Why I Loathe The Democrats by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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Dandelion Salad
October 17, 2010

You know, all I hear from friends and street corner protest colleagues is how we should fear the Tea Party and the Republicans. I agree… Those people are either A) Corrupt to the core or B) Total fools who go against their own best interests. Yet, what about those who should know better? Those who see truth and know what should be done, but….

Mr. Obama is a fool. His party is filled with phonies and hypocrites as Van Morrison said so succinctly in one of his songs: ‘ It’s easy to talk of patience to the afflicted! ‘ It is easy to ask for patience from your constituency when you yourself are either a millionaire or getting the very best benefits that we the people are subsidizing! Mr. Obama himself has become a ‘ Servant of the empire ‘ . He is an intelligent man, and supposedly was a community organizer in Chicago. Well, maybe he should have spent 3 or 4 years working a dead end job with little or no health coverage before he stood there and offered us that phony and disgraceful health care bill. Reform? Hogwash! He and his party had the power and the votes to put over a real bill that opened up Medicare for all of us… Those of us under 65 would have gladly contributed into it… No free rides. Yet, the Democrats, owned and operated by the same rich Fat Cat corporate donors, gave the goodies to the insurance companies. Funny how all we heard , for decades, how the Feds could not afford to extend Medicare for all. Really!? I guess we all should ignore the 800 plus billion bank bailout, and the one trillion given to the phony wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Democrats are doing nothing to address this foreclosure mess. They never did. They could have insisted that Uncle Sam take over those failed and corrupt Wall Street firms. Duh, it’s called receivership, a temporary control of failed companies. Then , we the people would have owned most of those bad mortgages, and made repayment plans to keep folks in those homes. With all those foreclosed homes off the market, the values of the remainder of housing in America would have to stabilize. Then, construction would resume….economic stimulus. Oh no, how could the Democrats do that? After all, who finances them even more than the other disgraceful party? You got it, the banking industry! Why do we even need ‘ for profit ’ mortgage banks ? ‘ Why can’t the local communities own and operate non profit mortgage banks, keeping the mortgages right here at home? With all the money the Congress found for bailing out bad banks, even a fraction of that could have helped jump-start such a non profit community owned banking plan. Shame on you Democrats!

Iraq and Afghanistan. What a mess. Mr. Obama was so polished and emphatic when he stated over and over how he was against our invasion of Iraq. Yet, he continued, as Senator, to vote more and more funding for that illegal invasion and occupation. His party had the wonderful opportunity to address this illegality when they took control of the Congress in ‘ 06. All they needed to do was hold hearings on the run up to the invasion of Iraq. You know the rest. Instead, they kept ‘ dancing to the drumbeats of war and empire ‘ . They also refused to investigate the use of torture and who ordered it. They also refused to address the use of extraordinary rendition AKA the kidnapping of someone in one country and sending he or she to be held incommunicado in another country…. And usually tortured! Bush and Cheney also committed what many constitutional scholars call treason when they illegally spied on American citizens with no court order. The Democrats and Mr. Obama kept saying, about all the above, ‘ It’s time to move on ‘ . Really? Mr. Obama, perhaps you and your party leaders need to spend a few hours being waterboarded, or treated as we know those in Gitmo have been treated…. For just a few days. You all talk of the terrorist threat…. Who is creating more and more terrorists every day? When the WikiLeaks photos showed our Apache helicopter crew, in 2007, massacring a group of innocent Iraqi civilians as if playing at some Nintendo video game…. Silence and Inaction !

So, to all those out there who keep telling me how we must stop the Tea Party and right wing Republicans from taking over again by voting for Democrats: ‘ Let justice prevail, or may the heavens fall! ‘

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 200 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at www.dandelionsalad.wordpress.com, or at his own blog atwww.opensalon.com. Philip can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net.


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  10. right on phillip . you know why the kool aid obama supporters keep blaming the repubs , tea party palin crowd / its because they cant face that they were conned . so they have beome sore winners. so they blame those that have no legislative power , and forget about the present war criminal in power. that is why i call him barak W. obama .
    meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  11. Gary has it right. It’s not the Dumbcrats or Repugnacans, nor the media, it’s corporate personhood, and through that personhood, the control of the pathetic American mind, which wants to blame everyone but themselves..

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  13. The only thing you’re telling me Mr. Obama is that the American people are less important to you than blowing up innocent people in some other country in order to protect our “right” to those gas and oil reserves. Where are we going next Venezuela, because Chavez won’t kiss your *** either?

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