Michael Parenti: The President

with Michael Parenti
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buddhagem | November 22, 2009

This is an excerpt from a talk by political analyst Michael Parenti on Executive Power in a Democratic Society. Sadly few of us learn much about the executive office in school. Here Dr. Parenti discusses the role of President in a way seldom heard: as the defender of Capitalism, protecting US corporate interests at home and abroad. Further, Parenti goes into the lifestyle of the president and describes the utter opulence that office holder enjoys. Finally, Parenti discusses the differences between structuralists and functionalists in regards the president. If you want to understand the similarities and differences between Bush and Obama or any other US President, it’s important to understand the role that office plays.

The President


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  1. What on Earth are Americans waiting for to take to the streets every day. The longer they wait the harder it is going to be to dislodge this ilk.

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