Why the Left Gets No Respect By Robert S. Becker

by Robert S. Becker
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
October 12, 2010

Is it a mystery why a six-pack of rightwingnuts, loonier and less qualified than the Wasilla quitter, are vying for Senate seats while the most principled Democrat, Russ Feingold, faces ruin?  Hot-dogging prayer warriors sell better in off years than a modern philosopher king – all of two years after Democrats supposedly routed wrong-way Bush and demon Cheney.

What an irony if the GOP Demolition Party thrives from the very horrendous recession its own self-serving, tax-giveaway, budget-busting wars fomented.  Not only is this season’s nasty spawn of Palinistas riding roughshod, I see few progressive antidotes – not one, new, significant, emerging leftwing candidate who champions reason over politics as goon show.

Though “goon show” fits Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party primary wins reflect a new moralistic Politics of Judgment, honed by harsh Old Testament twists lacking compassion.  Tea Party extremists don’t just boycott testy interviewers, scoff at science and history, or dismiss opponents as treasonous enemies.  Today’s radicals see politics as a holy war, adamant against compromise while clinging to some mythological, nativistic, throwback fantasy notion of America.

Though the president can’t abandon two inherited wars, the left hasn’t mastered political holy wars, resists pre-emptive, military crusades disguised as self-defense, and knows staged rightwing, campaign burlesque is powerless against joblessness, unfair taxation, hunger or despair.

Evil-doers Multiply at Home

To observe this factional disorder, look no further than micro-managing President Obama, who months later still doesn’t promote health care as a national moral (even Christian) imperative.  Instead, he squandered his bully pulpit for a year, dickering over details that insure corporate options and profits.  The right hates nuance and complexity, much preferring fire and brimstone sound bites to ridicule micro-management, especially by uppity blacks.

Thus GOP fat cats fund unending domestic crusades against whatever confuses Tea Baggers – a nearly infinite array.  How simple when the world is a black-and-white combat zone between good and evil, echoing W.  The only news is the expansion of “evil-doers” to include big-spending, secular “socialists” defending 20th Century advances.

W. quickly withdrew the crude term “crusade” against Muslim countries, but the concept rivets politics on the right, dripping with belligerence, contempt, moral censure and opprobrium.  One welcomes the D.C. rally to “restore sanity” but that won’t compensate for insane GOP candidates who think raped women must bear the offspring after violation.  Or think the minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare are unlawful.  A few more nutcases empowered for six years will really do in the Senate, augmenting Sen. DeMint’s New Confederate Insurrection.

The reality is, reality has bolted, at least in GOP primaries.  Brand- and media-driven hysteria drive holy wars, however deranged, and let’s admit it: the left is lousy at absolutism, let alone gung ho crusades, or bizarre equations of personal with national salvation.  Bad religion plus bad economics, laced with bad culture wars, altogether sabotage what’s worked for America for 225 years:  admit problems, assess options and resources, then advance legislation that serves civil rights, education, economic mobility, or access to social and health services.  In short, the outclassed leftwing agenda has gotten waylaid, about as respected as Rodney Dangerfield.

Eternal Time Trumps Secular

Look, holy wars (even real wars) sell better than facing complexity or a paralyzed, failing empire allergic to solutions.  Prayer warriors prefer polarizing sound bites, rushing to berate gay or unmarried teachers, non-mosques not next to Ground Zero, or law-abiding abortion doctors.  In the right corner are zealots invoking cosmic forces – the reality behind the reality – whether God, suspect American exceptionalism, or the vacuous sanctity of the free market (subsidies and cronyism don’t count).

In the other corner is the scattered, divided left searching out solutions, like which empirical evidence addresses which complex, annoyingly real-world dilemma.  That demands hard brainwork, innovation and research, even compromise among stakeholders and with viable realities.   Hardly the preference for most primary and mid-term participants, eagerly seizing any fantasy that supports rote assumptions and never demands uncomfortable sacrifices.  Survey the brace of escapist mass culture – TV hits, best sellers or pop movies overflowing with magic, vampires, clairvoyant detectives and cartoon heroes – and you find nary an adult making hard decisions.

Mere leftwing earthlings, living in real, secular time, without decent leaders or punch lines, don’t have a prayer against anointed prayer warriors who invoke eternal time and a divine benefactor who likes things the way they are – otherwise He get them changed, you dummy.   Ultimately, government isn’t about politics, nor serving unfortunates “caught in the tentacles of circumstances” (a line from LBJ’s father).  Nor is America about religious freedom, separating church from state, nor women owning their bodies, nor foreigners having full rights.  Eternally speaking, America answers to Christian incarnation, life against death, an Armageddon pitting good vs. evil and order vs. disorder.  For the elect, Christian literalism trumps inferior faiths, and if God didn’t want global Yankee capitalism (and rampant imperialism), would He have blessed us with the almighty Pentagon and the Church of Palin, Beck and O’Donnell?

The right wins elections when its alternative reality frames enough prejudices, when its witches’ brew of anti-government mania finds the lowest common denominators of fear and hatred.   For believers, life is a spiritual waiting room between birth and salvation, thus budget deficits are mirages, wars pay for themselves, and deregulation plus low taxes answer to divine math, not Washington bean counters.

