on the way. Griffin, et al will take you, whoever you are, including victim family members looking for real closure, beyond the limitations of a kangaroo court, tainted plaintiff lawyers, and a judge rigged to suppress the real information.

To the many people both in the U.S. and around the world who are aware of these facts, this advice may seem obvious, even old hat. But to those who still, innocently, naively believe that what the government told them was true, this should hopefully come as a revelation that will both challenge their understanding, bring a certain amount of pain, and a great deal of real truth, not synthesized terror, along with a shift in their paradigm of what the U.S. Government, and some of its neocon dual Israel/US citizens, conservative and Zionist Christians and “allies” (including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan) are all about.

As the Times states, “Michael Bavis, 40, said the family believed that only through a trial could the defendants be held responsible.” I believe this is true. But if the court is not ready to summon experts who know, like Griffin, architect Richard Gage, engineer Kevin Ryan, scientist Steven Jones, retired intelligence experts, ex-military commanders, etcetera, there will a trial without truth. The fact that the court has not awarded one trial in nine years, including the Bavises (initiated in 2002), indicates it is an apparatus of the very cadre that brought this apocalypse upon America and its people. And it will continue to be that until it is abolished.

I cite as well the case of Mrs. Ellen Mariani, a good friend, whose husband, Neil Mariani, was on UA’s Flight 175 as well. She had the same indomitable optimism that the system would come through for her in terms of some revelations of real truth about the perpetrators, their modus operandi and reasons d’être. She wasn’t looking for money but truth. Nevertheless, now, nine years later, a frugal senior citizen, her enthusiasm is considerably diminished after initiating her own lawsuit for wrongful death and also a RICO suit against the Bush administration and having them rejected as “dangers to national security.” Presently, she and her lawyer are both under gag orders in an effort to receive some form of compensation for the justice delayed that has become justice denied.

Thus, the real danger to national security is our steady evolution into police state, including the issuance and renewal of the PATRIOT ACT, the Department of Homeland Security, our questionable legal and judicial system and intelligence agencies, the DOD, and Congress. It is now giving the president powers to assassinate anyone, including Americans living in foreign counties, who disagree with U.S. policy. [See video below.] Both the New York Times writes, U.S. Wants to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet and the L.A. Times echoes,  U.S. should be able to shut Internet, former CIA Chief says. This all indicates the desire to silence the American people from information sharing and open discussion. It also violates our Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of the press.

So this is not just about denying a trial to a brave and spirited American family who gave a son to 9/11. The scope of this infamy is far greater. Yet, consider Mark Bavis was just 31 when he died. He grew up in Boston’s Roslindale section, the son of a police officer no less. He loved to play ice hockey with his twin, Michael, in high school, and later at Boston University. The brothers were defensive powerhouses. “Mark was a gritty and competitive leader,” Michael said. He is now an assistant coach at Boston University.

Mark Bavis became an assistant coach at Brown and Harvard and had made it to a scouting job for the Los Angeles Kings in the National Hockey League when he took Flight 175 to Los Angeles. Michael who flew 50,000 miles last year on his job, “grew disenchanted with the aviation industry’s approach to security, which he said was based on what is ‘fastest and cheapest.’” That is probably so. But the forces that plotted and brought about the attack on 9/11 were not on a budget, because the march to world hegemony was the pot of gold at the end of their twisted rainbow.

In that process, they invaded Afghanistan, purportedly looking for Osama bin Laden. Nine years later they haven’t found him. Professor Griffin in his book, Osama bin Laden – Dead or Alive? (2009, Olive Branch press), makes a convincing case that bin Laden died in late December 2001 and is buried, according to Pakistani newspaper articles, in an unmarked Pakistan grave (according to tradition).

The CIA admitted the video of him supposedly confessing to the crime of 9/11 was a fake. Voice-morning technology showed the voice was different, comparisons of earlier photos to the real bin Laden, show that the man in the video looked younger, healthier and heavier, had a flatter nose, brown not graying hair, and wore a gold ring and gold chain around his neck, a no-no for orthodox Muslims.

In July of 2001, the real Osama signed into the American Hospital in Dubai for kidney dialysis. He was a sick man and visited by the CIA Station Chief, who was later dismissed for blabbing about the visit. It is unlikely bin Laden was about to control the 9/11 operation from a cave on a laptop with what, a kidney dialysis machine nearby. Yet, when U.S. forces cornered him in Tora Bora he escaped on an alternate route, supposedly not covered by our forces for lack of manpower, and disappeared into the fog of war, the fog of lies. As I’ve said before, his power as a poster boy was greater than his power as a corpse.

Osama was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted List for the Crime of 9/11, according to the FBI, for lack of evidence.

The 19 hijackers and their photos were magically produced from an FBI file shortly after. Fifteen of them were Saudis, seven or eight living in Mid East countries at the time of 9/11, victims of identity theft. Yet we never attacked the Saudis because they were supplying us with the life blood of Empire, sweet cheap black crude oil. And for this we sold our souls and they sold theirs, creating a fanatically orthodox Wahhabi cult of West-haters to represent the disenchanted “man on the street.” So the Saudis paid their dues to the Wahhabis and their followers as well as to their indulged Princes and families, a cloud of corruption hanging like the stench of ARAMCO’s oil refining over it all.

