Capitalism and Other Kids’ Stuff (2005) (must-see)

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Image by Metro Centric via Flickr

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The first of what we hope will be many films to appear on this site is Capitalism & Other Kids’ Stuff. It was made by four socialists on one freezing Saturday afternoon in a church hall at Hebburn in the north east of England.

On a budget of £80 which was spent on travel expenses the cost of hiring the hall and some cold cheese pasties the film may be rough and ready but it’s hoped that it says something real to you. The ideas it proposes are one’s you’re unlikely to see on any TV show, art house play or even the news networks.

Capitalismo & Outras Coisas de Crianças

Capitalism and Other Kids’ Stuff presents the case of why capitalism is not the end of the line on the evolution of social structures using easily verifiable observations and facts.


What Would Socialism Be Like? by Leela Yellesetty

Richard Wolff: Capitalism Hits the Fan (must-see)

Capitalism Hits the Fan: A Marxian View

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