Ours is not to reason why

Alas, reality, like climate change, has a recurring habit of biting everyone in the ass, realists and deniers alike.  Mother Nature is the first transcendent value, preceding any Rapture.  By undervaluing the ongoing holy wars, Democrats and the left are losing: 1) mass media clashes  (for entrenched, structural reasons), 2) political messaging/framing mêlées (from party incompetence), 3) the small-town-church-Teabagger network battles (lacking local PR infrastructure), 4) campaign fundraising contests (corporate and individual defections), as well as 5) the enduring “battle for America’s soul.”

Indeed, the left tends to disregard the “invisibilities,” and the huge majority susceptible to the language of faith, conversant with sin, soul, spirit, and eternity.  Progressives are also flubbing our best, global holy war – the chance to save the world by saving the earth – but it’s early (or late, methinks).  In the meantime, the Tea Party reinforces the divide between adults who trust reason and evidence, the here and now, vs. those who elevate leaps of faith, magic thinking (cutting taxes cuts deficits, armies conquer terrorists, O’Donnell is not a witch) and the motto, “Praise the Lord but pass the ammunition.”

Eventually, demographics favor Democrats but for now, the left is getting gobsmacked by ruthless extremists who worship expediency and smashing enemies, where ideological ends justify all sorts of untruthful means.  After all, if God wanted a black man as president, would He have us call it the White House? For the fringe, the status quo is blessed with “status” beyond human ken.


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7 thoughts on “Why the Left Gets No Respect By Robert S. Becker

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  4. “In the meantime, the Tea Party reinforces the divide between adults who trust reason and evidence, the here and now, vs. those who elevate leaps of faith, magic thinking (cutting taxes cuts deficits, armies conquer terrorists, O’Donnell is not a witch) and the motto, “Praise the Lord but pass the ammunition.”

    Thank your for your thoughtful and relevant comment, with which I wholly agree. Yes, in that one sentence, I forgot to add “born-again” or radical or fundamentalist, as I do repeatedly in many of my columns. My nemesis is not religion, certainly not what I see as genuine Christianity, as you describe, but the concentration in a nasty American political gang of the most selfish, self-serving corruption of a belief founded on the improbable, but honorable quest to “love thy enemies.”

    I never mean to disparage progressive, humane Christianity in any way consonant with Jesus’ teaching, nor do I. I address only what I see as distortions of His teachings, and I think liberal churches (against slavery, discrimination on race or gender, homophobia) did great work. My only criticism is the absence of a vocal attack on the most uncompassionate, unfeeling misreading of the New Testament. Where are the ministers, as in the ’60s, who railed against Vietnam as they should against endless war in Iraq? Where are defenders of gay people? Where is the outrage, based on good Christian notions that humanists value, against a fundamentalist wave that threatens the foundations of this country, with noxious ripples.

    So, please look at all my articles as an ongoing text – and you find soon find out who I object to — and what it means when you hope the Rapture takes care of all problems, or that the health of the earth is a minor issue.

    • robert , you ask a very good question about where are the progressive preachers of old . well , dick gregory , and daniel berrigan are still going strong . and there are many others. but many have been coopted by the relgiuos right , just as the secular left has been coopted by the democrats. these are parrellel problems in a way .
      if i may critique your writing repspectfully , since you and i are on the same page on most things politically , i would have to say that your focusing on those out of power and not being critical enough on those who are in power may be problematic .
      it seems that you keep bring up sarah palin and the tea party people , repubs etc. but 2 years ago they lost the election .
      the person who won the election before he won said ”hold me accountable ”. but who is ? you know the stats : the Obama wars escalating in 5 countrys , corporate bailouts , torture continues , his bogus health plan for some but not for ALL . yet ..the rhetoric continues and peopl; still support him despite the warnings of ralph nader , chomsky , and many others .
      you have the pen –critizise those in power , and dont waste your time on those who have no political [power.
      Obama had the power to end these wars with one stroke of the pen on his first day . his legacy is one of shame , and devastating lives into human misery . he is the same kind of war criminal as george W .
      this needs to be addressed .

  5. ”for believers life is a spiritual waiting room ” . ..you say . that is a real overgeneralization ! it is no such thing . jesus message after his resurection was not to wait for Godot but to get busy and proclaim the good news , feed the poor , visit those in prison , take care of the sick .

    juxtapose the literature of the Theocratic age with that of the Chaotic age . what is the difference between what Becket is trying to say in ”Waiting for Godot ” verses what Mark is trying to say in Mark’s gospel … or even Matthew’s gospel ?

    Becket has his characters in the waiting room existentially under a tree. they wander away at times . they forget why they are there .
    they have to be reminded . but they wait .

    The gospels dont show the early believers being passive like the 2 characters in Godot . they are active , escpecially in the Book of Acts. it is like an explosian ! it is Orthopraxis at its best.

    is there anything in modern and post modern literature that has that dynamic ? no . and yet , this article seems to trash believers and hold up modern secularity as an answer to problems that must be solved.

    those names mentioned as believers in this article here are counterfeiters . they are counterfeit. but , if there is a counterfeit anything , there must be a real somewhere . The Apostolic template is either forgotten by the writer or delibertly ommitted with frivolous contempt .

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