As we all remember, we veered from the Afghanistan war to start a second war in Iraq, largely at the prompting of Israel, whose ex-Premier Menachim Begin bombed Iraq’s non-weapon-producing, nuclear facility as it was completed in 1981. Fortunately, it contained no nuclear material at the time. But, U.S.-gifted F-15’s and F-16’s did the job, which was the first time in history a nuclear facility of any kind was bombed. Secondly, the reason given for the unilateral, illegal Iraq war was that Saddam Hussein (whom we had installed) had Weapons of Mass Destruction and was about to use them on us at any second.

This proved to be totally false, both after UN Inspector Hans Blix found no WMD after extensive investigation and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson wrote a critical op-ed in the New York Times that the so-called “yellow-cake uranium from Niger” that Hussein was supposed to have possessed was a total lie, a fiction, which first appeared in a letter from Italian intelligence. For this, Wilson’s wife, Valery Plame, a high-level CIA Operative, was exposed by Cheney, endangering her life and causing harm and even death to many working with her. Seven years later, Iraq is sacked, destroyed and 50,000 troops remain there plus mercenary forces. The cost runs between two and three trillions of dollars spent, some 5000 US lives lost, thousands more US casualties, plus a million Iraqi citizens’ lives lost. The death stats on both sides for Afghanistan are mind-boggling as well.

We have also opened up a new front, too, in Pakistan, with the CIA bombing with deadly drones from Langley, Virginia so-called Al Qaeda or Taliban cadres, that unfortunately turn out too often to be everyday citizens in family gatherings, weddings, funerals, et al. See the New York Times CIA Steps Up Drone Attacks on Taliban in Pakistan.

With this, we continue to be mired in the war in Afghanistan, which is basically a civil war, and one that won’t go away quickly, certainly not by our pouring more and more American blood, bad will, drones, and money into it. We should depart, give these people our tea and sympathy and permit them to work out their inner problems, as we did not do in Vietnam, and should have, before losing 58,000 American lives and two million Vietnamese lives.

Lastly and perhaps most important regarding the World Trade Center, leaseholder Larry Silverstein received the 99-year lease for his low bid of $3.2 billion, the money raised mostly by his partners and only a fraction of it by himself. In August of 2001, weeks before 9/11, he raised the insurance of the WTC to 3.5 billion, and demanded an insurance clause to cover the Towers if they were destroyed by hijacked airliners. Amazingly prescient, n’est pas; and when it came to pass, he asked for $7 billion in all, claiming the destroyed Towers 1 and 2 were separate events though they occurred within an hour of each other. He settled for $4.56 billion in 2007, with the help of then Attorney General Elliott Spitzer.

What’s more, Silverstein reaped in another $500 million for his Tower 7, which was never hit by a plane or drone, but fell into its own footprint at 5:20 p.m. on 9:11. Earlier that afternoon at about 3 p.m., Silverstein announced on the news (see and hear the YouTube clip here), words to the effect that there had been so much suffering and so much fire (all put out), that “they” were going “to pull it,” the building, which means to take it down by internal demolition. Unfortunately, you can’t arrange an internal demolition for a 47-story steel-framed building in less than two and a half hours. You’d need more like two and a half months to set it up so that Tower 7 would come down in 6.5 seconds, at the speed of gravity, free-falling right into its footprint. Watch it for verification.

Thus the “smoking gun” of 9/11 and the WTC remains Tower 7, its controlled demolition the paradigm for Towers 1 and 2. The airliners were a distraction. Towers 1, 2 and 7, were blown up with the high-powered military explosive nanothermite that was found in steaming pools of steel and iron under tons of debris weeks and months after 9/11.

On 9/11, powerful explosions occurred in the basements and top floors of Towers 1 and 2 as well. The nanothermite also came in aerosolized form, and could be sprayed on walls, inside elevator shafts, here, there, everywhere. The Towers were closed the weekend before 9/11/2001 as the finishing touches were put on the dirty work. Read the interview with Scott Forbes, who worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center and witnessed a power-down of the Tower on the weekend before 9/11. Also, many eyewitnesses, including firemen, police, first responders, and civilians heard explosions repeatedly on that tragic day.

Importantly, the heat of the fires from the planes was not hot enough to melt steel or iron as the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) claimed. Actually, it was an agency of the government. But charges discretely placed could easily have ignited the nanothermite spread the buildings. In fact, fire will burn for weeks around a steel-framed structure and only the non-steel parts will combust. The steel frame will remain. In the case of Towers 1 and 2, we had a total pulverization of steel, iron, concrete, plastics, desks, human beings, etcetera, which formed a pyroplastic flow of lava-like dust. As it fell to the streets it also rose to the skies, hanging there for months over New York City with the awful smell of death. So explosion from within was the pattern for Towers 1, 2, 7, and most likely the Pentagon, covered up in all three cases by having crafts hit the buildings first.

So it goes, dear readers, America’s suffering for the sins of these deranged souls who caused all this, and who have more power, money, and freedom to do as they please than ever. Read about it, please. It is the world’s biggest story, with never-ending, crisscrossing stories, personages, evil and war, the worst of the possessed, the best of heroes. My blessings to the Bavis family and Ellen Mariani and all the victim families, and now ailing first responders, 900 of whom have been lost to Ground Zero illnesses, tens of thousands more who are sick and dying.

Justice for this tragedy on all levels can only come from us, we the people, in a vast awareness of the truth. The truth, even twisted like the girders of the mighty towers by the military explosive nanothermite is what we need. The truth of these occurrences must be outted, no matter how long and how many years and truth-seekers it takes. For this truth alone will free America once more to be the democracy our forefathers fought for and created it to be.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on is available at, Amazon.comand He has also written hundreds of articles on American and world politics as an Associate Editor of Online Journal.


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