Russia Today Interview with Hugo Chavez

RTAmerica | October 15, 2010

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who is in Moscow for talks on cooperation between Russia and Venezuela, has given an exclusive live interview to RT.

LIVE Exclusive: Hugo Chavez talks to RT


Chavez/Venezuela not the enemy

RTAmerica | October 15, 2010

RT sat down for an exclusive interview with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; most people in the United States view him as an enemy. Meanwhile, outside the US he is seen as a tremendous politician and a leader for the future. RT Contributor Wayne Madsen points out that the US media slams Chavez and that is why US citizens are receiving this anti Chavez propaganda.


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  2. The American people finally need to be told the truth: the US no longer is the dominant nation (thank goodness!) in the world and hence they better learn to play along with the rest. The ‘greatest nation on Earth’ is crumbling and fast.

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